Across the Ocean to See You【漂洋过海来看你】- Episode 17 [Eng] 【Zhu Yawenv、Wang Likun】
Across the Ocean to See You【漂洋过海来看你】- Episode 17 [Eng] 【Zhu Yawenv、Wang Likun】

♫ For you, I spent half a year’s savings to sail across the ocean to see you ♫ ♫ For this meeting, I even have to repeatedly practice my breathing ♫ ♫ I’ve never been able to express a fraction of my innumerable affection in words ♫ ♫ For this regret, I ponder endlessly in the night, unwilling to fall asleep ♫ ♫ Memories are always accumulating slowly ♫ ♫ I’m unable to erase them from my heart ♫ ♫ For your promise, in the most desperate and hopeless moment ♫ ♫ I endured all and refused to cry ♫ ♫ Unfamiliar city… ♫ ♫ In a familiar corner… ♫ ♫ We’ve comforted each other before, and have embraced and sighed together before ♫ ♫ Without regard for what the outcome will be for us ♫ ♫ In a sandstorm-filled sky, I looked at you as you depart to a place far away ♫ ♫ I was actually too sad to maintain my self-decorum ♫ ♫ How I wish I could see my love off for thousands of miles, till the end of the world ♫ ♫ To forever be mutually dependent on each other ♫ Across the Ocean to See You – Episode 17 – You’re so fast. I just told you about it yesterday and you already moved it in here today. Hey. These two fish are quite unique. What kind of fish are they? What fish? You can get it in one guess. Don’t let me doubt your IQ. Just by looking at them… Kissing fish? Beautiful! Su Chang, I am a single young lady yet you give me kissing fish. Are you trying to mock me? Am I not being thoughtful? People say that a pet grows to match its owner. How much do I wish you can be more and more like your pet? You should hurry up and find a dad for my nephew. If you mention this again, I’ll hit you. Go ahead. If you aren’t able to kill me with it, Tang Guoguo will eventually become your sister-in-law. If you hadn’t mentioned this, I would have forgotten. Anyone is fine, except Tang Guoguo. Why? You… how bad is the grudge between you two? Just with your short attention span, how dare you
mess with her? You surely will suffer. Moreover, she likes Zheng Chu. Just give up. Zheng Chu isn’t even into her. I’m telling you. I’ll touch her heart eventually. Enough. Just stop it now. You have your sister here as an example right in front of you. Don’t compare Chen Jiaming with Tang Guoguo. Those two can’t be compared. Chen Jiaming had better not come back to China. If he does, I’ll chop him up like vegetables. I’ll rip him apart with my hands. [MG International Group] Your love line is problematic. Look here. There are divisions. See this? It’s really clear. – Right.
– These past days, why do I keep seeing Zheng Chu go into Feifei’s office? Did something happen? You didn’t know? For the travel route to Shaoxing Ancient City, a customer filed a complaint that the tour guide took them to shop in private. It has already reached the company. Why did nobody tell us about this big issue? It’s exactly because the matter is serious that we cannot let it affect the team’s morale. This is not our company’s only project. Look. Look. This is the only route that I wasn’t involved in. Isn’t it now in hot water?! Old Gu, who was the one assigned to arrange for tour guides? Xiao Gu, who arranged it? There were only a few people who went there. Who else could it be? – Comrade Tong Jiajia–
– That, Xiao Gu… – I… this…
– Hey? Don’t you always like to talk? What happened today? Are you mute? No. I’m not feeling well today. Okay. I heard that Zheng Chu took the responsibility himself. Brother Chu took the blame because he wants to protect someone. We don’t even know what will happen to him now. I know. I know who it is. Who? Is it Director Su? Are you dumb? How could it be Director Su? – It’s not Director Su?
– Xiao Gu, I know you and Zheng Chu are good friends with each other. You don’t have to cover for him. Is it Director Su? You really don’t use your brain to think- Where’s Zheng Chu? Good morning. – Good morning.
