Arnold Palmer on Lamkin Grips
Arnold Palmer on Lamkin Grips

The most important thing in a golf club is
where you put your hands, and where do you put your hands? On the grip, and the grip
is the thing that connects you to the golf ball, and we can’t ever forget that. We have
to keep that in our minds, that our closest connection to hitting a golf ball is the grip.
That’s the grip that my father taught me when I was six years old, and it’s the same grip
that I teach my great-grandchildren today when they pick up a golf club. I think the Lamkin grip is by far the outstanding
grip that I’ve ever used and when you’re in a pro shop buying clubs you look at a grip
and it says Lamkin. You know you’re getting the integrity you are looking for in a grip.
It feels good. It has the right dimensions to it. It has the right composition, and when
you close your hands over that grip and if you feel comfortable, Lamkin is the name on
that grip.

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