Adaptive Golf Tips : Adaptive Golf Cart & Green Tips
Adaptive Golf Tips : Adaptive Golf Cart & Green Tips

Hi my name is Dave Shoeneck. I’d like to talk
about adaptive golf with you. Okay, now that I’ve lagged my putt up there we can pull the
golf cart on to the green, which is very cool. Here I’ll caddy for you. And will feel very
strange because if I ever drove a cart on a green I’d get thrown out. Here we go. By
the way I’ll give you double or nothing out there. Double or nothing, oh alright. Well,
I’ll tell you something, this is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, and it
isn’t much different than conventional golf. It’s just, as Tony was saying, it’s just adapting
and a little compensation for the sitting position, but man this is a ton of fun. I
am just loving this and I’m going to really enjoy driving this cart on the green. So here
we go. Okay, now I got to position this just right. So this has an automatic brake to it
so all I have to do is just aim it in the right direction and once I let off on the
gas it just automatically stops.
Okay. Well I got to figure, oh there we go. Get myself over here. Thanks Tony. I think
I want to go forward a little bit.

1 thought on “Adaptive Golf Tips : Adaptive Golf Cart & Green Tips”

  1. Sam Geta says:

    This all wrong!!!!…no way should you be turning that golf car on the green, and certainly not reversing on a green! Golf etiquette says you line your put up outside the green and drive the golf car in a strait line to your putting "stance"/sit…..putt, then drive straight forward so you don't damage any greens. It took a long time to get golf courses to allow them. What you do in this video takes us all backwards and help those that oppose our use of single rider cars due to greens damage.

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