Bad Apple Store Employee Prank!
Bad Apple Store Employee Prank!

Quitting my job at Apple prank! How does it work here? They want to get a new rifle? [oh] a new iphone yeah? Honestly like I won’t get an iPhone Don’t get [anyone] no no was [it] like maybe like a microsoft like a samsung or something like that [oh], yeah, I [got] [no] I work here and I should be selling it like you an apple phone, but like who rely on. Do you know yeah? You don’t want an apple product. That’s not thinking Okay, [alright]. Yeah. Yeah Hey, Sir. How’s it going? Can I help you? Yeah, I have an iPad air at home. Yeah, and when I plug this into it it just goes ding ding ding ding [oh] [you] had the ears the airs are so bad [they’re] really don’t tell anyone but like they’re really bad I never tried the Microsoft tablets They’re actually like I hate to say it like between me, and you like don’t tell my employees, but they’re actually way better Honestly, [I] would sell it go go Microsoft. It’s just apples just shitty I don’t know even though I work here It’s like as a [cop]. I’m not gonna lie to you as a person You know what I mean, I’m an employee, but man-To-man never I’ll do that You know what I mean, there’s something about apple though like this looks weird. Don’t I mean sir Microsoft Apple There’s a Microsoft store in here Yeah, we could go there. I would go there take the air sell it Microsoft I got in the mall right now. Yeah, [bye] hollister Hey, Jerry, I was telling them the Microsoft tablets are way better than like these nice. Yeah Kyle I’ve never seen that’s not a real out You never see me here. No dude. I met you like three times Seriously, you don’t know me dude dude. There’s [like] my third shift man Are you serious? [just] like the third time like Mike never recognize [me] either man for just over You know what [no] [one] even [knows] [who] I am here. I’ve been here three shifts. I quit Everyone should go to Microsoft. I’m telling you guys Microsoft Microsoft come with me Jerry I don’t like what you did A good officer need help with any fat phones guys Yeah, what do you help should be told yeah [iphones] every six plus m hmM? iphone six-Plus truth be told that choice So I just add choice flash – six. [they’re] bad choices Correctly I’ve been working for three years. I’m gonna Microsoft. I’m just give my preference are doing Bob. This is my manager here He’s giving her Preference [why’s] that mile products? They’re bad choices bad bad for years, and I should work here I do it I’ve been working for three three months now I’ve been working for three months, and you know who I am it’s time to go over it [alright] That’s a guy’s I quit. Who’s with me. You know what I quit too, right? I’ll see bump take care of the kids [sad] Mindy dude a guy Bob Could I help you son even check? Between me and you apple like the apple is very bad company could enjoy working here put up I might be an employee for apple, but man the man over 50 drove fool by cool. No, no percentage You know what now that I think about it, huh? Do you think I should just quit then if I don’t really like the products here? Oh? It just [plain] you know it is strange. You know why it is strange. You looks weird. It’s not fair [I] thought you know what I think I’m gonna quit. What way you want to quit because I don’t like [ya] you know, thank you, sir. Okay. Thank you everybody This man just helped me out the apple products are terrible here, I quit Everyone should go to Microsoft. I’m telling you guys. (Go away).He made me realize it great man right there, I quit Microsoft everybody Microsoft

100 thoughts on “Bad Apple Store Employee Prank!”

  1. Swayze says:

    Funny thing is they actually probably bought Microsoft products

  2. Henry LuMa says:

    I felt bad for the old man in the ending for no reason….

  3. samsonspin says:

    Jerry I don’t like what you did

  4. MrSweets1000 says:


  5. Baqsam says:

    Is the last guy a former Yugoslav?

  6. ItsOnlyEmmett _ says:

    First NELK video I ever saw

  7. Tony Loomis says:

    I love Apple! ❤️💪🏻

  8. Tony Loomis says:

    Nelk boys fuck Microsoft Apple Gang! 💪🏻

  9. Noah youtube says:

    Was this at Mapleview mall???????🤷‍♀️

  10. Schmitt Djeson says:

    Bad Apple from touhou. Huh?

  11. Guy Owen says:

    I like the bit when he quit

  12. daniyal k says:

    Apple sucks only fools buy apple wise buy Panasonic

  13. Greetings Друзья! says:

    iPhones suck, no joke.

  14. Ajooba one says:

    I don't understand how apple letting them come into their office.I can't believe this.

  15. Hailey. says:

    we love kyle

  16. Mr. Ѕѧм says:

    how much microsoft paid you??

  17. 3-Dee says:

    About Microsoft paid you to see that second of all Apple is the most original technology piece of our time and will never be beaten

  18. TorridestOlive says:

    Hahahah it's funny because apple really is shit

  19. Dilraj Ghuman says:

    Full send

  20. Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget says:

    Every Apple Employee is bad

  21. SATNAM SINGH says:

    3:52 that man gonna be so pissed when that dude left the store 😝

  22. Sean says:

    “He made me realize”

  23. NuvoGaming says:

    Lol stuff apple

  24. William Bryant says:

    ding ding ding ding idng ding

  25. Max Starr says:

    Just total dickage

  26. Ethan Jensen says:

    Bobs a good sport

  27. Gabriel Fuentes says:

    How do they not get sued?

