yeah well done… oh you’re here! good thing, i’ve got to tell you about this new series that’s going to happen every month on this channel it’s a thing we were already doing 6 years ago. it was called the ‘stupidiclash’ two teams made of two people, facing each other on games and the loser had a pledge… yeah, basically… what’s going to be great this time is that it’s going to be really exreme.. we’re done playing in our chairs like dummies. this time, we’re going to do sport like real men would do and for this first trial we decided to do… mini-golf.. mini-golf… with mini holes and mini balls… and for this first program we decided to pick people who were absolutely crazy monsters! absolutely crazy they’ve got nothing in their brains! they’re assholes! that’s why we decided to choose.. joyca and amixem… -hi -hello welcome.. to wanklash. gentlemen i’m really happy to have you here for this first wanklash, mini-golf – really happy to be here.. – sport -sport, sport there’ll be pledges depending on where the wheel lands ok -alright -turn the wheel? – ok – so i’m doing it? -yeah go for it! -be careful she’s fragile we did it for 20 euros only – wait wait! cause like we don’t understand what your symbols mean. what do we need to land on? -where do i win? – yeah basically! – money, challenge, mixed -alright, mixed is where we win money but also do a challenge? – you’ll see depending where it’ll land, i’ll make up challenges – hey that didn’t help us at all – i didn’t understand actually – i mean… it looks way funnier on tv, when they do it – will there be a sound effect that’s like ‘click click click’? – oh i think it’s going to be a challenge – i don’t think we won much – it’s the money one! -oh! -no! – it’s like in the perfect middle – so it’s the two of them? it works like the mixed case? -(whispering) i did it on purpose when you told me to do it earlier! so we’re going for mixed then? – it’s funnier when it’s mixed – so it mixes money and challenges – so for the money, gentlemen..i’m going to ask you to give 50 euros each and to put it in the joint jar. thomas will be the banker of this game – oh yes! come on give me the money! – so basically we just arrived, no one’s explaining how the wheel works and we just lost 50? – the winner will win the jar joint of 200 euros – oh wow! and now the pledge… the losing team will have to make an ad for whatever the winning team desires… i’ll give you one dice, good thing i have one as well. good thing i’m an indé (pun i can’t translate) – like pnl (a french band) – shut up – yeah i, i know – you’ll be able to use this dice once whenever you want – if you..- go for it! -nooo! – we’ve decided to do it now. we got 5, so? – we made the worst decision doing this first episode with you guys – 5! so what does it mean? – if you get 1 or 2, the other team will play for you for one turn – alright – ok – if you do 3, 4 or 5. it works the other way you’ll play, for the other team and if you get a 6 you’re authorized to take your ball and put it anywhere you want -oh that one’s good -ok – that’s really original my dear damien – ready? – yes, we can only do it once? – let’s golf, yes! – let’s cross our swords – that’s ridiculous! – i’ve never been a golfer before i didn’t know about that – let’s golf! – yeah! – that’s so shit! – i did golf 10 years ago, so i’ll teach you a lesson where do i put it? – wait you really moved forward there -there’s no mark so can i put it here? – um noo? – it’s too big for me, look i’m like.. – you’re holding it the wrong way, no i’m just kidding – well done, club check -ok well we’re off to a bad start – dude we’re good, look! – who’s turn is it now? – he played it well – no you play once at a time! – really? – collision activated – oh my, so you’re really bitchy – go for it, come on – we’re gonna have to play like dummies – i’ve gotta admit this is going to be difficult for me – and we don’t push the ball, we only kick it..i mean your my partner so do however you want.. but i mean at least play with the rules -oooh -shit – yeah but like that happened because you… -because it’s not my fault at all – that’s terrible – ooh! – oh! -well done.. – too bad – i mean you’ve lost everything there – damien, the bush is bad i hope you know that -179? -oh -damn! – we’re in trouble – yeah – ok but like, didn’t you say you never played golf – i played a bit at La Baule in 1996 with my parents, and that’s a fact – ok this ain’t that bad – i think this is accepted – and offset is accepted – one foot, half a foot i mean -no -no not like that – usually it’d be like that – half of that – that’s too big – maybe the other way? – what do you mean the width? wasn’t like that at La Baule – it’s good that