Amusement Parks & Flying Golf Carts – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay
Amusement Parks & Flying Golf Carts – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

– This episode of Fortnite Battle Royale is for your entertainment. It’s made possible by the amazing support of viewers just like you. Thank you. I can have my new fancy lights be whatever color they wanna be with
the power of a phone. Wow, look at that, it’s so cool. Now it’s blue. What’s going on everybody? My name is Brian Saviano,
as you probably know. It’s Fortnite Battle
Royale with lolman2770, Saeret, and Tudstud. Quite the names we have going on here. But now we’re gonna make our way most likely to our Tilted Towers because that is the main destination of almost everybody now because, well, we’re going toward there right this second. So hopefully you’re having
as good of a day as I am. I’m glad I got these lights
set up because I wanted to have something other than
a plain white background. That’s kinda boring. I mean, it is boring. So I’m glad I finally got to change it into something a little bit different. So I can change the colors
to whatever I want to for any reason at all,
so that’s very helpful. Sorry, had to change a setting real quick. But yeah, it’s a really cool concept, it’s a Philips Hue light bulb so I can change it, yeah, to any color I want to at any given point. And finally we have a
Tommy gun that is not just a regular green one, it’s a blue one, which does, I believe, a
little bit more damage. So that’s great. So it’s currently a massive flash-flooding storm outside that I had no idea was gonna happen, that’s why they call it a flash flood and not a predicted right now flood. And the circle is already here, so this might be kinda boring, actually, might be a boring episode because, well, we’re already here. It’s not like much else
we can do in this section, except wait around, but luckily
we have some resources here. Well, some, a lot. We don’t have any shielding, but I’m sure that’ll change by us looting
this whole thing here. So, you know, it’s about
that time of the year where it’s like halfway
through the summer as of right now, so it can be a
little bit of a sad time. Lots of you are probably
going back to school. Oh that worked out much
better than I thought. A lot of you are probably
going back to school, that is obviously very sad. I can’t say that I am, I have graduated high school for a couple of years now, so I kinda
make my own schedule, kinda do whatever I wanna do. So that’s the draw of being so super duper famous
on the internet here. I’m gonna wait for this drop here, but I’m also gonna gather some resources because the benefit of now being here is that I kinda just wait around, right? Just kinda do whatever you want because the circle’s gonna end here as well as well as enemy players are definitely going to be around soon enough. But yeah, oh there’s
actually people dying already and this guy thinks he’s gonna, oh okay, sure, you know what, that’s fine, I have my Tommy gun, it’s all good. If he’s gonna die trying
to get that thing, if someone’s gonna shoot
him out of the air, it’s gonna happen regardless. But, the summer’s coming to a close, and I can’t say that I’m
a big summertime guy. I don’t particularly like,
oh, two-shielding here, good. I’m not a big summertime guy. It’s always very hot, and I’m more of a ice
cold penguin sorta guy, but I have done a lot of great things over this summer, so I’m excited to say that I didn’t spend the entire summer indoors doing a whole lotta nothing. I mean, I was indoors
doing a ton of videos all day and night, but it’s not really nothing, it’s my job I guess. So at least there’s that. Hopefully you guys and girls have gone out and you actually enjoy being out in the summer doing stuff in the summertime. Not in the actual summer,
but you know what I mean. Because I went to Six
Flags, which was fun. That happened a couple of weeks
ago, as of this recording. In case you don’t know, Six Flags, well, Six Flags is a national thing,
unlike what’s around me. It’s called Canobie Lake Park, that’s more of a very local thing that doesn’t happen
everywhere in the country. Six Flags is everywhere, there’s
one in New Jersey, I know. There’s one in Massachusetts, in Agawam, Massachusetts, baby. That’s where I went. It’s in the middle of
nowhere, Massachusetts, but I went there and it was good. I’m not a big thrill ride guy, but obviously when you
go to an amusement park and it looks like there’s
a lot going on over here. Somebody is really trying hardcore for that drop right there. But, I’m not a big thrill ride guy, just not really my thing. I like not challenging
death as often as I can. And going on a giant
machine, getting whirled around through the air, yeah, I trust what’s going on with the whole thing but not necessarily. So it just kinda depends. But a lotta rides I’m not
too down for, but hello. What is going, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Relax, oh the entire squad is here, okay, get outta here,