  28. Ryan Gutierrez says:

    They put the sticker that you get for free when you buy a phone and put it on their shirt

  29. West Road Slacker says:

    Two bad apples just fell off the tree

  30. AJ Maldonado says:

    LMFAO 2:40

  31. Roberto dimas says:

    Bob was super cool about it

  32. William Vani says:

    Bob was a good sport

  33. Not1ced says:

    apple is shitty

  34. unkwn says:

    You just made apple lose thousands of dollars lol

  35. Master Gamer says:


  36. Mac Beefy says:

    Bob is the dude fr he was so cool

  37. Asian guy with a heart attack says:

    Im gonna yell out at an apple store "APPLE SUCKS!!!!!"

  38. XxSeaDragon says:

    I’m watching on a iphone😭

  39. Ricardo AM says:

    that bob guy was soo kool you can see him laughing lol

  40. Frankiecoast says:

    "Anybody else with me??" Lmao

  41. J S says:

    Who’s watching on an iPhone

  42. Peter V says:

    I was offered sex with a 21 year old girl today. In exchange, I was supposed to advertise some kind of bathroom cleaner. Of course I declined, because I am a person of high moral standards and strong wiilpower. Jusl as strong as Ajax, the super strong bathroom cleaner. Now available with scented lemon or vanilla.

  43. vghnmj says:

    3:25 is that Abdo? Lmao

    Ownage pranks btw

  44. Nutt says:

    I felt so stressed for them

  45. DJ's baseball cards says:

    Hilarious 😂

  46. Tyler Heath says:

    The old man was boutta buy microsoft

  47. Makan Salamat says:

    Does somebody see this video with Apple product?

  48. Phil Heath's Gutt says:

    one of the best prnk..y so much dislike..nxt prt plz

  49. Cameryn Pruitt says:

    These guys are asshole

  50. Carson McKee says:

    Fake YMCA employee

  51. Ryan Shi says:

    How much money Microsoft give to you??? LOL

  52. FLamBoyAnt says:

    He is thrashing iphones, is this video sponsored by Samsung or Microsoft

  53. Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _ says:

    Omg I learnt this of Hit man, stay away from the dudes with tablets. There the Role board check men to see if you actually work there

  54. Edward Yanez says:


  55. OK Songs says:

    3 years on…Apple is actually worth quitting for Samsung

  56. Shubham Gupta says:

    2:20 the girl literally looks like alissa violet

  57. Ryan G says:

    Damn the non Nelk guys aren’t funny

  58. Flixyn says:

    These videos are stupid

  59. CHill TACtics says:

    Apple is %100

  60. Jay take it away says:

    Got a round of applause aswell hahaha BOOM

  61. Joe Bon says:

    Lol, the girl at 2:22 was totally throwing a mini temper tantrum, she wanted a new laptop or something and her mom didn't want to buy it I think.

  62. Ananya Srivastava says:

    the guy who clapped in the end


  63. Sr says:

    They dont do pranks like this no more. They literaly drowning in money coke and pussy right now but this maked them big and getted them where they were some months ago.

  64. A Boogie says:

    No one even knows who i am😭

  65. Daniel Rotar says:

    I swear these guys are idiots😂😂😂

  66. レビーヤスイゴ says:


  67. over00lord Unknown says:

    1:47 XD What is that cable pulling up his shirt?

  68. Paul Priebe says:

    0:33 What the?! Grandpa out there kicking Canada Goose

  69. Yung Meat says:


  70. IGotStyle GT says:

  71. Suthi Kittianont says:

    My dream come true

  72. 1 1 says:

    My alarm in the morning 0:43

  73. melisa Xoxo says:


  74. ツBen says:

    Who’s watching on a apple device

  75. I’m stupid, but says:

    its so funny to see how little these guys no about technology and apple products

  76. yvng._.damian says:


  77. Manny Boe says:

    I feel bad for the last guy being scrapegoated

  78. A Burrito says:

    Lol they could sue u for this xD

  79. Hardiis says:

    How`s here in 2019?

  80. Logan Logan says:


  81. firstly just launch says:

    Apple is shit

  82. Christopher’s Labb says:

    They only live 488 thousand feet from me

  83. XD WilliamMOBILE says:


  84. Lil Yeash says:

    2:36 Bertram went from being a butler to working at an apple store tf

  85. Hiram Tesfai says:

    lucas fucked up coulda been millionair stupid

  86. Connor Gupta says:

    U in boca Raton town centre

  87. Someone —— says:

    Yo how many customers did you get rid of for Apple…

  88. Jack man says:

    Every time nelk does a collab they do it with weirdos

  89. Joshua Ramirez says:

    Lmao Apple really does suck

  90. Davian_ Flow says:

    Sponcerd by pear

  91. Creepy Toxic says:

    Everything they are saying is so true

  92. VideoGamer Contest of champions says:

    Piss off

  93. ICELESS says:


  94. Radiant Dawn says:

    Lol. I hate Apple.

  95. M Yes says:

    Wtf are all the people doing in the apple store? U know what ifone ipad iair looks like. U already own a bunch of those why are u in there staring at the same thing for hours?

  96. Giedrius Misiukas says:


  97. Giedrius Misiukas says:

    like a boss

    (including a soundtrack)

  98. I will do a flip if I get 10,000 Subs says:

    Who here is watching this in 2019😂😂😂

  99. Calvin Powell says:

    why did the last old man look like fckn gold member

  100. amit tambe says:

    Ding ding ding ding

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