Adam Bobrow: Even if They Don’t Like Them, They Need to Care(English Subbed)
Adam Bobrow: Even if They Don’t Like Them, They Need to Care(English Subbed)

Hello, everybody (ch)ampion Ding Ning…We got Quadri Aruna from Nigeria…I’m here with Ma Long…Meet my buddy Marcos Freitas…Ping Pong Power (Actor, voice actor, host) (Table tennis enthusiast(cross out) ^maniac) (ITTF commentator) (Working behind the scenes with the ITTF) (What’s the idea behind “Ask A Pro Anything”?)
And ask a pro anything first they saw all my travels and said why don’t we do a series called “Bobrow Travels the World” and I thought well why would anyone care about that? Like who’s this Bobrow guy? He’s just some other fan that’s now a commentator after this you know “Voice of Table Tennis” competition Why don’t we make it about the players cuz when I…I thought let me get back to you? Let me think for a minute so I took some time and thought what the sport really means and for me I looked at successful sports like the NBA basketball hmm…or American football, but the most successful sports in the world, their personality, let’s stick with NBA just for example I mean Dennis Rodman was not the best player He was a good player, but he was a personality. He showed it when he won. He was passionate. He was emotional He was fun to watch. At the end of the days, sports It’s entertainment So I feel like people need to care about who they’re watching. They need to like who they’re watching But more importantly, even if they don’t like them, they need to care if someone upsets you, you will watch them more than if you don’t have an opinion, right? So you need to know their personalities or like the fans should fall in love with their favorite players Not just like Ma Long because he’s the best player in the world Like him because think he’s cute, like him because you love that he collects action figures and dolls Like him because he listens to the same band as you, like him because he likes golf and you like golf Any of the players you know but Ding Ning whoever it is, feel like you know them and you care about them when they’re playing. I’ve seen so many interviews where they’re very just like you know my opponent played a very good game I got lucky. I’m very grateful…like and that’s fine. It’s nice that they’re humble, but you want to know opinions, and you want to hear their personality. So instead of a very straightforward interview I felt like there will be interviews where you can ask technical questions You can learn about what their equipment is, their psychology, but like a late-night talk show. I’m gonna show them having fun laughing, being comfortable and loose you know what I mean, being a little goofy whatever it is – I can tell from the video Right. So I feel like that’s a chance to let people know the personalities of the players and really feel like they they know these people but also to connect the fans so that they can ask questions because I know for me I grew up watching Michael Jordan play basketball. It was amazing if I could talk to Michael Jordan I would have written him letters…I wrote letters to my favorite Yeah, so many questions, and if he answered one, if you looked at me and said Adam here’s the answer to your question. I’d be – I can imagine…yes Amazing be amazing so whether it’s Ma Long or Zhang Jike or Ding Ning or Liu Shiwen, anyone, if you ask them a question I hope it’s exciting for the fans, too, to be able to sort of connect Yeah, that’s where “Ask a Pro Anything” came from ITTF has supported it completely They’ve empowered it and given me what I need to make it happen one of the most memorable ones for me was uh Chuang Chih-yuan…Chuang Chih-yuan I call the Suge Knight of table tennis cuz he never smiles when he plays, he’s…other than that one match with Jean-Michel Saive Funniest table tennis video I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing. But other than that Chuang Chih-yuan…you never see him smile. He’s just like All the time even when he was holding his trophy, right? Watching him laughing Hysterically and just…you know…I know him personally. I think he’s a cool guy but most of the players I am already friendly with like Vladimir samsonov He’s super cool, super nice. For a lot of people, they might not have known that he was so funny But Chuang Chih-yuan to me was the biggest shock that he was that funny. That’s so that’s one of my favorites It makes me so happy to rewatch that but I get happy watching every single episode because it just reminds me of the good times, and how cool the players are On Cheng I-Ching setting the best record for female players from Chinese Taipei being in her first Olympic Games in 2016 Actually, I forgot to mention her Ask a Pro, I thought that she’s very funny. Well, I think she’s an outstanding player I think she has a lot of power. She’s fast She’s fearless. I’m expecting to see big things from her I think she has more strength, more physical strength than many of the players even some that are at a higher world ranking than her She just hits hard, you know, harder than most, but it’s also quite versatile in her spin game So I think she can continue to improve It’s not going to be easy because if you look at the players who are ahead of her right now in the world rankings they’re quite experienced and head-to-head maybe her record isn’t favorable, but well first of all, ITTF is gonna have a new ranking system I think world ranking system in 2018 is what it sounds like but the rankings have always been related to participation so if she plays a lot on the world tour and stays healthy I wouldn’t be surprised if she continues to climb in the world ranking. So yeah, she’s done an excellent job I think of representing the country and bringing some very good news back to Taiwan She still has the best years coming up, right? The next few years could be the best years of her career and depending how she takes care of herself and how she develops I would love to see her break into the top five and we’ll see, it could happen It won’t be easy, but it definitely could happen Big hit Adam Bobrow has come to Taiwan! My first two weeks or so in Taiwan have been outstanding there have been some difficulties I didn’t realize I needed to take care of a few things of visa or finding an apartment But now that I have my apartment, I’ve still managed to play a lot of table tennis. I’ve played at Tai Da (-yeah) three times (How is life in Taiwan so far?)
Shi Da three times local table tennis club I think I have four table tennis clubs, four…four, within walking distance like five to ten minutes from here I don’t have to take an MRT. Just walk. That’s crazy cool Let’s talk about you, Adam (What do you like the most: commentating, teaching or playing table tennis?)
That’s a very tough question. I like playing a lot for many reasons, but watching the professionals sometimes is better than playing because it’s like a dream You’re watching these very physically fit, very fast, very smart players who can do everything we ever dreamt of we might think, oh yeah, I’d be really cool to do backhand loop from there But maybe it’s not so easy, but for the professionals it can happen. So anything we can think of they can do that’s amazing Commentating reaches the most people, so while I love teaching I don’t want to spend so much time because I feel like the overall effect is much smaller then Commentating I sort of treat as a chance for me to be a teacher and share whatever I’ve learned or any insight that I notice you know any insight that I have but I feel like that’s the most effective way for me to positively influence people and help grow the sport. I had a girlfriend a long time ago who told me Adam you need to stop playing ping-pong and get serious about work, and I said no I love ping-pong I’m gonna keep playing. I love entertaining I guess I love in, you know, inspiring people or I like sharing when I learn something so I fortunately find a really nice combination of table tennis performing and sharing what I’ve learned. I really feel a sense of community for sure around the world (Table tennis has sort of become a way for you to get to know people around the world?)
I think that it’s very exciting for me to see people all around the world and be reminded that people have a lot in common everywhere in the world, no matter what side of the planet you’re on whether you’re in a very wealthy area or not so wealthy area. Table tennis is fun for people and you know the sense of socializing and unity, competitive drive friendship. It’s prevalent around the world through table tennis Many things but table tennis especially and that’s how I feel like I can even though my language skills are just okay I can communicate through a love of table tennis with players around the world (What is table tennis to you?)
I think table tennis is just the vehicle. It’s more broad than table tennis. I think if I can encourage people to live their life, not be afraid to make friends to ignore borders and barriers and just sort of open their eyes and open their hearts to the world Then I hope that I can encourage and inspire people Adam wants to tell everyone (Yao gen wo yiqi daqiu)
Play table tennis with me (practicing)
continue, continue, continue playing (practicing)
contixxx, contixxx, continue Excuse me, greetings, here’s a fart, for you
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