get outta here, nope. Big ole nope. Get this down. Okay, yeah, the entire, entire legion of people just showed up here. Okay, so I’m gonna let
them pass a little bit. Yup, you just see a whole
army of them passing by, okay. Yup, alright, so how do
we go about doing this? Let’s see here. I’ll take that. That’ll be helpful. Wow, they are just infiltrating
this entire area here. Come on, there we go. Aw, dang it, yeah, I’m done, no way. Aw, wow, he RPG’d me, but he did it to himself too and I died anyways. That is cray, where,
everybody’s just going to a head right here, they’re not even, there wasn’t much of a battle, it seemed like my entire
team was dying here. But wow, alright, we will do a new match and I will continue my train of thought. I just realized they took out the entire soccer stadium
that was over here. I guess that was just a World Cup thing? Because the World Cup is now over now. But I thought that would’ve been in there permanently, that’s a pretty cool location to have right there, but I don’t know. Yeah, sure, so, yeah. Theme parks are not usually my thing. The thing that I like the most was over at Six Flags, where everyone’s gonna go to Tilted Towers again, so why not. Not at Six Flags, what’s
that, Universal Studios, so Six Flags, as far as I can tell, and have been able to tell for the only two times that I’ve gone. ‘Cause the first I went, I went on mostly the water rides, which were really fun. The second time I didn’t
go on many rides at all, I’ll continue my other train
of thought I had before. But the reason why I
didn’t go on many rides was ’cause I wasn’t
really feeling that good on that specific day that we went, but it also set the precedent for how the day was gonna go. So when I went to a ride,
the first ride I went on, because I told my friends beforehand, the people that I didn’t
know that were going with me, I told them, hey, is this guy gonna, yeah, let him get all that stuff, cool. Hey, you know, I’m not a big fan of all the thrill rides here,
it’s just a matter of, I’m gonna take that, and
he can take that stuff. Cool, go for it, there you go, buddy. I’m not a big thrill ride guy, I wanna go on easier rides and whatever. So I’m also a big guy. I am quite, quite big. So a lot of the rides I
couldn’t necessarily fit on, a lot of the rides are older,
but I’m also just really fat. So, a lot of the rides I couldn’t go on, which I was like okay,
whatever, that’s fine. So, one of the rides
was called the Houdini, which is I guess, less of a ride, more of, oh, we’re far, less of a
ride, more of an experience. So the idea is you’re in this room, and you’re supposed to be able to deal with Houdini and figure out the secret of what’s going on in the room. So if I had to describe it, it’s basically you are sitting in these chairs and you are shifting
kind of like a pendulum, you’re going like this, but the floor is tilting this way, right,
it’s tilting like this, and the walls are spinning all around. It’s on two different
axles, so it’s supposed to make it look like you’re going in a really crazy direction that you can’t tell what’s really going on, which, fine, but the bar that was holding me down wasn’t all the way down, and it wasn’t fully clicked in because
my thighs were too fat. So lay off all the extra Twinkies and Ring Dings so you
don’t end up like me. But, it didn’t click down all the way, so it was a little bit
loose and the way I am with a ride, I need to know
what’s going on, right? I need to be aware of, okay, this is how the ride works, so I’m good. I understand this. The Houdini ride, not
only was I not clicked in all the way, but
because I wasn’t clicked in all the way I wasn’t being able to understand how everything was happening. So it was kind of, kind
of just a complete, total brain warp. And I was like, I don’t like this at all, I wanna get off right now, no, no, no. Oh, two porta forts, I didn’t know you could hold two, that’s cool. So I wanted to get off immediately, and that kinda set the
tone for the entire day. And I didn’t wanna go on any other rides, and you might be like Brian,
well you liked the water park last time, you shoulda
went to the water park. We did, we went to the water park. There were 10 of us, I believe, that went. Me and some of my closest
friends of all time, shout out to all them,
you know who you are. You’ll never watch this, but there you go. Went with all them, and you need to, when you go to Six Flags, not just go by, well, you can go by yourself, but not just have your stuff on you. Like not just your
keys, phone, and wallet, you bring an extra pair of clothes, I mean, I do, because if
you go to the water park you have more clothes, you bring a bathing suit, any of that sorta stuff. So we have a ton of stuff on us between the 10 of us, so obviously we’re not gonna bring all this stuff on the ride, on the water rides,
everything’s gonna get wet. So, what do they have at Six Flags? They have stuff that
