Back To Target Golf Swing

c manhole wilson on the creator of sewing
machine to offer the director of the paul wilson all school affairs best las vegas innocent will teach you how to turn your back to
target golf swing this is real popular way has been around
for a long time it’s very effective you do with the right way so what i’m
getting at is when we go to do our supposition you
know we’re trying to turn our shoulders back upwards of ninety degrees myself i’d just can’t turned ninety degrees
with my shoulder rotation soap now i’m gonna get about eighty eighty
five degrees in that area so one of the thoughts that i out when i’m trying to gain creases
shoulder journey i do work on it every now again is to feel my back going to the target so what that means is if you’re if you get your back trade
here you’re just gonna literally take your back and your back is going to be towards a target that seems easy to do what happens is when people go to do
this it literally take their back like this they turned their back to the target and
all the weight is on the wrong way so they get to the top and they’ve done
they were first getting that certainly seems like your fax going to the target but you can see all my weight is on the
wrong leg at the wrong time ideally we want to be turning our back to the target and loading eighty percent of the weight
onto the instead he’ll of this back foot xo instep migrate from the ball of the foot down
even into the words that he always work making that topped the vaccine position that’s one thing we want to be aware of
we don’t want to be doing our to the back to target golf swing and feeling the weight the forward like peso make sure you’re working on that another
thing that i see people do when they get back to the target is indeed turn their heads as well so not only are they turning their backs to
the target but there are also turning their hips
too much so in this process what happens is when you turn your hips too much if you
don’t create the torque or the wind up in your backside some fork is very
important because we’re trying to create a spring-like
effect where we chlorella partial ders and then we unko l are lower body so if you had a giant spring here like
this and he called up the top of the spring
it would start to get tight matthew unquote the bottom of the spring the top
of the spring would snap the other way so it’s basically like this family here
and i called up the top starts to get tight great year so once it gets tight unko l with your lower body now people like this and you know
everything together you can see how it’s pretty easy for me to talk mischief time not tightly coiled up so although that feels like you’re going
back to the target your hips of moved upwards of sixty odd
degrades suback doesn’t know how you create the torque so if we were creating
a spring-like effect and you took your shoulders internment
in ninety degrees to get back tightness your lower body would only move forty
five degrees your knees would move twenty two and a
half degrees and that would have been every single time just by turning your
upper body when you do this to drill if you’re
gonna or get this spot in your mind of going
back into the target i want you to do so while bracing your lower body we’re gonna keep our lower body very
stable from right here we get that feeling turning our back to the target yes rotation pulls the hips into position which then balls that he’s in the
position endure solid on your feet okay so we’re not just doing something as simple as okay back
to the target that’s going to increase your turn you know he’d takes a lot more effort
than that and your body doesn’t like to be tightly
wound up like that getting that feeling of really moving
your hips and everything is a good feeling but unfortunately there’s no pork note
or means you’re going to try and it was your arms
instead of applying the proper un correo to hit the ball okay so if your wanting to increase your
shoulder turn the five years just literally feel like there’s an ero
on your back you’re going to go to the top of that
clean we hear back from the target but do so with a stable lower body feel the weight load about eighty
percent of the way into that fact instep heel area and and your coiled up properly okay so it
should feel real tight once you’ve landed up capable before
that tightness reusing that tightness to hit the ball the from right here i’m gonna go get that feeling of back to the target k takes effort so don’t avoid the effort use that
effort commando increase your turn and generate a lot more power which she
ask your questions about back to target golf swing post comments below i try to get to as many as a cat

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