A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator’s “POTATO SALAD” Explained | Song Stories
A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator’s “POTATO SALAD” Explained | Song Stories

TIA: Tyler, the Creator linked up with A$AP
Rocky in Paris for a quick collab on “Potato Salad.” TIA: In the past month, Tyler’s been rhyming
over a lot of people’s songs. On “Potato Salad,” the duo rap over Monica’s
2003 track, “Knock Knock,” which was produced by Missy Elliott and Kanye West. Ye also remixed it on his early aughts mixtape,
Kon The Louis Vuitton Don. TIA: Tyler stays bragging that he’s been
getting money on most of his verses. He also references basketball player Yao Ming,
who played Center for the Houston Rockets. TIA: Tyler’s known for his sense of humor
and joking nature, but he wants people to know he’s leveled up. Tyler’s also become somewhat of a fashion
icon over the years. He’s headed both his own fashion shows and
clothing brands. TIA: On his verse, Rocky shouts out Lil B,
the Based God, by referencing his breakout song with The Pack, “Vans.” TIA: Rocky, who’s also known for his fashion
sense, uses it to make a quick reference to the movie ‘The Hangover.’ ALAN: Plus it’s not a man purse, it’s
called a satchel. TIA: Here, Rocky takes a shot at today’s
generation of younger rappers, specifically this year’s XXL Freshman Class, which many people criticized for being “mumble rappers.” TIA: “CALLDROPS” is a reference to the
track of the same name from A$AP Rocky’s latest album, ‘TESTING,’ that features
Kodak Black on a call from prison. TIA: Fans are looking forward to WANG$AP, a possible collaborative project from Tyler and Rocky sometime in the near future. But Tyler tweeted that maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. TYLER: I have nothing cool to do.

38 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator’s “POTATO SALAD” Explained | Song Stories”

  1. Gourmet Edibles says:

    This is sampled from MF DOOM

  2. Offull says:

    every question I had about this song was not answered in this explanation video

  3. Sew Young says:

    "Im The Channel That You Watch, Im The Ammo In The Glock, Weird Nigga, Full Suit With The Sandals And The Socks **STOP"

  4. PokemonIdea8 says:

    SOMEWHAT OF A FASHION ICON??! You dumb motherbshwgvwbabs

  5. Craig Hanly says:

    You completely forgot to actually explain the meaning of the song and why it was written, everyone is capable of understanding lyrics on their own

  6. Slumpedk says:

    If you say ski and wifi is mumble rappers you was body with a extra chromosome

  7. King Crimzin says:

    Both are really good

  8. Sean Massey says:

    That was not a hangover reference lmao he was getting on 50 can’t ass

  9. PolaroidFreak 600 says:

    The Playstation controller lyric is so amazing

  10. Yung_Sizurp says:

    I think "this ain't a purse its a satchel" has something to do with the old video where tyler finds rockys satchel and tells everyone its a purse

  11. Wavy Boy Wonder says:

    I learned so much!!!

  12. Nieko says:

    not really a link up… or a quick collab… Tyler and Rocky are basically best friends 😂

  13. Joe McDonald says:

    Why isn’t knock knock on Spotify?

  14. Dj Jazz says:

    Niggas was spitting bars on god

  15. USSR Review says:

    Why isnt the song on spotify

  16. HIGHER THAN YOU says:

    are you retarded? how can you talk about mumble rappers and make ski appear when you say that, when asap freestyled with him…smh shut up lames

  17. Hunter Jackson says:

    WiFi a mumble rapper? Good one

  18. Baby Gotenks says:

    Not on spotify tho

  19. Jorge Rims says:

    Don’t do ski and JID like that … smh

  20. Vnarchist says:

    Ski, Wifi and J.I.D are DEFINITELY not mumble rappers

  21. Ben H says:

    Wangsap would be so lit

  22. Dalton Labatte says:

    Genius has no idea what they are talking about. Ski mask is so above and beyond. Same with JID. And why is there a video explaining this song? Just in it for the views. May as call you WatchMojo

  23. potato gamer says:

    Tyler is shit

  24. Reverse card says:

    Ski mask is not a mumble rapper

  25. leek benzi says:

    You missed "were we at? N*gga in Paris" that's also a kanye song

  26. Canadian Guy says:

    Wait wait wait, How is Ski Mask a mumble rapper?

  27. Looking For A Name says:

    Wow you're slow! Rocky did not take shot at mumble rappers, he took a shot at old ass rappers who always complain about mumble rappers, ironically saying that they are "mumblin and ramblin, mumblin and rappin, mumblerapping"

  28. john demech says:

    Honestly two of the best in the game rn

  29. Nicolus Peters says:

    Yo how you gonna say "mumble rappers" and then show wifi and ski? u was right about pump but genius gotta be careful about these things since is has a huge influence

  30. Dave Hutchinson says:

    Tyler pushes the culture by pushing multiple bars on same-sex affection and y’all skip that but give space to the Yao Ming line oooooooook.

  31. Goofy says:

    I thought he said got my BANDS on and they look like sneakers which would've been a way better line tbh

  32. x e n o n says:

    "Mumble rappers" shows ski mask yeah..totally

  33. Mdaqueen21 says:

    ski mask and j.I.d aren't mumble rappers.just saying..

  34. Scuffed Lightyear says:

    J.i.d and ski mask where the only good rappers the rest on the xxl list where trash

  35. Jeffy Paul says:

    You forgot that Tyler hold the biggest and the best music event ever CFG

  36. Inf3rno says:

    Am i the only one still waiting for wangsap

  37. Very Rare says:

    Ski isn't a fuckin mumble rapper get your shit right

  38. vaTiC clan _ says:

    How dare they show ski mask as a mumble rapper

  39. Addison DaMan says:

    I thought the purse satchel line was about cops thinking they are stealing purses when they aren't.

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