– Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really,
really, really well. So, in today’s video,
video, video, video, video we have cotton candy theme
ice cream candy land, oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I think this is one of the
most aesthetic looking videos that I’ve done, and I’m
gonna put this down. So, yeah. Definitely one of the
most aesthetic for sure. But before we get into this video, I want you all to go to
my Instagram, follow me, your girl HunniBee, Naynay Macraycray, and the first 20 DMs that tell me who your favorite movie star is. I actually, who would be
my favorite movie star, I guess like Hollywood
actor, movie star, whatever. That is so frickin’ hard. I love Brad Pitt, like
if we’re gonna do guys, like I just love Brad Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio, you can never go wrong. He’s in banger movies. What about a girl? I love Drew Barrymore,
I love her, she’s funny, and she can be like
dramatic too, you know. Love her. Jennifer Lawrence, yeah
Jennifer Lawrence, love. I feel like me and her
could be best friends. She has just this witty
personality and I love it. Anywho, okay, let’s get into this video. I’m frickin’ excited, I don’t
even know where to begin. Look at this cupcake,
this cupcake is insane, it is so cool. Oh and we have boba. We have boba back here,
maybe we’ll start with that. So, spoons. My haggard job at making these. I literally made these
in like two minutes. Okay. Cheers. It’s like I’m always surprised
at the taste of boba, but it’s so good. Oh my gosh, don’t fall. It’s staying, oh my gosh. Okay. Okay. Oh yeah. Look at our little guys on there. Oh my gosh, we have like
so much to go through. Let’s do this one. So, this is actually raspberry and then this blue one is vanilla, so. Okay, let’s do this one again. Oh, I forgot to say, so I cut them in half and then I sandwiched them together, that’s why they’re different flavors. Okay, I kind of wanna
try this one right here. So, this is a little cake pop at the top. And we will see what
flavor the cupcake is. I think it’s Skor in there, so. Okay, let’s try. So pretty. Alright. Oh my gosh, I think this
is one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Since we’re doing these anyway, I’m gonna take that out. It is so frickin’ cute. It’s like a miniature version of the ones that you get
at the carnival, you know. So sweet. It just like melts in your mouth. Okay, then we have these jewels. Jewels, jewels, jewels, jewels. Cheers. Oh my gosh, those are
always good, like always. I’m gonna clean this up a little bit. A marshmallow. Alright, let’s go. Okay, I think that’s all
I’m gonna do with that one. The marshmallow isn’t the most
tender, you know what I mean, but that’s okay. Alright, now I’m frickin’
pumped to try these. Oh my gosh, this reminds
me of like Homer Simpson or something, you know,
like the donut thing. This is it. Alright, let’s go. Great. Okay, the best part, ready. Alright, guys. Now we’re gonna do this cake, oh my gosh. Where’s my knife? Alright guys, I have my knife. Maybe I’ll take off. Alright. Let’s, okay, cut it like this. Okay, red velvet. So cute. So, that’s the inside. I’m gonna take that. Alright guys. Now let’s. Oh gosh, I hope I don’t drop it. The other part. Like, so pretty. They did such a good job, I
didn’t make this by the way. Alright, cheers guys. Wow, that was so good. Like, so good. But that is it for this video. Let me know if you enjoyed
it, I know I frickin’ did, like this was really, really fun for me. And if you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments, you guys have honestly the best requests, so give them all to me seriously. But I hope you have a really,
really, really good night and I’ll see you very, very, very soon. I love you, goodnight.


  1. Riley Donovan says:

    Time Stamps!

    3:07 boba + spoon at 3:55
    5:45 macaron
    7:06 cake pop
    8:08 cup cake 🧁
    10:36 small candies 🍬
    11:51 lollipop 🍭
    14:12 cookie dough ice cream pop🍦 🍪
    16:19 cotton candy
    17:08 cakes rock candies
    18:20 cake
    Enjoy! 🥰😝❤️

  2. MissChrisBrownXx1 says:

    Who makes these? Herself or a baker?

  3. MissChrisBrownXx1 says:

    Since when does chocolate sound crispy

  4. Naiti Baraniko says:

    I like cookie the best.100 percent.

  5. MsLanner says:

    Do u try to hide the microphone because everyone can see it

  6. Sarah Alvarado says:

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  7. Jessica Flores says:

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  10. shelly hotness says:

    She is ugly and she is disgusting

  11. Vivian Vo says:

    All she does for subs is eat food
    I bet she’s enjoying herself… 🙃

  12. зилола TM says:

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  14. Gacha Cookie says:

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    I am not last
    But as soon as I see food I click fast


  15. unicornkee Nicholas says:

    I love your challel and that is a lot of candy i want it!!! <3

  16. Bryan Ruiz says:

    most creative video ever


  17. JERRY X2 says:

    Warum redest du eigentlich immer so langsam Sauna

  18. Little Life of SCC says:

    Am I the only knew who finds it annoying when she talks for minutes at a time and always says “cheers” bc damn

  19. Danielle Clark says:

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  20. Lexi and Izzy says:

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    an edible brendon urie because it is a known fact that he is a snack lol

    panic at the disco logo

    ned (from the video for chlorine by twenty one pilots. he's the little alien in the beginning)

    fall out boy logo

    twenty one pilots logo

    my chemical romance logo

    an edible beebo (hes the puppet in the video for hey look ma I made it by panic at the disco)

    maybe a masquerade mask because it's in the video for "but it's better if you do" by panic at the disco

    a beanie

    and a fedora hat

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  22. lindsay mae says:

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    Doctor:bad news ! U have diabetes 💁🏻‍♂️

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