you can put in a locker, which is fine, except you’re going on the water park section of Six Flags, and my stupid face, for
lack of a better word, planned the trip for the weekend before fourth of July, where literally everybody went to Six Flags on that specific weekend because it was fourth of July weekend, people had time off, and
there were fireworks. So basically, the water park was crowded. Now because the water park was crowded, there were no lockers for
us to store our stuff in. All of them had sold out by one pm, and we had gotten there
maybe at like two or three. So we were kinda out
of luck at that point. Now eventually we did
get lockers, but, we got one locker, which is not
enough for 10 peoples worth of stuff, so I dunno why the lockers had to be purchased to begin with, but that’s beside the point. I was not in charge of that decision, because I wouldn’t have
made that decision. But anyways, I was the one who volunteered because I wasn’t feeling it that day, I wasn’t like, oh rides, cool. It was just kinda like
okay, whatever, we’re cool. I’m just glad to hang out with my friends, that’s really why I went to Six Flags. And I guess I am collecting
all these lightening bolt things, I got five of
seven, might as well. So I was just glad to be with my friends, so I’m like, you know what, I’ll sit back and I’ll watch all the stuff, that’s fine. People were like no, Brian,
you gotta go on rides, and I’m like listen, I
don’t fit on a lot of these anyway, just go, it’s
fine, don’t worry about it. So, I ended up not going on many rides, and the water park, I just sat and can I get this guy right here? Nope, nothing, nothing at all. I just sat in the beach
area, which consisted of a lot of fake sand
that felt really fake and probably really dirty, and just watched everybody’s stuff, which was fine. I wasn’t like totally, hello, somebody’s shooting at me, somebody’s
shooting at me boy. Alright, let’s do this. And now we’ll go up here, who is trying to shoot up here, anybody? I hear ’em, I totally hear ’em, I just don’t know where they, oh way over there, hello, okay. (gunfire) I hear ya. I gotcha right here. Come on, yeah I see you’re trying to be all slick in building. I got that 4k monitor, baby,
you can’t mess with me. Uh uh, ain’t gonna happen. This guy right here. Come on, I’m aiming right at
this guy, he’s right, nope. Nope, yup, I got that
guy back there, though. I just kinda flinched right there, you saw me, like (laughs)
that whole thing. Alright, oh jeez, hello. I’m trying to snipe at
people with this thing here. Oh, hello, okay, okay, oh geez, nope, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, nope. Go. That’s a thing, cool. Where do I wanna go? (gunfire) Come on, really, I just got fired at from seven different positions, hello. What? Okay, yeah, we weren’t winning
that one anyways, 23 to 44. Yeah, wow, where is everybody? Oh they’re all not even there, alright. Yeah, they had a much clearer position on that area there, yeah, we weren’t gonna win, but I guess
I’ll try another one. That’s awful, I’m so sorry. So now I have DrunkIrish81 who added me on Fortnite, and we’re gonna land at Loot Lake, because, hey, why not. So, like I was saying before, I watched all the stuff at the fake beach, which was okay, but there
were so many people, oh man. And recently, and recently
I mean like last year, I’m gonna sit up more
straight, oh there we go, yeah I look all professional now, I went to Disney World
and Universal Studios. Now, obviously these two experiences are nowhere near the
caliber of Six Flags, right? Six Flags has Looney
Tunes, which is by far a greater intellectual
property than Harry Potter or literally anything Disney, yup, by far. So there’s that. There wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm with the people that were
at the Six Flags park. Typically the people
that you hire for those sorts of things are teenagers who don’t have any other job, not to
say all teenagers are bad. This is an Uzi? No, wow, I haven’t seen one of
these before, I don’t think. That’s weird, yeah, I haven’t
used one of these, wow. Usually teenagers who
don’t particularly care, at least that was the vibe that I got. So, a lotta people were
just, not scowling, but they certainly were
not, is he getting fired at? Is Irish getting fired at? It sounds like it. Yeah, they weren’t particularly enthused with the whole experience
of being at Six Flags during the summertime and making sure people had a good time and all that. They were not, where is Irish at? What happened, where is he? Where did he go? Is he down here, over this side? There’s no way. Really, he got down? Right in here, yup. (explosions) Yup, this guy right here, take that, Collin Mandoll, yeah, okay. I’m just gonna destroy you right here because you messed with my friend. No, you messed with
him, you messed with me. I’m so sorry about that, Irish, I didn’t even know where you were, and he hesitated when