way – we’re not going to say anything because we’re only at the first ground – i’d like to say sorry to the mini-golf committee what you did was an outrage, i won’t say anything. i’ll accept the rules i accept. it doesn’t matter. can i stand up on the green? – yes you can. – it’ll never go through – sad – where is it? – what did you do? – do we have any mason? – calm down – oh shit – basically, it’s not good for you – yeah do like that, on top of it – am i authorized to do that? – well it’d be nice, but if goes outside you put it back at the start – yeah definitely – wow. – wait wait… since it’s my game can we do it again? – no. – that’s mine! this one’s mine! cheater! – oh this one’s mine? – yeah -i knew it – maxime think, alright? – oh shit – yess that was good – he did it with 2 shots – did we film this? was i being filmed? i was filmed, we’re good? – you can do it lenghtwise, if you want – not at all! why is it possible for him? – i’ve chosen to roll the dice now – fuck off! i was actually going to play! – oh you’re my champion, well done! – now it’s a looser fight – for real though, i don’t know where it is -ah! – you’re authorized to get it out -alright -but only one shot.. -ok – oh oh! – i was only situating myself -why is he playing again? – you’re crazy! no! no no! – you said ‘you can get it out’ – i can’t support him, i can’t – leave, just leave – maxime! ‘you can get it out’! i got it out… then i can have a shot..? ok nevermind – perfect! – now you can play! – your turn jordan – now you’re good -i’ll remember this – but like i wanted to support you but this time i couldn’t really… – he did it by the rules! he really did it by the rules – i can’t trust anyone, i really can’t – come on you can do it! – incredible, congratulations – WHAT?? – beautiful, i think we’re gonna have a really great time – you can do that too – come on, try doing better than this, if you’re able to. – excuse me – let’s keep playing by the rules – it’s easy – here take your ball since you already put it in the hole, yOU – thanks – he already put it in the hole you know, you can play – at any time, i could tell you to leave this video – oh yeah that’s true! – no but like you know, our train and everything… we’ve got time – i agree that it’s fun playing with two players only – ah too bad! – too bad – too bad because it was like ‘this close’ – come on terra – yes! – well done! – so, now you’re just a few points ahead – yeah a few – can i film a podcast on mini-golfs while waiting? i don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but when we push a ball it’s not always going in the hole. that’s annoying! – ok – you’re the one starting since you won – i don’t want to brag because we never know what could happen – don’t brag but just play – where’s my ball? where is it? – it’s here! OH! it’s here! look! – yellow on yellow! – yellow on yellow, we can’t see anything! – come on maxime – what are you doing? no, just no! – you’re not going to make it there! – what the heck is he doing? -we’re not playing golf’it! – i examinated it, it’s going to be difficult to make – he thinks he’s going to do an angle – oh alright – he’s completely dumb! – so basically you did well on the first one and now you’re above everyone – st-stay there – oh my god dummies – maybe you’d like to take my club to help? -jordan – put your finger here -asshole – oh fuck they really are dummies – you good? – ok let’s go -show us what all this time was for – you got it, eh? – oh my god -here we go! just like i said! – you didn’t hit where i told you to? -don’t try to do like him oh and by the way you’re not doing good right now – maybe i could uh.. i could try to get it out like we did earlier – i mean.. – i’m going to do it in two shots – yeah do it that way – that was excellent -what a nightmare – 40 degrees angle then 70 in hill – he’s going to hit the exact same place – do it roughly – it’s going to be fine – 93 c’est la champions league (lyrics) – you protected your balls -fuck i didn’t mean to – shit – i fucked up – see! -you were mocking me but it went to the exact same spot – maxime hit it very hard – no no not too much because we’re in front – i can do what i want? – yeah! – you said collision – yeah but also friendship – good ! -no that’s shit – it sucks for him but it’s great for us – we need to make it – nooo! i hit the side! -what are you doing? -like a retracted angle -what are you doing there? -well i’m positioning myself -what? -you just cheated on half a centimeter? – noo, not that much – beautiful! -well done dude! -sorry, i didn’t laugh -dude, we’re in the same team -yeah! sorry – he did the same thing! – ok – one nine nine -maxime what did you not get when i said