– Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing
really really really well. So let’s just get right into this. So I have these corn dogs. They are, from this little chocolate factory close to me. And they looked so good. So here we go. It is marshmallow, almond, and chocolate. Right there. Looks so good. All right. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Sprinkles. All right, now for this candy apple. Okay, now for this one. Caramel. Okay. Oh my goodness. Why don’t I have candy apples more often? They’re very underrated. Like they are so good. Oh my goodness. All right guys. Looks like my lip is now stained red. But that is it for this video. I really really really hope
that you guys enjoyed it. Let me know if you did, comment, and I will see you all
very very very soon. I love you so much. Goodnight.


  1. sarah norcross says:

    I love your videos, but wondering what your tattoos are. Keep up the good work. Xoxoxxo

  2. Khalia Cusack says:

    I love your lipstick 💄. It is so pretty

  3. Kelley Madin says:

    Does there need to be talking in eating sounds asmrs? Most to all other asmrs use writing to express and inform the viewers.

  4. Keith Onacila says:


  5. Gabriella Leanna says:


  6. YAMILA YS says:

    Con razón esta tan gordita
    By:Come mucho xd😂❤

  7. khloe harris says:

    U looked pretty today

  8. DeeLovesVideo says:

    Eating starts at 2:20

  9. Nely Zarate says:

    I love you 🌹💐🌺

  10. Allayna Howard says:

    I noticed for the first time that I hear VERY faint music playing in the background, as if she was listening to music thru her earbuds

  11. Tessa Whiting says:

    How do you stay fit? Like bro if i did that i could never stay fit, and i play Basketball!

  12. i’m candy says:

    It is very satisfying I love chocolate I want to try the nutella !!!! i loved your videoooo

  13. mirahhh says:

    ok that everyone is gonna start begging for christmas videos but can you PLEASE do a thanksgiving theme? Like tiny turkeys and candy mashed potatoes . That’d be so cute

  14. Lia Vasquez says:

    Where are these from !?!?!?!?!!?!

  15. Peppa Pig says:

    Posted a minute ago, 14k likez

  16. Azrael Tarquin says:

    Day 2 of requesting her to make the volume be able to be turned down more so we can fall asleep easier to it.

  17. Renee Blake says:

    I love your video

  18. Kilei Callihan says:

    Day 4 till she doea a clown theme like if u agree❤

  19. Ludmi Perez says:

    Hello my name is Ludmila soy de 🇦🇷🤩💕 y hablo español y un poco ingles.

  20. rainbows 08 unicorn says:

    Hello to you I'm doing goooodddf

  21. rainbows 08 unicorn says:

    Love u

  22. Janina Cantu says:

    That looked kind of like a chunky umm . D!€k for. A hot sec no lie🤭

  23. Sophia Paniagua says:

    Like si hablas español jjejeje

  24. Jazmine Hernxndez says:

    Eating starts at 2:20

  25. tori :3 says:

    where do you buy these ?! i want one !!

  26. Ejder Babayev says:

    Cox danisirsan

  27. Colette Natal says:

    Your makeup looks so good 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. Linda Trina says:

    Almond Marshmallow candy corn dog – 2:21🍬🌽🐶
    Candy Corn dog – 4:01🍬🌽🐶
    Sprinkled Corn dog – 5:14🍬🌽🐶
    Candy Apple – 6:48🍬🍎
    Caramel Candy Apple – 8:05🍬🍎
    🍯Your Welcome!🍯

  29. Bernice So says:

    i always forget all worries when listening to hunni's asmr! also, she has an amazing whisper voice and awesome nails i love it!!

  30. Upuia Lualua says:

    They look so good

  31. 삐리뽕빼리뽕 says:

    먹방이라고 써주다니.. 고마워용…❤️

  32. Vinaya Malliah says:

    I don’t know how you stay in such good shape eat so. Much but I eat so less I am still fat 😭😭😭 thank for being my inspiration

  33. ชณาพรรณ สุขมะ says:


  34. The Ralphies ASMR says:

    Candy apples everyday, all day long hehehehe 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤣🤣

  35. low battery says:

    I like you ❤👍👍the best

  36. Celia D'msp says:

    Moi je mange une bouché je fait 1000 kilo et elle elle mange tout elle fera toujours 40 kilo 😭😭😭

  37. NAC VAC says:

    Comes con chancha aunque sea come con la boca cerrada en ves de que me llegue la relajación me das asco

  38. Yoshi & yuki Dinner time MUKBANG ASMR says:

    My teeth aches 😫 watching her eat all the sweets

  39. Chloe Guines says:

    Were did she buy the candy corndogs and caramel apple

  40. Berlanda Kaufmann says:

    Hello ym ar a big fan of you

  41. Aniya Ray says:

    I swear I herd music I’m the background

  42. Albertine and lil mimi Simmons says:

    Those crunch sounds are fake

  43. ItsLilac Corn says:

    HunniBee I'm A Big Fan

  44. troll face says:

    I love ur mukbang but can u stop tapping ur food it takes to long and its annoying thanks

  45. Юлика says:

    Hello! I'm from the Russian-speaking YouTube))) You have a wonderful channel, you can see that you are trying to make your videos nice to watch and in the lens of your camera was a beautiful picture! You're very beautiful, too. I am delighted with your snow-white smile, and in General you are very good in appearance! Julia 13 years old Nizhny Tagil. I WISH YOU SUCCESS!!!