trying to destroy you. I am so sorry for that. Hopefully you see this video
and forgive me, good sir. My sincerest of apologies. But, now, with the whole people not being particularly enthused thing, that’s a common thing that happened at Six Flags, everybody looked miserable. They just kinda looked
indifferent to being there, and you know, you go to Six Flags, you go to a theme park, you go there to not feel miserable, right? The idea is, you’re not
feeling like a complete waste of space in the universe and you’re trying to be a good person, hopefully that is your goal. So, how are we down 30
to 40, alright, whatever. You ideally want to make the experience the best for the people
that are around you, right? That would be my goal if I were there. I’ve worked retail before,
I know what this is like. You gotta make sure that
you are into it, you know? I was saying a lot of
these things to my friends while at Six Flags, and they’re like, Brian you can’t compare
Six Flags to Disney World, and I’m like, yeah, I know,
but in some ways I can. It’s a theme park, to get
inside you normally have to pay, I think $65, $75, something like that. I got a discount through
AAA, ’cause I have a subscription that’s
basically like a rewards program but insurance,
like break-down for your car sorta thing, but it’s
got perks in it there, and I got a discount on
tickets for me and few of my friends, and the
parking and all that stuff. Man, I sound like I’m 40, but we got a discount there, and it adds to quite
a bit amount of money. We saved like 120 bucks total, and what is that floating red thing right over there? What is that floating
red thing right there? I don’t know, I haven’t seen
that before, I don’t think. It could be something, oh it’s a flag. It’s a flag for Lazy Links, duh. This guy right here, I
don’t think so buddy. Nope, you’re gone, see ya later. And then, yup, there it is, nice, cool. So that was easy squeazy peasy, you know. That was relatively
doneso outtie 5000 there. Oh no, I don’t wanna do
that, I wanna do this, and then I’ll do this, cool. Yeah, I don’t wanna
waste my bullets on this, then you have to reload it and do that whole thing so there we go. You pay a good amount of money to get in there and then everybody’s miserable. It’s like, yeah, clearly,
everybody’s miserable, it’s really hot outside,
but come on, dude, really? You can’t be a little more
entertained with what’s going on and just be a pleasant person? That’s what most people were
doing, they were just kinda eh. I just wish there was, oh
I could do the boogie bomb, oh I don’t have a boogie bomb,
I have the porta fort thing. But, let’s see here, what
else do I wanna grab? I guess these, it’s one
shield, that’s fine. I don’t know where that one
stray guy was coming from. I haven’t seen anyone else, but oh well. We will go with these,
yeah, I think we’re good. I think we’re pretty good, I’d say. So, oh, I’m gonna grab
this shield thing too, ’cause why not? And Irish is definitely
watching me right now, he’s watching me redeem the people here. Oh, somebody just fired a RPG over there. So, you know, you pay
a good amount of money to go in there, you want
it to be a good experience, and then you pay $75, it
costs $100 to get into Disney. Why not just pay the $100
to go into Disney, you know? (gunfire) Right there, there we go. All these guys are not
particularly good, I can tell. There’s this guy here. He’s down, cool. Hey Chapo, hey, oh hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, listen. Come on, right here,
right here, oh come on, that could’ve got him right there. Oh what the heck? There you go, look at that. (laughs) That totally exploded him, beautiful, wow. That was awesome. It flowed right through the air, flewed right through the air? Flew right through the
air, that’s awesome. I realize that happens with
the sticky things there. Alright, well, I guess
we’ll play another match ’cause that did not go
very well at all, 26-33. We got four kills though, so that’s good. Alright, we’re back in with Irish again. Hopefully I will be able to defend him a little bit more easily this time and have him not be dead. So, I’d just rather, I was there to spend time with my friends and
it worked out nicely, and you know, one thing
that kinda bothered me, which I kinda feel this
way about promotions and stuff, I guess we’ll go here, why not. Promotions and stuff in general, so when you go to Disney,
obviously you have Mickey Mouse stuff
everywhere, of course you do, because it’s all Disney, Mickey Mouse, of course, so Six Flags
is not the same experience that you get at a Disney, of course, I still don’t know how to
land really close down there. I have no idea how people do that, but it’s nowhere near the same experience, I think Irish is gonna go for that one, so I will go over here,
land in the window, land in the window, nope,
it’s a closed window, okay. So, something that kinda bothered me was, you go to Six Flags, and
the way that it works, and that’s decent, is you go to the park and you can get into the
