Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Low, Short Serve in Badminton

There are two ways to serve the shuttle in
the game of double. The backhand serve and the forehand serve. I’m going to demonstrate
to you the short forehand serve in the game of doubles in badminton. In order to achieve
a proper trajectory the position on the court is critical. I prefer to stand back about
two foot behind the service line.
Since this is a forehand shot the grip on the racket is a universal grip. The swing
at the back with the racket high and my weight on my back foot. My racket leg is at the back.
As I swing my racket forward I will shift my weight from the back foot to the front
foot being careful not to drag any of my feet. This is a fault in the service game. You can
see the shot is a true underhand shot. The same rules apply as for the backhand serve.
The shot has to be made below waist level and the head of the racket has to be clearly
below the handle when the shot occurs.

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