one nine nine – the nine – ah – hit it well alright cause you only have to… -dude! i was here i had to.. – yeah it’s not that bad – it’s good – that’s how you play mini-golf – he’s not going to do an average hit, is he…? not bad. -well played – that was only a safe hit -come on, same thing as earlier – terra i’m counting on you to not disturb me – well done! well done. not bad – i don’t know what’s he going to do here -it’s fine -that’s the best thing to do – that’s really not bad -i’m perfectly on his path it’s a nightmare – sadly thomas it’s a no -no that’s good i’m really happy with that -it’ll be for next time! -i’m really happy -all of this just to fail -oh! please! -yeah! -fuck -well done! -very very well played -wait there’s an issue here you’re hidding the.. -no there’s no issue you can push me inside, i’m fine with that – oh fu.. incredible! thank you damien! – i really am dumb! -a pleasure to play with you -that’s incredible? how did you manage to do that -i’m so dumb – how did you manage to such an annoying thing? – come on maxime do it roughly.. yeah well done!! -yes! yes that side’s the one right -that’s the bad side – that’s good -just keep playing on this side guys – hey damien! – you know what, simple, relax, think about the 200 euros -200 euros is a lot -they’re already in my pocket, i can feel them -what will we do of those 200 if we win? -um… – we take back the train? cause i don’t have my ‘carte jeune’ anymore – well we’ll be able to drink lots in the bar wagon – o yes cool! -yes! – well done! -well played! -i think this is a good path here – you’re gonna play based on the shadow? -yeah yeah – although the sun is really far behind -your mom’s a hoe -that’s perfect! -damien’s turn! hey damien! – oh! we can’t hear you there -hey damien we’re waiting for you, we’re here! -yes! – it wasn’t pretty but it worked well -push the ball with the golf – he’s gonna push jordan -no that’s not good, like, don’t do that -full power -full power -not full power -yeah like that! -too much, that was too much -that’s perfect, exactly what we wanted! -if you hit the two at the same time, it’s fine, collision – yeah! -you can make a double win – is it fine?- that was incredible, fuck – did you see? -um,, so! we’re going to be kind for once – the sun was blinding me i had my eyes closed -what happened? – beware the pledges – i can’t hear what he’s saying -you can be a legend – yes! thank you! that’s literally perfect – basically i play with damien – per.. perfect -i put it in the hole, was it filmed? did the three cameras film? – i need a specific rage since it’s… – there’s two centimeters to the hole for fucks sake – shoot! shoot! – wait, we can still mess up – na, well done -not too bad -inevitably they’re given a clean ground – come on -my champion, come on – wait because if i put it we have the same amount of hits in the end? – it’s fine – i don’t know what it’s there for anymore -when we’re in struggle – yeah! see when you two were talking, we did the same amount of hits guys – for real? we’re even? -even with our three hits guys and laink ahead – ok – alright – that’s fair – i really enjoyed sharing this hole with you all -welcome to this third round -we’re still going strong, still in it and it’s laink’s turn, to begin with – you can do this one in one hit -yeah it’s possible -so disappointing, no! – thanks laink (-i don’t know -ok i’m keeping it) – uh? -what’d you guys say? -nothing -i’ll hear you said when editing – ah alrigh, well then that’s what happened – what should we do -i don’t know -do i roll it now? – i don’t know, yeah… i don’t know -ok i’m keeping it -ok – that’s not what i would have done -if, the ball, naturally moves on its own – b12, like in training -yeah of course – oh fuck -shit..that’s so unlikely – fuck! – yeah – that’s fine -hossegor, 1999, sorry – sorry, i was listing the best mini-golfs in france – what a loss – a loss because i started so well but in the end, not at all – that was a good try but apparently no, starting all over again – your turn maxime, and you’ll probably do better than that – shut up! -what? i’m only stating facts – oh fuck, that’s impossible -seriously? – damn you really are my champion -team redbox! paf! – thomas, thomas i have an idea – thomas, thomas, wait play -i see you want to roll the dice, eh? i have one too – i have one – yeah – be careful if you roll yours – i can’t even remember what the pledges are -(whispers) me neiter -ah -i’ll explain them depending on your score -seriously. what the hell? – nice try thomas, but no -that’s unbelievable, at least i’m here -yeah, you are – thomas, thomas, give me the dice -what? what? now? you’re summoning the dice? – give me the dice -dude, do a 6 – for the 3rd ground? alright go on.. – you’re kidding me.. you’re not going to do that? -let me remind you the rules -yeah cause like i forget -yeah me too – 1 and 2, no luck for us. you’ll play for us.. – 3, 4, 5.. we’ll play for you – and 6? -6, i can put the balls where i want – the ballS? -no, only mine -there we go, i heard singular, during the intro -yeah that’s what i heard too -be careful, eh? YES! 6! – fuck! – in your ass! -so what can you do now? – do whatever you want, but we’ll place them where we want -ahh ok, i see -you’re really going to try a double? -really? you’re going to try a double? like they’ll be able to do nothing like that – for real though, do that! it’d be incredible! -basically if i play a rotary kick on the right and left at the same time it’ll create and.. – no no forget that, just hit it – alright, let’s do it – i was sure it’d do that -what a loss! -your turn, thomas *jordan.exe has stopped working* – so you can place the ball anywhere you want -this one? -yeah -so either you’re playing it fair and putting it where you want, or you put it here well done thomas! -thank you damien! -this one wasn’t that easy! -no honor -which one’s mine? -well um, one of those two well done -did you get it? -he’s bragging even more -i’m… i’m going to try but i’m really not sure about it – that was a risk to take – i thought you were going to hit it a bit too hard, damien – very well played – and here we go -we’re doing quite good -even! -we’re even again? – even – i did it in 6 hits so we could be even -yeah, yeah! – so that means, that you guys. even with the dice, aren’t capable to do better than us? – you’re just bad, basically – losers! – ladies in gentlement, in life. there’s only two things that are important. mini-golf… and friendship. today, we’re mixing both first to play. -woaw! that was..i was.. i farted. first of all – yeah i heard that – so -here’s your moment of glory – cause, since the beginning i’ve had no luck and usually this one would be simple you can go there, and do the rest after -no, one shot – too bad -what a waste -ah that’s not helping me – that’s kinda annoying, na? – i get why it’s disturbing you because that’s quite an awkward situation – yeah..maxime, your turn. try to do better. – while maxime you see, i kind of know your skills… straight ahead, just like a highway – the annoying dude that’s played for 20 years – no but seriously? -rise your hand a little bit… smooth wrists.. and you let it do the job let it go -ok -hop you rise it up like that -no that’s annoying! -smoother – oh my god thats… i had it – i’d recommend you to..because i tried there here and you put it here -yeah i’m going to – see for example, you hit it too hard – hop! – we have a dice too, eh.. -we can do a 6 -oh! -beautiful..! -oh no!! – what a shame -what a shame!! – woa -seriously.. you were this close – yeah i know! i got it! – i was this close.i understood – i have a tiny advantage – no no, i mean, no – if i do this, no… – did you see how annoying it is? that’s good, it’s fine same thing -yeah? – pst!!!! -i can hear you! -the dice!! -the dice? -yeah come on do it, do a 2 -ok! – you really want to do that knowing you’re not winning? -dude, it’s ok, look -psst! us! shut up! -that’s not going to make any difference knowing you’re not winning, and we’re not either – if i do 6, i put the ball here.. and i’m going to do 6, just look – psst! psst! don’t roll it. – ah -watchtime. -ok. – actually, we’re going to wait. – watchtime reasons. -well done, dude -for real it would have been the worst decision rolling it now it wouldn’t have helped at all – i..i realized when you told me -except if we land on 6 – that was for um.. – that was fake? – that was in case i did 6 -so that was fake? – you sure? – just in case or..? – we’re ok? – no, look.. i don’t need to do any 6 – i made up two pledges, for the ones that’re annoying me right now – eh oh… – that’s the level 2..hop! -add another difficulty – everyone should do this.. that’s what the pledges are! – you know what?y you pissed me off twice? – you have to get through all of them -should be fine – oh! but there’s two of them guys? seriously… -no you’re my friend, don’t! -what are you drawing, there? – i’m going to do it, i swear – jordan, don’t be dumb here jordan! don’t be dumb! -that’s a real pledge -i’m gonna do it yes it’s an actual pledge -yes it is – those are two obstacles -they’re not as cool as that with my insurance -boom! -honestly well played max, that’s a real smash hit – with the pledges! -fuck! – so now we’re done, uh? – so.. – everyone agrees – for real though.. just do like he did.. if you want i can help – no no! stop! get out! – that helps really