  46. Carina -001 says:

    r u listening music ? xd

  47. Su Lyn Lee says:

    no one:

    absolutely no one:

    hunnibee: hello hello hello hello hello

  48. Ezy Clan says:


  49. ayla Istanbul says:

    I'm the only person who is hungry when I ear this sounds

  50. Ambre Godard-Bonnaud says:

    Ça a l’air trop bonnnnn

  51. Просто Кот says:

    Россия тут ?

  52. Marta Vlog says:

    Someone is listening music

  53. Keti ho says:

    You are rocking the hair colour😊

  54. Katawata Sharp says:

    This has to be the BEST asmr food channel 😁😁💖💖🌈🌈⭐️⭐️❤️❤️ (also that makeup is bomb…….as always😁)

  55. Winter Fly says:

    You are doing good

  56. ツJKtutorials says:

    Eating starts at: 2:19

  57. Aéśthétìć Kãrłì シ says:

    Hunni: abouts to eat

    ad comes GEt YoUR nEw FOunDaTion NoW aT bLaH bLAH bLAH . CoM

  58. Ema Jirasek says:

    davam dislike protože se chovas a vypadaš jak pinda

  59. Sock •-• says:

    I know nobody cares but my dog farted at 1:29

  60. Julia Tramaglinofut says:


  61. Chaya Ben-yochai says:

    I love when she says hello hello hello it’s so satisfing

  62. Julia van Kammen says:

    Dance for my dance, for my. Awhh

  63. Naikel Nicoletta says:

    Ich will auch 😂👀

  64. xdaisyxroblox says:

    I know im bad… but at christmans im starting an asmr yt acc could anyone sub to me?

  65. Havva Celik says:

    You're looking great . You are very beautiful♡

  66. Khadija Johnson says:

    Soooooo good…

  67. Micheka Di filippo says:


  68. chaennie _01 says:

    I watching you all day ofc✨🍒🍉🌈

  69. dana Robles says:


  70. altandant says:

    That corndog was amazing !Almost wanted to look and hear 4 ever

  71. surprisedn't says:

    Wait is it just me or I can hear a slight music sound behind the video? It's like the radio is on or something

  72. lovely_ Maddi3 says:

    You are so sweet and happy 😘✌️

  73. Princesa Hermosa says:

    Hola, qué tal vez

  74. Stefania Palazzo says:

    Come sei bella sebri anche tu un dolce🍡🍭 e poi come fai ad avere la lingua cosi rosa 😍😍ciao sei bellissima 🤗🤗

  75. Roblox & Gacha With Dolce says:

    gets the food out


    starts eating my tablet

  76. DuhItz Hailee says:

    Disclaimer: idk what most the food is called so correct me please 🙂

    0:00 unwrapping
    1:13 intro
    2:20 marshmallow almond stick
    3:56 marshmallow skor bits stick
    5:12 marshmallow sprinkle
    6:44 candy apple
    8:03 caramel apple

  77. Martin SAAVEDRA says:

    You look really pretty today

  78. Amber Canady says:

    Candy apple look nasty

  79. Amber Wood says:

    I have gone there and let me tell you the stuff that is there is so good!

  80. Amber Wood says:

    not be mean but are you fat ? YES ARE NO just let me know plz cuz you be eating a lot

  81. Amber Wood says:

    who ever dislike her ohoooooo ya'll going get

  82. filsan barkad says:

    Where did you get that yummy goodness I Really WANT THAT

  83. filsan barkad says:

    Why is she wispering

  84. filsan barkad says:


  85. filsan barkad says:

    It is a corndog

  86. JIMEYTRUENO17 says:

    wow I loved your beautiful video, greetings from Argentina.
    by: jime

  87. why would i want to be you says:

    Loving your lipstick

  88. Erena Sosa says:

    Ai love you're videos you're so funny as I love

  89. Bailee Hall says:

    What's in the middle of those corn dog things?

  90. Dasani Rojas says:

    You should do a give away we’re u give out all the foods and sweets u eat bc I would love to try the, they look real good especially dem macaroons

  91. Kyleena says:

    Um I can’t be the only one that hears music

  92. Claiborne Wade says:

    Today wus my Birthday

  93. Алина ор says:

    Где купить такие леденцы??????

  94. tara hoogen says:

    What is that lip color?!?! 😍😍😍

  95. Hayley Noelle story’s says:

    Can someone pls tell me what is the name of that chocolate factory?

  96. Mahogany Mays says:

    My name is Jamal and and I want you to make a honey pizza and eat it 🍯🍕

  97. Mahogany Mays says:

    I want you to eat wwe stuff jamari 🍪🍩🌮🌯

  98. RastiNW says:

    Looks yummy!!!!

  99. 러브레시피Love recipe says:

    헬로 헬로 헬로 헬로 Hello ♡

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