park a half an hour early, which is cool, now the
only way apparently, that you can do that, is either, I think maybe if you’re
a season pass holder, but also if you bring
a can of Coke with you, you can redeem it, AKA recycle it, I guess redeem is the right word also, but you can recycle it to get into the park a half an hour early. Now, you know on the
internet, you watch videos, you play games, phone
mobile games are the worst at this, there’s
advertisements everywhere. Every single place you can possibly look, and I didn’t quite realize this at Disney, I don’t think it was a thing at Disney, now that I’m thinking of it, there weren’t necessarily advertisements anywhere that I can remember, other than you being in Disney, because that’s a big enough advertisement as it is. Hey, come by this shop, buy this thing, do this thing, that thing, but there wasn’t like hey, this is GAP right here, go buy overalls or
something dumb like that. There was, whoa, that’s a burp, I’m sorry, that’s the worst I have
probably ever done in a video. I am so sorry about that. But, at least I’m honest with you, right. Honesty’s the best policy
is what Mom always told me. So, I never really
realize any advertisements while at Disney, and nobody went for that until right now, and there’s probably a bush inside of there. Yup, a bush, okay. There were no advertisements in there, but Coca-Cola just totally so shoved into your face every five seconds. Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, everywhere, it’s so, so, so, just everywhere. I couldn’t believe how much advertising Coca-Cola did in the park. Every single machine
is a Coca-Cola machine. There’s like billboards everywhere for it, they have an exclusive
Coca-Cola merchandise stand, and this and that. And it’s like who really
cares about all this stuff? Why do you feel the need to advertise soda, soda, soda, soda,
soda every single place? I mean it’s not the
healthiest stuff for you by far in the world at all to begin with, but now it’s just, it breaks the immersion of the whole thing, which
I didn’t really like. I’m very particular with
a couple specific things. One of them is making
sure that in my videos, in my work, where I go in general, I like making the experience
the best it can be for most people, or as
many people as I can. So if I’m doing something, if I’m providing a service,
or doing something, I wanna make sure people
are having a good time, and if I were in charge of these parks, if I were the one who
was calling the shots, I would not have nearly as many advertisements for all
this garbage everywhere. Just riddled everywhere. Wow, we’re so far away, this
is ri-Donkey-Kong-ulous. So, I have quite a ways to walk here, it’s 39-42, not too bad, but yeah, we got quite a bit of a hike, so I guess we’ll just keep on moving. So plenty of time to talk, also. That’s one thing, one of
the things I would do, other than drop a really fire album, if I weren’t doing the
whole video game thing, or doing something else
with my life in general, would be to get in charge of
a theme park or something, and call the shots, and make it the best it can be for the people who go there. Yeah, look how far away we
are, those are the drops, wow. We are super duper far,
and there’s no golf carts anywhere around
here, as far as I know. I think they’re only around the new areas, like Lazy Links and Paradise Palms, I haven’t seen any come
out of Tilted Towers or anything like that at all. But, oh this guy right here, he has the jump pad, that’s cool. So we’ll actually go right over here, I think that’s kinda close here, right? A little bit further this way? That’d be cool. So yeah, we’re gonna definitely use this jump pad because that’s gonna get us quite a bit of distance
over to where we need to go. So I would love to do something like that as a job, full-time. Especially at like a
convention, or planning stuff, and this happened when
I went to ConnectiCon, too, I talked about this a little bit. The convention was not great, it was good if you had a ton of
friends there with you. The programming was not very
entertaining or spot-on, or, a lot of the time people went there to hang out with their friends, and all dress up in
cosplay and do whatever for the course of the
weekend, which is fine. Well, if you’re paying
$65 for the weekend, or whatever it is, you wanna make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, so when I go to Six Flags, I saw in there, all the little changes
I would make that would make it a better experience for everybody and there is something going on over here. I’m trying to figure out
where exactly those shotgun shots were coming from,
but I can’t tell, so oops. But I would love to do
stuff like that eventually. It’s another jump pad
here, excellent, wonderful. Uh oh, up top here, up top. We got some live action. Big ole live action. Let’s see if we can
