America’s soccer migrants: the US footballers crossing Mexico’s border
America’s soccer migrants: the US footballers crossing Mexico’s border

When Mexico sends it’s people, they’re
not sending their best. Latinos are being stereotyped in the United
States. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing
crime, they’re rapists. Would I have liked for him to be president?
Umm, maybe not. There’s just a lack of respect. Oh, he’s a piece of shit eh? We will build a great wall. There’s already, like, a huge wall. An impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful,
beautiful southern border wall. The wall is already there. And Mexico will pay for the wall. Mexico will not pay a peso. Not one peso for
this wall. My grandparents went to the US for a better
life. I chose to be a soccer player. Mexico happened to be the place where I can achieve
it. I would tell people to come visit Mexico any
chance that you get, and you can make your decision for yourself. And not listen to this
fake news. I think that the Mexican league is attractive
because it’s well-structured. It has very competitive teams, and above all it is a league
that has money. For Mexican-Americans, I think that they still feel that playing in Mexico
gives them better experience than starting to play in the United States. Pachuca, the oldest club in Mexico, was founded
by immigrant English miners – who introduced the beautiful game to the Mexican people. Hello, how are you? Hold the T-Shirt tight.
Put the ball down. Thanks!
Hold it really tight. This is my home here in Pachuca. I’ve been
here a year now, we just moved into this house a month ago. Got some pictures framed from
the last year. Me hoisting the trophy. Omar Gonzalez moved to Pachuca after his former
club, LA Galaxy, brought in a Mexican, Giovani dos Santos. It came very close to me, you know, taking
a big pay cut just to stay in LA because I never thought I would be happy anywhere else.
Pachuca sent over a contract, they were paying me what I was making in LA, but here it’s
net, so it’s just a no-brainer, this is a game-changer, because you never know how
long your career will last. So I had to think about my family first. So right now I’m taking you upstairs. Five
bedrooms up here and a little play area right here so it’s not too bad for the girls here. I’m the proudest American but you can’t
forget about where you came from. I was born in the US, my parents are Mexican. When I
came down to Mexico I got my Mexican passport, I got my citizenship. I’m currently trying
to get my daughters Mexican citizenship, and also my wife. They’re actually downstairs. Isla, say hi. Hi. And hola. Hola. We couldn’t be happier that we are in Mexico
at this moment. To be able to raise our daughters in a different culture, getting to see a different
part of the World, is exactly what we want at this point and we’d like to stay here
for the foreseeable future. Gonzalez was a US international before he
arrived in Mexico and represents the pinnacle of success for crossover players. Most young
Hispanic footballers arrive as amateurs because the structure of US football doesn’t offer
them the same opportunities. They have hockey and they have baseball, and
football over there, soccer as they call it, it’s not a way out of poverty. Here in Mexico
it’s a way out of poverty, that’s why it’s ingrained in the lower echelons of
the social classes. We bring them in, very young, because they
have no opportunities. It’s like arrested development. In here, they can have education
and they can have a chance to develop as professional players. Most of these kids, they don’t
have a better chance. This is Torreon, home to Santos Laguna, a club that epitomises the modern face of Mexican football. It has been a club that has been concerned
with being at the vanguard of new things. They built a new stadium, new equipment, training
grounds. It has given a bit of continuity to youth players, providing all the conditions for development. Ways of thinking. That was a good turn. The Cruyff turn. Ways of professionalising the player, creating
a professional not only on the pitch, but also off it. Making
them responsible for themselves. Is he going to shoot it? I hope! I would! Every time I come here, it feels like Mexico.
When I was in the US, this is the vision I had of Mexico. Santos players are obliged to take part in
the club’s social responsibility programme, Guerreros de Corazon. It’s an opportunity
for American players to see the real Mexico… We all gather up, and we go out into the community
and try to help in anything we can possibly do. We dig some dirt and we help in the garden,
we play soccer with them, we just have some fun. Some of these kids are probably smarter than
me already. It’s very special you know, it kind of reminds
me of my childhood. Because I did school in Mexico for a bit too. So I kind of remember,
flashbacks, similar things like this, you know? What is your name? Jonathan. Jonathan? My twin! My name is also Jonathan. What language do you speak? English and Spanish. This is what represents me. Playing a little bit of Fifa, with my friend
right here. A little bit of Mexico versus USA. Goal. Goal right there. A Fifa rule places limitations on the global
traffic of minors to mainly European clubs who abandon them when they don’t make the
grade. Yes sir, that’s 3-3 right there. Despite this, players as young as fourteen
have been flocking across the border. To win it right here. You’ll miss. Yes sir. USA over Mexico any day. Mexican clubs are confused about how the ruling should be interpreted for these dual-nationality players. There is a lot of people crossing the border from Mexico to the US every day and from the US to Mexico. There is a lot of people, they were born in Mexico
but they live there, there is people, born in the US but they came to Mexico. We bring
players that want to be in Mexico because they’re part of Mexico. This is one of the things that is difficult
to understand in the league. Because these are things that if we go to a constitutional
level, the player can complain and say ‘wait, I’m being hired as a foreigner in my own
country. Even though I was born in another country, I have a Mexican passport. Here it
says Mexican.’ We go maybe eight or ten times per year to
try to find young, talented players, and one of them was Jonathan Navarro. He has the talent,
and he’s a Mexican, but he also has US nationality. So what do you think about him? He is Mexican?