– Come to my office. Is Brother Chu going to get fired? That’s too much, right? What do you know? If this gets out, how seriously will it affect our reputation? Do you have any idea, Dong Jiajia? Stop kidding around. With the relationship between Director Su and Zheng Chu, Zheng Chu will be all right. They don’t have the kind of relationship that you guys think they have. It’s because you keep gossiping behind their back everyday. Maybe this time, just to prove her innocence, Director Su will use this chance to kick out Brother Chu. During the business trip, we were always together. I clearly gave Jiajia the task to arrange the tour guides. Why did you tell Fei Yi that this was your responsibility? I am the one in charge for the later stage of this project. If there’s any problem, I should take the responsibility for it. You should? Don’t you know that our department operates on the division of labor? We are all responsible for our own tasks. If I will let a person take the blame for another one, how will I be able to manage this department from now on? The regulation should not exclude human relationships either. Jiajia didn’t do it on purpose. She probably has her own reasons. – Do you like Jiajia?
– What are you talking about? Then, why are you always trying to protect her? It’s not that. It’s because- Because of what? I can’t say it. It’s her privacy. You already know about her private information? What’s your relationship with her? I heard it accidentally. Then, say it. I want to see what made you take on the blame for her. Don’t worry. I hate gossiping the most. I won’t tell this to anyone else. But if I tell you, am I not gossiping as well? Don’t worry. I will work hard to resolve this issue. If I can’t, in the worse case scenario, I’ll just work as your full-time nanny. Oh my god. Look! That Feifei from Marketing Department has also entered her office. Feifei and Black Spider are attacking from both flanks. This is over. Even if Zheng Chu doesn’t get killed, he surely will become handicapped. What are you doing? I’m going to confess. If you confess now, won’t you just add to the trouble? Sit down. – No, I…
– Brother Chu is from our department. Director Su will surely cover for him. Sit down. They know what to do. Now you know Brother Chu isn’t a person who only uses words in his dealing with people. Director Fei, do you need something? Nothing. I’m here to see if you guys have any plan. Today is the second day. What do you mean? Zheng Chu promised me that he’ll take care of this problem in three days. Director Fei, no need for you to remind me. I remember our agreement of three days. Okay. Great. But I have to remind you that each day you delay the resolution, the harder it gets
to fix the problem. Actually, I came here to tell you that I already thought of a – quick and good countermeasure.
– Really? Please explain. That is to let Zheng Chu take all the blame and then the company will come forward to dismiss him. I also helped come up with a public statement for you. Can you let me hear about it? The company discovered that Zheng Chu has been conniving with the tour guide. He allowed the tour guide to bring the customers to shop in private. When the company learned about it, it immediately fired him. Look. With this, even if those customers are really unreasonable, they can’t pass the blame from his personal issue onto the company. Right? This is the great plan you thought of? Yes. Isn’t it great? Do you know that if we do this, Zheng Chu won’t be able to work in this industry anymore. Right. Hey… He volunteered to take the responsibility. Aren’t you touched? Since this issue came from our department, I should be the one who takes the responsibility. You want to shoulder the responsibility? That’s right. Because I was with them during the inspection, all aspects of the route and the detailed task assignments were arranged by me. It’s partly my fault to not detect the issue promptly. All right. Director Fei, you have been in this position for quite a long time already. You should know the principle of leadership and the rank and file are of one mind. I’ll take care of the staff in my department. Don’t you worry. Also, I’m definitely not going to fire Zheng Chu or anyone else in my department because I believe that they have the ability to settle the issue. Director Fei, please just go back to your office. I want to return to you the words you said to me before. That is each department should take care of
its own responsibilities. No need for your to trouble yourself about the issues in our department. Okay. It seems that my help is not needed on this. You said it yourself. But for this matter, you two can’t totally exclude my department. After all, for this project we have invested a lot already. I hope that there will be a good result tomorrow. The one who committed the mistake is all right while those that have not done anything – are insisting on taking the responsibility.
– United, truly united. You have a day and a half left. What are you doing to do? If I had known, I would have asked him for two more days. Go back and figure out something. Thanks for supporting me. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. Hey, take it off. – Take it off.
