ABANDONED GOLF COURSE AND INN (what is that noise at 9:40?)

smells like my grandmother’s house hello? wow this is tile but its kinda squishy This is an old cooler.. Holy s*** look at this thing this is the kitchen some old records Jacki Gleason Bobby Darin.. wow they have some good records actually this is the walk in one.. this is a newer one tons of graffiti but nobody has taken anything which is really nice.. i like that people leave things the way they should be Hey everybody, thank you for watching! This is the Gentleman Adventurer Series and this is my video on the Mountain Manor Golf Course and Inn. This room right here is particularly creepy it was eerily silent and occasionally you would hear some knocks and some bumps which could be the wildlife.. but you never know This looks like it could have been the clubhouse? it smells like a clubhouse hello? (birds chirping) this used to be the bar this is the front entry way hello? (stairs creaking) the old ice maker hello? these dont look like rooms to be slept in trying to find any information on the Mt. Manor Inn and Golf Course is almost impossible but I thought this part was really cool this really old fireplace. It has a date on it of 1865 and I love.. the old wood mantle which was the centerpiece of this room so this side is more the inn.. and its really a beautiful.. old home. as you see the fireplace and old leather chair and right here. I believe this is the entry to actual Inn look at those stairs.. right there is the door to the basement, where I first came in however, I came in on the other side. near the sauna “Thats real stone” yeah.. oh yea! Thats reall alright! this place was actually really pretty I kinda liked it. A lot. It had that old, Vintage Golf Inn kind of feel to it “these right here are…..” “I love the old wood” “Now this could possibly be the main entryway” “I assume there is a basketball court somewhere on the premises” “Cause Ive seen like 5 basketballs” “this looks like an old office” “Is this a safety deposit box” “you can tell people havent been in here in quite some time cause there is cobwebs everywhere” “This is ‘Confrence Room East” hello? “Hello?” “I love these old carpets” “Its just a bunch of rooms, but I have to say that this wallpaper.. is the coolest” “I have to be honest with you guys. This place is really spooky” (Audible Phone Noise) “Shit..” “this place is pretty scary actually” “I keep hearing noises and bangs… “could you hear that?” “Its definitely spooky in here” So if any of you played that back You will hear a phone operator I enhanced it as much as I could. i coudnt tell what it was at the time but now that I can play it back, it definately sounded like a phone operator So I went outside and this was cool. This is a hand painted mural of the property itself. and I thought that was really neat “Fitness center and pool..” “ohhhh” “Look at this little trap” “Hello?” “I assume this was the fitness center” “Judging by the old school stairmaster” “Hello?” “I love the… Early 90’s/ Late 80’s carpet.” “you can obviously see that this place is in poor shape” “this is where the pool used to be and as you can see in the background that is where.. those are more empty rooms” “hello?” “holy cow” “holy shit it goes on?” “wow.. hello?” “hello?” (Old Music Plays) “this place is incredible” “It has to be 1000 degrees in here” “I am sweating profusely” “holy cow” “do you keep hearing that noise too?” “theres something in there” “I keep hearing it up top.. it sounds like someone is walking around..”

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