Badminton-Correction Smash (5) for Stas from Russia-5 (face your palm forward)
Badminton-Correction Smash (5) for Stas from Russia-5 (face your palm forward)

Correction Smash (5) for Stas from Russia-5 (Face your palm forward) This is another big thing it can cause lots of discussions your setting is back and your palm is facing that side like this your racket facing that side watch this when your palm is facing that side like that your racket start has to be going that way that way that way so your racket palm is facing that side when you are hitting shuttlecock that side so this is how you set so when you start your racket goes that way that way and you turn to that way so this is what happens that’s exactly what you do so you go there and turn and hit watch like that behind shuttle comes there there there its throwing the dart not like that you are throwing the dart like this you know the dart yeah throw the things to the target no dart player throw dart like this but badminton is same look watch this, set shuttle comes its better to go that way and comes out that way watch this here set here back forward accurate creates much more power so this is hammer, this is nail it looks like you are nailing not like that you are nailing [laughs] sorry like this turn and hit if you nail like that your finger will not be there it will be chopped off its better that way why do you have to do that way why you have to go side and comes down why don’t you do that bang as you see it ready your palm should not face that way like that that makes go that way and then you have to turn to that way watch again like that like this compare your palm face that way that way here that way you change mind same action drop you change mind smash I am going to make new clips soon with this technique you can do this one watch smash drop clear I will do more detailed of this one the most deceptive clear it is possible if you do this way of hit if you do that you can’t make advanced deceptions watch this how can you there from here to there its fixed but that way you can do so many things smash drop clear smash drop clear in one action you can make three deceptions last point if you do that this is really good posture to hit it over there not there

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  1. VaddooVideos says:

    Thanks Coach Lee. I have my first match coming up on Wednesday, and your training will no doubt help me. By the way, your audio is much better now that you have the lavalier microphone. I can sense a slight change in the way you film the videos, and it's good!

  2. BacArdI^ says:

    Hi Lee! Is anyone able to send in videos to you? If so how would I go about doing that?

  3. Brent Wilcox says:

    Thanks for the videos, they are really good! Please buy a mic and wear on your lapelle! The echo is crazy

  4. Shendi Wijaya says:

    this is why my power reduce around and forward not back to forward thanks mr. lee

  5. Seed says:


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