– What? Look. Your name has stayed on the most searched list since yesterday. Tang Guoguo. Confession. Mr. Z. We’re over. Do you know that? I, Tony, am done for. I’ll count to three. Director Fang will for sure appear here to look for and hold me accountable. One, two… Tony! Tony! Guoguo is here, too? I just happen to have something to say to you later. What is up with you? Didn’t I tell you to look after Guoguo? Explain to me. What happened? Director Fang, stop scolding the locust tree while pointing to the white mulberry. It’s not as if you don’t know me. Can he stop me from doing what I want? Guoguo. Ah… Is this okay? You would post a Weibo message explaining what happened yesterday. Right now, I only hope that my Mr. Z can hear the calling from my heart, and accept my most touching confession. Tony. Look after her carefully these few days. We can’t afford any more incidents. About that Mr.Z, let him disappear from Weibo immediately. Okay. Goodbye, Director Fang. What happened to you today? You’re absent minded. Is work not going well? What? The Black Spider tortured you again? It has nothing to do with the Black Spider this time. It’s the Marketing Department’s Fei Fei (meaning baboon) taking a bite at people around him. Whoa. The nicknames you guys give for your superiors are very interesting. They’re all animals. If it doesn’t go well this time, I will lose my job. That serious? What mistake did you make? Not did I only fail to help others, I‘ve harmed myself. Mr.Z… When did this girl have a new interest? Z… Zheng Chu. What? I think there are four words written across your face lately. Which words? Misfortunes never come alone. Mr.Z, who? To let her confess nakedly like this, who is there other than you? I- I’d say you call her quickly. Tell her to delete it. Not to mention that it affects her career, if the Internet mob chases you down, you will be in big trouble. But- Does it clearly say that it’s me? Why should I admit it? With my understanding of Guoguo, this isn’t done yet. There’s still an epilogue. Ah??? – [Guoguo]
– Answer the call. Oh my goodness, I won’t answer! Don’t regret it. If you don’t personally reject her, she’ll go even further. – Answer.
– Tang Guoguo! Brother, why are you calling my full name? It makes us sound so distant with each other. Clearly listen to who I am. Zheng Chu? How are you with my brother? Look at what fate we have together! I can find you through a random phone call. Your brother wants me to tell you, that you must delete your post fast; otherwise, he’ll cut off relations with you. I- I won’t delete it. I just won’t delete it. If you don’t accept my confession, then I’ll make your name public. Tang Guoguo, I’m already really unlucky lately. Can you help me out? If you want to go crazy, do it yourself. Don’t drag me with you; otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequence! Hey. Zheng Chu, don’t get mad. I’ll tell her. Don’t be so childish. What if you hit me a few more times? Hey. Zheng Chu! Huh? What? Did I do something wrong? You did. Post something to explain that, Guoguo. This Zheng Chu isn’t not subject to neither tender nor harsh tactics. What do you want me to do? Guoguo, just stop bothering with this Mr.Z。 Can we wrap this up by tomorrow? Otherwise, what am I going to do? Do whatever you want. [Ctrip] It’s finally settled. Say. It’s kind of weird, too. I seemed that I didn’t have to try so hard last night to persuade them. The good service of our company is well known. – Right.
– Moreover, we spent so much effort to communicate with them. I believe that they also took note of our sincerity. – Come in.
– Calm down a little. Don’t be so rash. Don’t follow me. Director Su. Hey, don’t be rash! What is that? Is it for me? It’s her resignation letter. Then, why did you take it away? Director Su, although this comrade Tong Jiajia usually doesn’t attend properly to her duties and has no desire for improvement… During work time, if she isn’t buying things on-line, she would be playing games. However! She made a lot of effort for this project. She shouldn’t be fired. Effort? What effort did she make? If it wasn’t for Zheng Chu and me personally calling the customers one-by-one to apologize, and guaranteed them compensation, would this matter be resolved that easily? Just tell me what effort she made? – She–
– Fatty. Director Su, I decided to resign. I have thought about it carefully already. If it’s not because I misused my position, this incident would not have happened. Brother Chu, thank you for shielding me from the blame, but I…don’t want to involve anyone in this trouble. If it’s like this– Director Su… You really cannot fire her. Let me put it this way. If she didn’t go house-to-house to apologize, just the two of you calling them from here would not have solved the problem at all. Wait a minute… You said that she went house-to-house to apologize? More than ten people in the list are scattered throughout different parts of Shanghai. Just by herself, she…? That’s why I said that to make up for the mistake she made, she made a lot of effort. I’ve said it before that I won’t easily give up on any employee, especially a good employee who is willing to admit and
correct her mistake. Starting today, I don’t wish to see your resignation letter, unless you think that you don’t have the ability to do this job. Understand? I… Also, that relative of yours cannot be a tour guide in our company anymore. This is the best result that I can get you. Thank you, Director Su. You don’t need to thank me. – You should thank…
– Okay, okay. Since this matter has been settled, let’s binge eat tonight then. That’s right. Okay, I’ll treat everyone. You said it. [One Station] At least you have a conscience and didn’t make Zheng Chu be the scapegoat for you, but I feel that this meal wasn’t that satisfying. We should have ordered the most expensive food. Eat like it’s our last meal. I am not yet full. You are just a free loader so why are you saying so much? Also, who told you to take my resignation letter. If you can’t bear to see me leave, just tell me directly. What? I can’t bear to see you leave? Of course, I can’t. If the office is missing someone like you, who else will serve people tea or drinks next time? If Director Su’s angry, whom is she going to scold at. – Just keep up your tough words.
