Badminton-Backhand Clear: The Most Powerfull Hitting Skill  “The Wave” (1) What is it?
Badminton-Backhand Clear: The Most Powerfull Hitting Skill “The Wave” (1) What is it?

The Most Powerful Backhand Clear Skill “The Wave” I think this way of backhand hitting skills can be considered to be the best way to add power best way to increase the power but if you are fresh badminton player if you are fresh player to badminton you haven’t done badminton training much then this is not good idea try to do this okay I will explain the two different ways the first way is the simple hit modified way but second way is the one I would like you to try up to now if you look at my backhand clear clips I ask you to do this way like that you are ready shuttle comes hold shuttle and you go back and hit so hold hit hold okay one more hold if you are fresh to badminton please try to do this one first why? then you will learn the timing you will learn to hold it you can tap it so you feel when to hit how to tap if you think you can do that comfortably then you can try to do little bit more advanced way which is this the first one I set that way but second one you set that way that way so your wrist goes bit deeper that way it is set that way like that like this and your elbow goes up, racket down and flip so there is kind of wave I call it wave backhand hitting skills watch this, there there elbow up automatically racket down and up so I create the wave so this way you can maximize your power further more you can add extra power please have a look so there there there if you see the wave sea side or in the lake it goes long it has got momentum compare no wave wave it has got automatic power bang instead the reason why I ask you that if you are fresh player to badminton not to do this one now because what I found out when I teach this skill to the players who are fresh which means they haven’t got much experience less than a year or two in badminton when I ask them to do it because there is more movement involved they don’t have enough feel knowledge of this and end up completely wrong way like that because they do too much they are busy okay elbow go back wrist cocked and then elbow up and then hit too much and they couldn’t even hit it so do not try this unless you can do this if you can do that if you do that if you can do that you can try adding little bit this is half way now the end the most advanced way is using that so little bit there there bang there there go flip bang bang so this skill can be used when you are under pressure so you are here shuttle goes back deeper your elbow goes and then make flip there the reason why I do that because this way I can create wave if I don’t do that it’s less powerful

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