well that’s 100% a pledge! there’s no challenge, just a guy standing there – so laink? are you going to play or? – that’s just a tiny pledge – it works, it’s going to work -we’re fine – what a champion! – oh!! a champion!! – that’s good! -maxime that’s when i’m starting to panic.. – excellent – it looked like it was perfect there’s an edge, it’s used like that perfect -the edge is here for uh… to piss me off! – hey, why are you playing? – is it my turn? -beware the pledge -it’s my turn -he replaced himself quickly like that -i didn’t know there was that many good players on the other side – sable d’olonne 2017 – sable d’o.. -d’olonne! -the infamous ‘sable d’olonne’ -because he lives in Tours so… -sable d’olonne… -what a shame to say that – well that’s what i said? – NO! -pledge! – no it reminds me of Pornichet, 2002 i’ll do terrorist attacks oh.. i don’t know why i said that. honestly, i don’t know Verdun Indochina, my grandpa was there – shut up -he’s going to fail, he’s going to fail… – oh fuck… – there we go… – make it even -agility, flexibility… -incredible -take your time, alright? – dude, that’s perfect – there you go -come on losers! -didn’t you move your ball? -pledge! -there’ll be a pledge! i’m truly sorry – why does it look… look so bad? – let me play before, and then we’ll get him a pledge. -i’ll be asking for a second shot ! -what are those scumbags? – it’s going to be real hard. there’s less chances it can hurt, but it still can -wait.. YES! – ooh too bad! -come on! -fuck !! -it’s always the same – your turn damien since you’re smarter than the entire world – oh my god! this is perfect there! -that’s not too bad! -not bad – shoot, like real hard -jordan, if you ever touch mine, wallah you’re going to see who’s david lafarge touch me once, and you’ll see… – oh shit! -what the hell is that? -and he was so mad as well -maxime, i’m not feeling it… -come on, it’ll be fine -that’s easy -that’s fine -jordan… you can do it in one shot – if you do it in 8 shots, you’ll have 2 points for pledges, so it’s 2 shots – i can do that and then put it back..? -no but like… you really didn’t give your best self here -ok but jordan, now that’s your last turn so you’re gonna have to do make it in one shot only – i understood -he’s not going to make it just watch – that’s good – yeah it is – i really need to put it inside after that otherwise i’m fucked -pledge -oh no -jordan! -ah that sucks for us! -he’s fine! he’s fine he’s at the groove -and so? what does it mean? -he’s gonna make it -it’s over for you -of course i’m gonna make it -he did 8 shots -for real? – no no! check the list again! – he lost! 2 pledges points! -so that’s 10! -oh noo -i want a verification -looks fine to me -come here with the sheets or he’s not going to believe you 1+1+3 4,5,6,7,8… so it’s 8! and the two penalties! well. at least i can tell you that this video’s honest points are if you’re watching the next episodes know that nothing’s fake yeah!! – we’re good -didn’t you want to push it to the hole while you were at it? we all saw you! you go up the hill… like that! hop! one shot! -that’s exaclty what you could have done! -so you still have your dice -indeed, but bad things could happen with it too -yeah of course! -yeah if you land on a 2, that’ll be funny -don’t worry we’ll see that later on -they can’t hear us with the mics… – the sound technician can hear us and tell them -ah fuck…what a bunch of idiots -this shot… i already know it’s going to be incredible -i know that everything’s blurry… and we’re not -can i do an instagram picture? i want a screenshot action! -same here.. i’m really happy -no but like for real… -you have to go’ll see with the looping -so what i’d tell you to do is taking it by the left since laink did it on the right and… -we’re able to do that? -i mean we’ve never done it…. -wait who are you asking validation from? -those people. -when playing golf’it, it starts in the center -wait because, he’s type of guy playing uno who thinks you can put 2 blues on 2 reds – oh what an asshole – that’s you.. -you? -yes. -bitch! -that was amazing… -wait there’s a rock -aah too bad.. -you rubbed yourself on a wall there… -c’mon, forget you’ve goit a limit and go for it -what a shame..we saw it go in it -oh no it’s nice – your turn thomas -nice -cause you’re blocking them -that’s good! -very nice position – you really didn’t believe in yourself here you didn’t believe in yourself -stop. stop blaming me when the ball’s actually fine – remember that collisions are authorized – ouch! – that’s fine! -ouch -so perfectly positioned… -be careful.. if you hit my ball with your club.. then penalty WHAT? -don’t hit it too much -penalty maxime, penalty -i didn’t hit