– Enough already, you two. Jiajia, this incident about the tour guide started with you but it also was resolved satisfactorily. You have made up for your mistakes. Let’s just treat this as… getting a free meal under your aura. Hey, you have praised me too much. It was just a small matter. Don’t be too happy too early. In the future, stop trying to be a hero. You don’t have that capability so why are trying to act tough? Yes, Director Su, thank you for your guidance. Xiao Gu, – take Jiajia home.
– Who needs him to take me home? I… Enough. It’s cold out. You’re not dressed warmly. Just get in the car. Stop your nonsense already. Let’s go now. Goodbye. Bye-bye. Where’s your car? Planning to hitch a ride? I sent it in for maintenance. Why do you always think in terms of ulterior motives? I meant that If you don’t have a car, I can take you home. No need. I’ll take a taxi. Can’t get a taxi? Just listen to me. Stop acting tough. Get on my bike. Come. Come. Get on it. No need. I’ll just get a taxi at the next block. No. A pregnant lady like you walking on the streets at night is really not safe. I’m only doing this for you. Okay, how about this? If you really want to spend money, why don’t you give me your taxi money. Just think of it as giving your male nanny an extra opportunity for income. Fine. I’ll let you take advantage of it. Thank you, boss. Hold on tightly. Don’t fall. Hold on tightly. Can you really do it? I can. No problem. You won’t fall. Here. Change it a bit more. Okay. Right, change this part one more time, too. I used up my vinegar so I’m here to borrow some of yours. – Get it yourself.
– What’s wrong? Why does your face look so pale? You have a fever. – I want to sleep.
– But… If you have a fever, you should go to the hospital. I’m not going to the hospital. If you don’t go to the hospital, your condition will get worse
with this fever. I said I’m not going, so I’m not going. It’s just about getting a shot and taking medication. What are you scared of? I’m not going to get a shot or take medication. You are not a child so why are you acting so petulant? It’s not good for the baby. Here. Take a seat. Can’t take a shot or medication. What do we do? Hey, let me ask you something. If someone has a fever, and doesn’t want to get a shot or take medication, is there another way? Hey, great Dr. Tang, are you sure? Isn’t physical cooling only for kids? Will it work for adults? Are you the doctor or am I? – If she doesn’t want to take medication, this is the only way.
– Yes. Yes. Yes. Hey, who is this girl? You rascal, don’t take advantage of her while she’s weak. Stop imagining things already. I’m hanging up. She still has a fever. ♫ Should I wait for you? ♫ ♫ I don’t even dare to ask myself ♫ – ♫ Afraid that when I can’t find an answer, ♫
– Su Mang? Su Mang, have some congee. Come on. You cannot leave your stomach empty. Su Mang? ♫ Too afraid ♫
♫ I won’t be able to hold you ♫ Su Mang, wake up. Have some congee. Okay? ♫ able to wait for you ♫ Be good. Have one sip. The congee isn’t hot anymore. Come. Open your mouth. – I want to sleep.
– Eat some congee, okay? This way, you’ll get better faster. I want to sleep. Don’t sleep yet. Have some congee first. Come. Open your mouth. Ah… Good. Eat. Good. Slowly. Su Mang, don’t sleep yet. ♫ is a squeezed breath ♫ Her fever has gone down. Hope so. ♫ Said that it already has passed ♫ ♫ I can already face you while smiling. Is it really true? ♫ ♫ In a world that keeps on spinning ♫ ♫ How many times do I have to stumble, ♫ ♫ in order to wait till you arrive?♫ ♫ I said I won’t give up ♫ ♫ Yet I’m becoming more and more timid ♫ ♫ To continue to love you ♫ Hey, move aside. Move aside. Don’t push. Don’t push. Control yourself a bit. Don’t push. Come. Have some order. Move aside. Move aside. Come. Don’t push. Oh, my, Tony. Are you all right? Fighting, Guoguo, fighting. Guoguo is really so great. Guoguo, I asked your brother to be with me tomorrow. – And also, he said that he won’t stand me up.