sneak up on these fools. (gunshots and explosions) Oh really, okay. Okay, I’m gonna try to, what happened here? This guy just went Rambo up in here. He just, hello. What, no get inside of here,
open the door, close the door, close the door, close,
nope, close the door. There we go, cool. Wow, yeah, I don’t know what he did there, he used the RPG to
totally mess himself up. Okay, at least he got what
he needed to get done, so I’m gonna have these two here, or at least have one of
these, I can’t have both. But, yeah, I would love
to do something like that and make it the best it can be, that’s probably what I
would do if I had gone to school a little bit
more or made a different career choice, which I still can and I probably will do eventually. If I were to do something that was more along the lines of a
menial professional job, that’s what I would do. Is like, planning out conventions and stuff like that, ’cause it’s just fun, it’s just fun to do, a
lotta people don’t like, there’s just things I would
do differently and do better. So, let’s see here,
this thing, right here, come on, I got him, good, right there. I love how you can see how many bullets you’re actually firing
onto these guys here. I’m gonna swap this for this, oh actually that for that, there we go, cool, 811, we good to go, baby, 26 to 33, I think we
can still win this one. Right here, come on, really? And I love how it starts
me off with a weapon but doesn’t have it at full ammo capacity, and that almost destroyed
them entirely here. Come on, come on, there we go. Oh jeez, hello, what
the heck happened here? What? What did he fire at me, the pistols? From that distance? Wow, he got me good. So we’ll follow DrunkIrish
until he ends up dying here. I have had really horrible,
horrible games this episode, but wow, that guy’s a pro
builder right over here, jeez. But I’ve had good topics of discussion, the Six Flags and all that, so that’s what my professional job would
be if I ever got one, hopefully I will have one eventually, just to spice it up and be cool with it. I hope Irish gets fire at this guy. Yup, yup, you’re good. You almost got him, you almost
got him, there you go buddy. You got it, don’t revive
him, don’t revive him. Up top, up top, up top. Or he’s gonna, he’s gonna
see how this goes, 20 to 30. He might get shot right in the back because there are people all around him. I don’t know, man, 18 to
27, not looking too great. I have applied for
panels and stuff before. I got one at ConnectiCon,
talking about how to socialize and network
with people in real life, that was pretty cool panel that I did, I can talk more about
that in detail in probably the next episode or so, but
yeah, that’s what I’d do. And that’s my experience at Six Flags. Theme parks, I’m just kinda
spoiled by Disney now. If I’m gonna go to a theme park, it’s gonna be Disney,
it’s gonna be Universal, it’s gonna be something like that. Not necessarily Six
Flags, if I’m gonna spend all my money, and wow, this guy, okay. Just go out and really go bonkers and go bananas, that’s
what it would be for, and there’s just way too
much of a drive, too. It’s a really far drive to Agawam, Mass from where I am, it’s like two hours, hour and a half, and
there’s nothing there, there’s so nothing at all there, and wow, he lost a ton
of health right there. Lots of health lost. He got two kills, though, just like me. So he’s gonna, oh no, that might be it, that’s it right there. That’s totally, yeah, there you go. So it’s eight to 22, seven, we’re gonna count this down here, this is gonna be the last match of the
episode because it’s just been absolutely horrendous
this entire time. And that shotgun shot is not gonna do anything from that distance. Doing five damage does you nothing at all, and you’re done, awesome. Alright, ThisKidNamedAj,
Shakbomb, is down. Destruction546, aarushan is looking to be pretty super dead soon,
so four people remaining. One of them is a bush. Just literally a bush. Wow, nobody sees bncgrnks? Nobody sees him at all, wow, he’s hiding in the bush, trying to be as stealthy as he can be, oh he just
jumped right over him. And he totally quit, alright. So Destruction is left,
ThisKidNamedAj is also left, but that’s gonna be it
for this episode here. Two against 20, not a chance, I would love to see somebody come back
from a deficit like this, but it just has never happened in any match of Fortnite that I’ve played, ever. So, in the next episode,
I’m actually gonna change the color of the lights,
I think per episode, that’d be pretty cool. The background for season
five is like a pink background, pink-reddish
background, so we’ll try that. But, nope, it’s just Aj
left, he’s the last one, and he’s hiding, so you know what, rather than waiting another minute, he’s clearly not going to go anywhere, so I wanna thank you guys and girls for listening and watching this episode of Fortnite Battle Royale on my fancy PC. I hope you have a lovely day and I will talk to you next time. See you later, bye. (upbeat music)

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