it with my club? -replay -i hit it with my club. oh fuck.. – it’s ok.. -it is! WHAT -oh that’s so well done.. -check what’s in his hand..look -if you’re trying to make the dice fall unpurposely and if it lands on a 6 it’ll count and if it’s not it won’t… -that’s a penalty..but this kind of penalty -what? they’re really crazy those two -no but i saw you took out the dice discretely -bullshit -i’m like maybe he’s going to make it fall on purpose -can i hold it? -ok! -5 isn’t good – that doesn’t count -no it do.. -he said it didn’t -ok it doesn’t – that’s a penalty – no! -yeah, since you rolled it… -that sequence will be cut when editing and we’re playing again -when i was.. there. remember when i was there and hit? -NO there’s no penalty! -there is! you rolled the dice – no there’s clearly no penalty -i’m sorry but that’s not a penalty there.. that’s a barricade.. -OH! incredible!! -oh fuck!! -that was crazy -i’ve never been so emotional, thought i should let you know -that’s fine -damn i thought it got lost -i thought it was stuck at the top – that’s fine..shouldn’t bother – oooh yes, well done! – i kind of made him struggled still -smooth, smooth.. take your time -there you go! excellent! -eeeh what a shit afternoon.. -‘i should’ve stayed at the Redbox’ -i even had appointments.. with Angèline -40 for a train, 40 for… -sorry guys.. i just goint a point.. -yeah yeah congrats! they did something when editing right? -if you can put it inside it’ll be perfect.. – i won’t – you will! golf’it, just like golf’it -that’s the easiest shot.. -you can’t do it that way.. -that was certain.. -so like Flantier and all that stuff… where is it? – oh fuck -you.. how do we say..your memes? -maxime, very well done… – i told you! -you really are a dumbass -yes! -wait i don’t have penalties again? – oh you’re right.. – i really wasn’t sure about that -that’s perfect! -so that’s plus 2 hits for you -so that means i’m shining? with my greasy face? – my ‘i order way too much uber eat’ face -you have an uber eat skin -am i able to do a Bernard De La Villardière after that? -of course – a ground, holes, balls – thomas you’re so serious -thomas you’re unbelievable -that’s cause i’m the one who’s keeping the money in its pockets -oooh.. WHAT?? that was incredible!! -maxime, maxime, i’m panicking, the dice -he’s stopping the video -clap, dice clip -make a meme out of this photo -‘when i see a dice’ -come on -4 -4, how’s that for us? – sadly 4 is…you’re playing for us for one round.. -that’s great -wait wait! not now! just wait jordan! not now -he’s got a very good ‘swing’ -when it’ll be our turn -you want him to smash my ball? -you were ‘this close’ -that’s the issue. -but dude! with your stupid ideas! YES -so now. technically it’s my turn, but… you’ll play for me – ah -ok -but you’re not forced to -but you don’t have to shoot this way, you can also do it this way -and why would i do that? -you should put it.. here. that’d be annoying -that’d be so hard for us if you put it here -aah i see… show me where you want it to be? -like.. here -keep your club here… -not that way… -ah fuck – basically, no… -ooh.. what a shame. i didn’t really pay attention don’t know how to really annoy him, that’s the thing – if it goes outside, you put it back where it was before -same thing as earlier -everytime.. everytime. -honestly i saw xp points when he did a slide -i swear it’s true, it’s true. it was exactly like in skate 3.. -so who plays for Laink? -max -i i can’t.. i can’t -didn’t you hit your feet? no! *liar* -of course you’ll be able to see in real time the points each team has -i kn..i’m getting the anxiety you had earlier. i can feel it – what would annoy you right now is if i succeeded… – oh, i didn’t do anything to deserve that -that’s true actually -there’s no need to spread your legs that way -aah -beautiful -thanks to your leg tip -i’m irritated -what you would you recommend me doing, max? -to squeeze your legs -ok -well done -ok.. -keeping your feet together actually works -that was terribly well tried -and so like how is it on the other side of the bridge? -amazing dude, but you should see it with your own eyes -oooh -oh -it’s starting to look bad for us -oh no… sadly. oH wOAw -there’s a magnet there -too bad -too bad… -well that’s good. stop, stop. stop -you’re annoying -the hole is here jordan, alright? -yeah of course… -you can do it -oh my god! -fuck -fuck, that’s unbelievable! -you really fucking suck, don’t you?! -careful..oh -eh that’s good right? -honestly that’s really good -that’s good -if you hit my ball with your club you remember what happens right..? -yeah yeah i’m fine -penalty! penalty! -that’s fine -that wasn’ too bad actually -can i stay there? -buzz