He is from the US? We think more on the person, the player. Navarro arrived at Santos as a sixteen year
old, but with uncertainty around the FIFA rule, returned home to San Jose six months
and zero games later. He had to wait until he turned 18 to play for the club. I was a little bit depressed. Felt a bit unwanted.
I had some anger in me, you know, I just wanted to play. And the worst part was that I was
away from my family and basically on my own. Bit difficult, but that’s the sacrifice
you have to make in order to get somewhere. I see soccer a little bit different now because
I know there’s a lot of players out there with talent, and they just want to play, but
the opportunity has to be there. It wasn’t the time yet. Guadalajara is home to Chivas, Mexico’s
most famous club. Any Mexican that doesn’t particularly like
football or doesn’t watch much football ends up supporting Chivas because they are
all Mexicans. It’s the only team that plays with a 100%
Mexican team. It’s the best team in Mexico. It’s number
one in Mexico. Made by Mexicans for Mexicans.
I am 60 years old, I have been watching Guadalajara since I was 10. It has always been Mexicans. Even here, at this most Mexican of clubs,
there’s an exception – Alex Zendejas. He was born in Mexico, but grew up in the United
States. I had to resign from the USA, but it was something
I had to do to be here, and I want to be here, so there’s no other choice. It’s their rule, it’s what they’ve been
doing, and if they want to keep it that way it’s fine. Obviously everyone’s dream
is to play international football so we’ll see how it goes in the future, but right now
my mind is set on Chivas. I’ve actually got a picture of when he made
his debut for FC Dallas. And then I have this one too. Just gave him a big hug, congratulating
him. He made me a better player and a stronger
player. Every time when we were little he made me work out with him. He’s a big part
of why I’m here. Damn, the keeper didn’t even move. Take off the [table] cloth, yeah? Me and my brother get really intense into
it. We’re a sporty family. Hopefully we’ll play for the same team,
that’d be nice. But we’ll see what the future holds. My brother just got out of college, but he
played throughout his youth career. He’s looking for a team right now, and fortunately
we found him one. In a city called Tepa. It’s like an hour away from here but it’s a second
division team. There’s people here that already made it
and you’re coming here to take their spot, and they feel threatened so they’ll do anything
to keep their spot, you know? They’ll dirty slide-tackle, they’ll call you names, so
you’ve just got to concentrate on what
you’re here for, or else the country will eat you right up and spit you back out. Club Tijuana, the newest team in Liga MX,
are in town to play Chivas. Tijuana is so close to the US border it can exploit an exception
to the FIFA rule that permits movement of players within 50kms either side of the divide.
There’s a real derby feel to the games between these two rivals. Why is there a great rivalry? Maybe because
Tijuana is right next to the United States. One team, Guadalajara, that is one hundred
percent Mexican and the team of Tijuana, that are foreigners, with a lot of culture from
the United States, because it’s at the border zone. Maybe that why there’s this great
rivalry. Xolos started like this, bringing in Mexican-Americans. There it is! You can do what you want as long as you work
within the rules. And I think that Xolos saw an open door, a light, and said that’s what
I’m doing. And also to create identity with people in Tijuana. They created a connection
with Mexican-Americans and also from there to here as well, with American-Mexicans. The good thing about Club Tijuana is the relationship
that we have with American players. Nice shot. Who are able to get their Mexican nationality
and come down, and share the double – culture, you could call it. Oh, come on! In my case, living in one country and playing
in the other country, I get the best of both worlds, right? There it is. On the soccer field, there is no language. Beer! But still here in Mexico I think they’re
just more into soccer. They live soccer, they bleed soccer. They’re proud of being Mexican. Score a goal, score a goal, Chivas score a
goal! I’d definitely say that I’m 100% American
first. People have compared this match as Mexico v the US. We’ll have three Americans
on the field and people can call it a Mexico – US game as long as we win. The number nine appeared. 1 – 0. The approach of a club like Tijuana is emblematic
of the truth of a blurred border between two nations that depend upon each other for their
shared prosperity. I don’t think it’s everything. The United
States is not everything. Mexicans that go there, go to work. They go in search of a
better life. They don’t go to take anyone’s job. We will have to reach a middle point
and realise that both countries need each other. They need us as much as we need them.

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