Algae Pond Management for Golf Courses | Charlotte | Greenville | Asheville

Hey its Richard here with Platinum Ponds and Lake management we are here at the country club working on some pond management and lake management for this golf course and we have some aerations systems in here as well as a big algae problem this algae is already
starting to form mats on top of the surface. And we’re only the end of February here the weather has been frigid. We have
had ice storms we’ve had snow storms school has been out more than the
allotted and so it’s very surprising to see algae forming already on the top of the surface this algae pops up from the bottom of the pond and actually begins float and
so you can see it here shifting with the wind It will go from one side to the other
so we’re doing a topical treatment today to kill the algae that’s here we’re
going to have to be proactive and actually treat again soon I’m to get
ahead of the learning curve for this pond management program here at the golf course been the reason
being is we don’t stay on top of this It will continue to get worse and worse in add to the sediment layer and therefore increasing dredging costs that will come
very quickly so one of the reasons I’m we do a
membership program for all of our pond management in
Charlotte North Carolina Greenville South Carolina Spartanburg South
Carolina as well as Asheville North Carolina is because we
feel that quarterly management is not in the best interests
of their members because if this very thing things can
pop up very quickly are even eight months out of the year
for pond management is not sufficient We don’t recommend that and therefore
that’s why we as a membership program at Platinum Ponds and Lake management all of our accounts in Charlotte North Carolina in Greenville
South Carolina are gone on a monthly basis 12 months of
the year We are able nip this in the bud very quickly I hear I’m before it becomes a big problem and
so that makes us superstars on here at the golf course because we
stayed ahead a it. and we don’t have a big problem on our
hands and so you know look it up on the web at
Platinum Ponds and Lake Management on our website is simple as platinum or and
we will be love to help you and start the process of seeing what size
pond you have and see what we can do to manage it on a
monthly basis for you I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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