Anqi Luo: TO2015 Pan Am Games Table Tennis Hopeful
Anqi Luo: TO2015 Pan Am Games Table Tennis Hopeful

My name is Angi Luo and I love table tennis. I am really excited for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. I was the youngest player to participate for Canada in the Mexico Pan Am Games. We got into the quarter finals for the team event, but this time I’m really aiming for a medal. Both of my parents were professional table tennis players back in China and now my mom is the women’s national team coach. She helped me a lot in training and in competitions. I just came back from the nationals, U.S. Open and then I’m leaving for China in a few days. Then I have two more international tournaments coming up. Summer is really busy for me. A lot of my school friends think I’m hard working, but it’s what I have to do. I always look up to my parents and I want to be like them some day. I think I get a great advantage in my development with them around. But sometimes they give me a lot of pressure because they’re good and they want to be as good as them. My mom always says that if I could get into the quarterfinals last time at the Pan Am Games, I should be able to get a medal this time. So I hope that will come true.

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  1. quikblade2001 says:

    Anqi..nice smile 🙂

  2. Vic Go says:

    who else is in the Canadian team for the 2015 Pan am?? 

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