Autoradio Einbau in GOLF 5, Golf 6 | Kenwood DNX516DABS | Anleitung | Seat, Skoda mit Apple Carplay
Autoradio Einbau in GOLF 5, Golf 6 | Kenwood DNX516DABS | Anleitung | Seat, Skoda mit Apple Carplay

So, let’s start: Today I will show you the successor of the legendary Kenwood Volkswagen head unit. It is made for you VW, Skoda and Seat drivers, or at least the big part of you. This device is custom-made for VW cars. The design, functions and electrical connections have been made to fit your car perfectly. For the Golf Mk. V, VI, the T5, T6, the Scirocco, for the Touran and the beetle. It will also fit a number of Seat and Skoda models. we have listed all compatible cars with their model year at the end of the video and in the explanation text The Kenwood DNX 516 DABS already includes EU-wide navigation You can start navigating with it right-away. The navigation software is made by Garmin and includes a free 3-year update service, starting with the registration date In addition to the DVD/CD-drive, which is integrated on the top of the device it also features Bluetooth hands-free and Bluetooth audio streaming, We have digital radio DAB+ for crystal clear reception, full dynamics and lots of radio stations What else? There are 2 USB ports on the back of the device which can be extended to the glove box supporting all types of USB media. You can control an iPhone or iPod. Of course you can still listen to FM radio (if you have to) The biggest news in this head unit are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. so I can finally mirror my mobile phone on the display of my car radio! I will show you later how this works. The device supports playback of the formats H.264, MPEG-1, -2 and -4 and JPEGs can even be shown in a slide-show The supported audio formats are WMA and MP3 anyway, you have AAC (the Apple format)
and lossless FLAC for the high-end listeners Optionally a rear-view camera can be connected, which is activated by shifting into reverse. and the device even supports a front camera. I would like to emphasize that all functions can be controlled with the car’s multi-function steering-wheel all you need is the matching interface adapter for your car. We will support you of course finding the right interface for your car in our web shop, we are always glad to help you. The multi color function allows me to adopt the buttons of the DNX 516 DABS to perfectly match the VW, Skoda or Seat dashboard, or to adjust it to my personal preferences. I can also select the screen background color and design, which looks just great. The audio section of this Kenwood multimedia device has a lot to offer. We have 4×50 Watt power output, so the radio integrates into every standard speaker setup So 2 speakers in the front, and 2 in the rear of the car. Then there are 3 sets of RCA outputs, for building a complete sound system with 4 volts for optimum performance and best dynamics. Also this is standard in this new head unit. In the DSP section we find a 13-band graphic equalizer where you can adjust the frequency response in accordance with your personal preferences, to sound linear. For that I have the 13 bands which I can raise or lower accordingly, so I can adjust the sound for my personal taste. In addition we have the time alignment function which enables me to tell the sound system where in the car I am sitting. So here in Europe, well in Germany at least, this would be the left front seat. I can enter the distances of the individual speakers from my listening position, and I can pull the sound stage up to the perfect position on top of the dashboard. so it sounds really homogeneous. Then there is the crossover section, where i can set frequency ranges for the individual speakers. so that for example the front speakers can be protected from the low bass with a high pass filter. or a subwoofer on an external amplifier can have his low pass filter adjusted in a way so that the bass rally only makes bass, and not also has to reproduce higher frequencies. All these sound features are fully integrated into the new DNX 516 DABS already. Well and if now you ask yourself: Well I have in my Golf a red multi-function display or a white one, I have the multi-function steering wheel or not: All these questions will be answered at the end of this video. We offer you 4 different packages matching the individual configuration of your car. So stay tuned until the end – you will get all information here. To give you an impression of how the audio streaming and the Bluetooth hands-free are working i will show you now how we pair the devices and how it looks live. We go into the settings, then Bluetooth, and switch it on of course and find the correct device. Here in our showroom we have aplenty. There is our DNX 516 – yes I want to pair it. Then I confirm on the radio, and now they are connected. Once we have paired the mobile phone with our multi media device we have 2 functions: First Bluetooth audio streaming, which means I can control the songs on my mobile phone and can see on the radio screen for example track names and artists or i go the other way around and control the mobile phone from the radio, and play my songs. Second we have the hands-free symbol directly on the home screen of the radio and here I can dial a number on the keypad or I go into my phone book, select the name and call from there. This multimedia device allows the pairing of 2 mobile phones. And we mean not only to register 2 phones but pairing them at the same time, so that I can connect for example my business phone and my private phone in the car and I can answer calls on both of them. and I can use both of them on my hands-free. Now we start with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I will show you how this works. We connect the iPhone with the USB port, but we have to consider that only one of the two ports is suitable for this. As soon as I connect the iPhone, the DNX 516 DABS will show the Apply CarPlay screen. And here I can select the telephone function, Or I can go to my iTunes, and navigate my library, the albums for example. and can select my music directly on the screen. I can of course also access my maps or my messages, and control everything with Siri, this means with the voice control function. Siri serves the safety of the driver, as you can leave your hands on the wheel, rather than operating the head unit with your fingers. With the home button you can return to the default screen of the DNX 516 DABS, and you can go back to Apple CarPlay if you like. When you are a Spotify user, you can access all functions from here. As mentioned already, you can use Google Maps. Here we have as usual our maps, which can be operated like on your phone. I have my points of interest, which I can select, or I can use Siri for entering my destination via the microphone. And of course I can enter the address manually on the keypad. Then there is the button ‘now playing’, which takes you from any app straight back to your music screen. So, and now we are coming to the counterpart of Apple CarPlay: Android Auto, for all Android fans. When you connect your Android device for the first time with the Kenwood multi media device, you will be directed to the Google PlayStore, to download the Android Auto app. On this phone the app has already been downloaded and installed. And we can now switch to the Android Auto menu on our home screen, so we have access now to the maps or the music library or Spotify, whatever I like here for example I can recall my last destinations and the