Ask Ben – How to hit your hybrid higher
Ask Ben – How to hit your hybrid higher

okay so Paul is written in saying that
he’s bought himself a hybrid in the attempt to get more height with his
longer shots from the fairway but it’s not happening. He’s read that he’s
supposed to hit it like an iron which he’s doing he’s actually taking a little
bit of a divot after the ball and but with even the perfect strikes he’s
getting a very low ball flight now one of the great things about the hybrid is
it’s quite a versatile Club and you can use it as an iron or a wood the problem
is that if you go too much like an iron what you’ll find is that you’ll have too
little loft at impact and no matter how well designed the club is the ball just
can’t launch high enough so if we could push you a little bit more towards a
wood position which would be slightly further forward in the stance you’re
going to have a little bit more loft at impact and that will get the ball to go
higher so let’s give that a try here take the setup ball a little bit more
forward and we should only be brushing the grass and not taking a big divot and there we go nice high ball flight

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