– So great, Guoguo, so great. Guoguo is really great. Then let’s wait and see. Let’s see in his heart, whether you are more important or I am as his sister? This fan girl, you must make sure to be safe. This will make me worry. Understand? Tony, let’s go. Guoguo. Guoguo, please your signature. I so love you. Guoguo, please sign this. Brother. What’s wrong with you? Brother, I want to go home. Brother, my throat is so sore that I can’t talk anymore. When I was sick before, it was always Mom and you to keep me company. Brother, tell me if you don’t love me anymore? Okay, I’ll go home with you tomorrow. Take some medication later. Put on some extra layers of clothing tomorrow. I’ll take two days off from work. Brother, I know you’re the best. Xiaoqiu, Xiaoqiu, tomorrow I’m picking you up. Don’t forget to bring the present for me. Success! That was really tiring. The chicken soup smells good. You’re awake. Sit down. You’re not feeling well and don’t like taking medication. I can only make you chicken soup. That’s right. Don’t go to work today. I requested a day off for you. You should stay home and get plenty of rest. Don’t worry, I asked Auntie Liu to make the call. No one will misunderstand. Here. Be careful that it’s hot. What’s wrong with your arm? It’s nothing. Could it be that the sofa isn’t comfortable and it got jammed? Right. Thanks. Salty? (In Mandarin, salty sounds similar to thanks) I’ll add some water. Stand right there. Gulu gulu (water gurgling sound), let your skin drink enough water. Wow! So pretty! My skin is very soft. Really so soft. Ms. Tang, you are here. Your things are over there. Please come with me. – Okay. Okay. Wait a while for me.
– Okay. Hello, Tang Ming. Xiaoqiu, are you busy tonight? I have something to give you. I can’t tonight. I am working overtime. What are you going to give me? What if I just come to get it next time? It’s fine then. Just go back to your work. Once you are free, just give me a call. Okay. Sure. Bye-bye. Xiaoqiu! I’m so happy – today!
– Wow! You bought so many! Won’t these be too wasteful? What’s wasteful about it? If you are going home, you must bring more stuff. Understand? Go home? Go back to my home. Xiaoqiu, can you accompany me to go home tonight? I want to experience the feeling of best friends chatting all night long. Guoguo, you are so nice and probably have a lot of friends, right? Haven’t you asked them before to visit your house? You don’t know that in the entertainment business, it’s hard to find too many serious friends? Moreover, I must disguise myself every time when I go shopping. How could I meet a girl like you? Are you really that pitiful like you are saying? I am really so pitiful. I beg you to help me. Just go home with me, okay? But I can’t for today. I have to work overtime today. I can’t do anything about it. How about next time? Hey, did you bring your gift for me? I brought it. Here. Look at it. – Let’s go. Go home with me.
– Guoguo! I can’t today! Ms. Su, good morning. – Good morning.
– Have you locked your door yet? I already locked it. – Did you turn off the lights?
– I already did. – How about the faucet?
– I have already turned off all of them. – You must watch all of them.
– Let me help you. Thank you. You are also working quite hard. – Thank you. Goodbye.
– Not a problem. Farewell. – Zheng Chu. Zheng Chu.
– Hey, if there’s anything, can you wait for me after I get up before talking about it? I also don’t want to bother you but the baby might be in trouble. My stomach is hurting a bit. Can I ask you to take me to the hospital? Hey, Zheng Chu, slow down. How could your have a stomach ache all of a sudden? Is it something you ate or did you run into something? Other than your stomach pain, are there any other symptoms? There’s none. Don’t panic too much. It’s just hurting a bit. What do you mean by just a bit? Listen to me that this is a critical time. What if something happened to the child? Wrong. There won’t be any problem. I already told you that you really like eating too much. What is this called? It’s called your mouth is a sucker for pain. Whatever you eat now, that’s what your child is eating, too. Just eating rubbish, everyday. Insensible. Can’t you control yourself a little? – Guoguo.
– Yes? Didn’t you say we are going to your home? Where is this? That’s right. This is my house. My parents’ house. My place is too cold and quiet. It is more lively here. But you clearly said that we are going to your house. – No. I need to go back now.
