Arnold Palmer and Lamkin Grips
Arnold Palmer and Lamkin Grips

My father showed me the correct way to grip
a golf club when I was three years old. It was the 1930s and we practiced with Lamkin’s
leather grips back then. Now, more than 70 years later, golf grips certainly have changed
from leather to rubber to dual density, and Lamkin always remained at the forefront of
innovation. In fact, Lamkin grips were on my clubs throughout my career and carried
me through some fairly memorable moments. I don’t play in as many tournaments these
days but I still love this game and I still play with Lamkin grips. Since 1925, the Lamkin family has manufactured
the finest grips in the world. Now, in its third generation, Lamkin remains committed
to developing premium golf grips for today’s players, including a personal favorite of
mine. Play your best golf with Lamkin. Performance grips since 1925.

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