– We good. So pretty. Hey guys. Hello, hello, hello hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing
really really really well. So in today’s video we have rainbow foods. Cheesecake, macarons, macaron
cake, macaron rainbow cake. We have a little edible bunny here. And a little mousy. Mousy cheesecake. So, before we get into this video though, I want you all to go to my Instagram, follow me, and the first 20 people to DM me what I should eat next, I will respond to. All right, let’s just get right into it. Let’s do this vanilla,
vanilla macaron, macaron. Pistachio. Lemon. Coconut. Okay, this one next. Like so freaking cute. Oh my goodness. Cheers. Little mousy. Okay. Time for this little cutie. Like so freakin’ cute. All right, here we go. Carrot cake is like the best. Now it is time for this cake. Look at that. Got the blue, the green,
yellow, the pinks. Here we go. Cheers. Whoa. So pretty. Cheers. Dang. That was all so good. I’ll leave the link, or I’ll leave where I got
them in the description box. They’re so creative at this place with all their foods. Like it’s sick. But that is the end of this video. I really really really hope
that you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see you all very very very soon. I love you so so much. Goodnight.


  1. HunniBee ASMR says:

    HEY GUYS! Ok so ugh… I’m really sorry if you can hear light music in the background 😖 my new microphone has been picking up radio interference.. so I’m really sorry if it’s distracting 😭😭😩😩 I’ve filmed 5 video this last week with TERRIBLE radio interference and are all now garbage because of it. Anyway, I think I found a solution tho so I’m hoping this works! If it doesn’t then I’ll be switching back to my old set up ❤️ LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENDLESS SUPPORT 😭🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️

  2. Phil Hightower says:

    In the beginning you talk too much can you hurry up because like in the next video in GW that's why you take 2 minutes to talk about some stuff and what do you have like we can see it just go ahead and eat

  3. Champs says:

    The funny thing is that my hollowen costume was a bunny from toy story 4 and it came with a duck but lol you eating my costume

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  9. Olivia Wright says:

    Where do u buy these things? We have nothing cute and good where I live.

  10. Lori Bridges says:

    Don’t worry guys, some people aren’t a fan of talking, so she might just be switching up her content a little bit 🧡

  11. Moonshine ONLY ARMY says:


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    Miss when she would bake her own desserts 🙁

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    How did you eat all them??? I would be from the macaron!

  14. ur waifu is trash says:

    How can someone eat this much sweets

  15. epic arachnids says:

    u roc , Lady! Don't forget to drink…some of the swallowing sounds are painful…Thanks for your talent💕

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    eating too much sweets is not good for your health, pls notice that ♥️

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    Can you do an asmr eating fruit please ando shout out me if you liked the idea

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    You so ugly

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    why is she pretending to be a owl.. you will se what i mean in 9:38 its weird..

    ⬇️ like if you understand

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    Um not hating but who eats a cheesecake like that? sorry but just please use a fork/knife/spoon!


  30. Ангелина Катасонова says:

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    You're so funny and an amazing ASMRist. I love you!

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    I ❤️ ASMR

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    Are u ok love? Your eyes seem kinda red and puffy or is it just me?

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