off! -ah fuck -that’s not the same game you know that? -it’ll never work -pick 4 cards! -what a shame! just kidding.. -where is it? -good news -eh! -i’m right in front! -that’s crazy! -maxime i’m summoning you by my side.. -he’s summoning me there.. i’m disappearing -maxime i’m summoning you -yes? -you’re good, maxime? -yeah i’m fine -they’re doing such a mess -bitch! dude! BOOM!! BOOM!! -i knew it! -see that’s the advice i gave you!! -so?? ‘you don’t know what to do’ eh? -he told me before, he told me ‘hit it it’ll come back’ -his goal was to hit my ball doing this and he failed and did that instead’ll be able to check the rushes and see that you’re completely wrong -i’ll hit the red one -ok -disgusting -i can see you’re quite bitter -oh -now it’s between maxime and i -well there’s not really any choice here, jordan -you can always make a choice -oooh! he almost did it, he almost put yours in the hole! -dummy! -oh! best position! -have you ever seen someone play that way? -a small one, just a small hit -it’s going inside, it’s going inside -it’s going to -ah fuck the hole’s far away in the tower -don’t be scared -what floor is it on? -uh first one…downstairs.. -tell me. -that’s good -ok so now, here, except if i struggle… we’ll see the final results -it should be fine if you put it in -so now this one… -damien! damien! do it! – i don’t know…i don’t know how to destabilize him anymore -come on damien -you’re really goo.. yes!!! -WHAAT?? -that one was great, maxime, you’re ok? -you didn’t need to summon me it also work well that way -really? amazing -it’s over can’t ctrl+z this one – doesn’t work -like earlier, really smooth -ooh!!oh that’s a Bus! -dude if we win with this one, you’re the man. you’re the man -wow, amazing -video arbitration -referee? -do we have a winner? -yeah -first of all can we do a gesture that means the game’s over? -yeah -and cross our clubs? -we’re waiting for the results -56 -who’s that for? -58 -sorry guys! we won by 2 points -and just like golf’it, it was really close -are we good?? we can go back to Angers? -we’ve got a train to take -reminder… 50 for damien… 50 for me… and 50.. -i really hope you enjoyed being part of this video -ah yeah thanks guys it was so great, the weather was nice -yeah it was amazing guys, thank you. we had such a great time! you? -and your’ll be a series, right? -yeah, exactly! -with two assholes that’ll come? -alright guys.. -i’ll take that..i mean it’s my gopro -there we go.. -thanks a lot guys! -what a shitty day.. -1h40 of train.. and it arrived late – i was in the fourth car.. bar wagon -what did i do? i took one of those shit pasta boxes -he’s leaving (laughing)! – i paid 17.90 at the sncf bar, extremely shitty -bye guys! -we’re going to clean up -the train was late. damien told me ‘yeah someone’s going to pick you up at the station’… not at all! i had to get a uber to get to township.. really sorry about that but called Bièvre -and see you soon for another Wanklash episode -didn’t find the outro really great… but oh well.. -so we start being dummies playing mini-golf, a bad game and i’m still holding my club.. no one cares! and for what? to lose! Angers is this way, i’m leaving… have a nice video and good luck for episode 2, 3, 4, 8 and stuff fucking hell – terra! terra! -what’s the matter? -what’s the ad? -what? -what product do we have to sell? -tell me, now! -tell me the truth -Hi, my name’s Joyca and i have more than 2 million subscribers on my youtube channel… -Hi. My name’s Maxime and i have around 5,100,000 subscribers on my channel i’m famous outside France and exists in New Zealand with a number of 0,1% that’s already a huge step worldwilde.. -For myself, around 2% of the people meeting me.. are from -All of this to say.. that we are influencers… -since the beginning of my activity in 2016, i took part in a lot of sponsorships… -and same thing for me but since 2012. but as of today, we’re going to be honest with you.. -we’ve never always been really honest with sponsorships in our videos -yeah! we got paid and thus not 100% honest on the products’ quality -we’re done with bad products promoted on our youtube channels and bad video games -today, we’re showing you a real product, that works… Mycoster 1%, when your nuts ache -like said on its instructions, inside the box it’s a revolutionnary product, composed of… …octyldodécanol stéarate de sorbitan no but like for real! i don’t even know what i’m reading! you might have not noticed.. but i have a wooden leg. watch how Mycoster will act on my limb.. oh! such good news! -repair legs and nuts, Mycoster 1%! -own it now, by going in your closest drugstore! -yes

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