system starts navigating right away. So these are the additions to the actual multi media device, on top of all the functions the Kenwood has anyway already, but in a different version – as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Whoever is interested now, will ask himself which package do I need now? For my Golf or Scirocco or Touran or whatever: There are 4 different versions available which differ in the accessories included in the package. We prepared everything for you already. Package number 1 is for a car with the red multi-function display, but without multi-function steering wheel. The only accessory in package number one is the CAN bus interface. Then there is Package number 2, for cars with the red multi-function display and multi-function steering wheel With this package you have also the steering wheel interface, and the Kenwood can be controlled from the steering wheel buttons. For all cars with the white multi-function display we are offering package number 3 which has a different CAN bus interface. Now the Kenwood will display the settings of the seat heating, the climate control, the park assist system and so on. In short: With package number 3 every function of the OEM head unit will now be performed by your Kenwood multi-media device. And if you have the multi-function display plus or premium you will even find the direction arrows of the navigation software in the car’s multi-function display. Finally package number 4: This one contains the interface for the power quad-lock. This option you will find only on very few cars. Nevertheless we decided to compile the matching package, containing the interface. How can you find out if you have the power quad-lock in your car? Of course you have to remove the OEM radio from the dashboard, And now I’m showing you a picture, where you can see 2 arrows and if you have the power quad-lock, you will find 2 big connectors which you wouldn’t find on a normal quad-lock. So if you have the 2 big connectors, with bigger than normal cables on them, then you need the power quad-lock package 4, and if not, you would have to use one of the packages 1 to 3. At the end of this video I would like to express how much I like the new user interface graphics of Kenwood’s 2016 line-up. It looks just great, and you can operate it easily and very intuitively, almost like an iPhone. For example you can hold a button, and then drag it to a different position. which allows you customizing your screen layout. This is really cool. The response times of the touch screen are very short. thanks to the very fast CPU. At times there is some smaller lag in the operation. But overall the performance is very good, so we can really enjoy the enormous functionality, Plus of course the looks of the of this new Kenwood device in the car. We really appreciate when you leave us your comments or when you post your questions, so we know that you are interested in the topic. We are also glad about every subscriber of our YouTube channel, so please subscribe, if you haven’t done so already. And if you are asking now: Hey, can’t you make a video about the installation of this device into a Golf or so: Of course guys, we even did one already! We have video, which by the way has been clicked by a lot of viewers until so far, showing the installation in a Golf Mk5. You will find the link below. Here we used the predecessor model. but the installation as such is identical. There are lots of upgrades on the new model of course, but these concern the technology inside the unit. For all those of you guys who want to install the new Kenwood now i will show you now all the connector options on the backside of the unit, and what you will find in the box. First we have to mention that the GPS receiver for the navigation is included in the scope of supply. We have here the USB connectors 1 and 2, which go on one small plug. They allow you not only to connect USB devices, but also support the charging function for mobile phones. There is of course the main loom with the ISO plug for the power supply and speaker connections. And we have the light green cable, which theoretically needs to be connected to the parking brake. This would prevent playing video when the car is on the move. Alternatively of course you can connect the cable to ground, so to unlock the full functionality, like we did here. Here we find the socket for the DAB antenna. You should know that the DAB antenna is not included in the supply, but needs to be ordered separately. This is simply because there are many different types of of antennas available. When you are ordering the radio in our web shop, you will find some recommended models. Or you go directly to the section antennas in our web shop, where you find all necessary information. Under DAB antennas you can select the one which suits your needs best. We have the lilac cable, which is the reverse cable. It is to be connected to the CAN bus adapter, which supplies the reverse signal to the head unit This means the when the car is in reverse, the signal from the rear-view camera, which is to be connected here, will be displayed on the screen. And it will disappear of course when I go out from the reverse gear. In addition I have here the front view camera input. And then there is a video out, which allows connecting the rear seat entertainment for your kids, for example the video signal from the DVD player. You would need of course to install screens in the headrests. But at the same time you can make full use of all functions on the front screen, like navigation, DAB+ or FM radio. The dual sound function supports different audio signal for the front and rear seat. We have the hands-free microphone included as well. It will be connected here on this small socket. There is the normal FM antenna connector, for the antenna which is standard in all cars anyway. Depending on the type of car you might need an extra adapter. But this adapter is included already as accessory in all our 4 packages. Then we have the 3 sets of RCA sockets. For front, rear and subwoofer. Here we can connect external amplifiers. Here we find an audio out for the rear seat entertainment. Finally we have here the socket for the steering wheel remote control interface. So, hopefully I did not forget anything important! Ah, what is this? It is an AV in! It is an aux input for video, audio or whatever, in case you have an additional source, like an external DVB-T tuner or any media source for that matter. Theoretically you can connect anything here. So, I believe we have covered now all the possible connections. I hope this was enough information for the time being. If not – just give us a call or write an e-mail!

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  5. Arno Nym says:

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    – Das Display schaut super aus bis es draußen sehr hell wird. Dann ist leider kaum noch was zu erkennen.
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    – wenn Carplay aktiv ist wird die Parkdistanzkontrolle nicht angezeigt. Wenn ich Carplay nicht im Display angezeigt bekomme (kann im Hintergrund laufen) funktioniert es immer.
    Ich hoffe das Kenwood da noch ein Update nachreicht.

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    Ansonsten ist das einzigste was mich verwundert und etwas nervt das es die JunctionView Funktion nicht auf den Navitainer geschafft hat. Ist schon etwas nervig wenn man es aus dem DNX525DAB gewohnt ist…

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