– Hey, Xiaoqiu… don’t go. I did lie to you but I won’t let you leave. Do you want to hit me a few times to vent your anger? No, I can’t… Jeez, stop saying I already. You are already here. Do you still plan to walk back on your own? Moreover, my parents are not tigers. They won’t devour you. Let’s go. – Hey, I…
– Let’s go already. How was it? That… Doctor, is she okay? Oh, nothing really. Please be at ease. At this time, the development of the child is quite fast. The enlargement of her uterus will cause some effect on its surroundings. For example when the ligament that keeps the uterus in place suffers mechanical pull, the organs and vessels around the uterus will also get squeezed and exhibit some symptoms. For example, frequent urination, etc. As the pregnant patient gets used to it, these symptoms and pains will slowly decrease and may even disappear. Which also means that what she experienced isn’t a symptom of miscarriage? Don’t jinx it. – I must get a clear answer.
– She already told you that it isn’t that grave. It’s also your husband’s first time to experience such things. It’s also very normal for him not to know about it. – I am not…
– Doctor, if there isn’t anything else, we will get going now. – Oh, okay…
– Thank you, Doctor. [Gynecology, Clinic] Hey, why wouldn’t you let me explain things earlier? Could it be that towards me, you… – Don’t overthink.
– Okay. That doctor doesn’t really know us. Why do something so unnecessary? Moreover, when I had a check-up last time, she told me to bring my husband next time. How should I tell her? I can’t really tell her that I am a single parent, right? I then must explain things to her for a long time. What are you doing? Why that expression? It’s as if I owe you or something. You owe me a lot. That is to increase your self-worth. Thank you then. Why were you panicking so much earlier? You came to my house first thing in the morning saying your stomach is in pain. I was afraid that you might blame me if anything happened to your child. You are indeed to blame. Do you know that I was really so nervous on our way here? I was afraid that if something happened to you and they would ask me to sign papers, what identity would I use to sign the paper? After thinking about it, I felt that I should use– Nanny. Beautiful. Correct. Nanny. Maid Liu! – Hello, Miss, you are back.
– Where is my mother? – She is in the living room.
– Okay. Mom! Where is my brother? Oh, he just called earlier and said that he will be home late. Then is my dad also not around either? He went to play golf with your Uncle Jiang. Isn’t it all because you rejected his precious son? It almost caused your dad to lose his old friend. Right now, if he says East, your father won’t dare to go West. It’s my fault then. Guoguo, and this is? If you didn’t say it, I almost forgot about her. Mom, I am officially introducing her to you. This is my best friend, Yan Xiaoqiu. – Auntie, hello.
– Hello. Best friend? You are in the entertainment business all the time. How could you have found a best friend? Auntie, just call me Xiaoqiu. I am a jewelry designer. I am not in the same industry as Guoguo. Oh, jewelry design?! This profession is good. Better than Guoguo’s. Maid Liu, pour our guest some tea. – Come, come, sit!
– Thank you, Auntie. Mom, you are so biased. You now have learned to follow the tune of my dad. Don’t get taken down the wrong side by my dad. You little girl, really… Mom, this is a gift for meeting you the first time that Xiaoqiu especially prepared for you. See if you like it. Really? Hey, isn’t that my gift for you? Mom, Xiaoqiu is actually a famous jewelry designer of Ideal. Oh, really? Guoguo, you exaggerate too much. I am just an assistant. Stop being humble already. With your talent, you are qualified to be a designer. Sit. So beautiful. This is the style that I love. This is a perfect match with those formal dresses I have. It’s like it was especially made for it. – Really thank you.
– Thank you, Auntie, for your praises. That is nothing. Mom, do you remember last time you had your birthday, that paired bracelet that my brother gave you? I remember. You had one and I had the other one. That was recommended by Xiaoqiu to my brother. Hey, that paired bracelet had to have been designed by you, too. Right? Yes. Oh, my, we really are so fated. You also know our Tang Ming? – You two are…
– Friends.
– A couple! ♫ Should I wait for you? ♫ ♫ I don’t even dare to ask myself ♫ ♫ Afraid that when I can’t find an answer, it’ll also happen to rain ♫ ♫ You who’s always too slow ♫ ♫ Or am I too anxious? ♫ ♫ Too afraid ♫
♫ I won’t be able to hold you ♫ ♫ In a world that keeps on spinning ♫ ♫ How many times do I have to stumble ♫ ♫ In order to wait till you arrive? ♫ ♫ I said I won’t give up ♫ ♫ Yet I’m becoming more and more ♫ ♫ Timid to continue to ♫ ♫ Love you ♫

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