Backyard Golf Course
Backyard Golf Course

Hey everybody Joeme s and today i’m going to show you my backyard golf course Let’s get started! Ok so here is the putting green over here And my golf course consists of 4 holes Have a little sand trap on the side here This is a synthetic grass putting green. So it’s not real grass. I need to plant so grass around it though. The only thing I have to do for maintenance is take a leaf blower and blow off all of the leaves and pine needles. And these are Callaway Flags That are just staked into the ground. And the holes are just 4in PVC coupling.

17 thoughts on “Backyard Golf Course”

  1. Chase Weeks says:

    check out the course I have on my channel.

  2. Dylan Salster says:

    Another option would be a net and a launch monitor… I have a GC2 Launch Monitor it would be a great investment

  3. Nave0819 says:

    Cool course:)

  4. S B says:

    This kid is going places! 🙂

  5. 29 baseballboy says:

    brother he can't even spell "birdie" right

  6. 29 baseballboy says:


  7. kaypi says:

    cool stuff man, keep it up !

  8. Ed Munoz says:

    Way to go Kid

  9. Andrew Sergent says:

    I grew up practicing on a backyard par 3 course! Great job!

  10. Travis Dodds says:

    What irons are they

  11. Joel Good Golf says:

    He hasn't even smoothened out or flattened underneath the green

  12. H M says:

    This is so cool keep up the work!!

  13. Mateo Sobb says:

    You spelt birdie wrong

  14. David Hammond says:

    Wow A kid ( young Man in this case) playing outside Nice to see Good work young Man you are a breath of fresh air and you embody all that is good in the world Innocence

  15. Zachary Correll says:


  16. Emily Strunk says:

    Can i book tee times

  17. Rob ! says:

    obviously, u work for the USGA . Your greens are almost as bad as Chambers Bay

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