A Tip from the McConnell Golf Pros: Winter Practice
A Tip from the McConnell Golf Pros: Winter Practice

Hi, I’m Josh Points Director of Golf at
Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh NC My name is Erica Britt and I’m the Asst.
Golf Professional here at Wakefield We’re here today to help you with
your golf game during the winter months. So let’s get started. We’re going to walk through some basic
positions that you can use in the swing You’ll notice here Erica is at setup. One of the great things about her setup
is that the shaft of the club is pointed at the center of her body –
not too far forward with a lot of angle and also not leaning back. The
other thing that you’ll notice about Erica’s setup is her weight is
distributed fifty-fifty. Now, let’s walk to step one. At step one you’re going to
notice a couple of things. The first thing is how Erica’s right elbow,
right hand, and right knee form a line. You’ll also see that her wrists have
broken at this point to allow the club to get parallel to the ground. Let’s go
to step two. Step two is one of the most popular positions with our
kids. You’re going to see how Erica makes her left arm and the club shaft form an “L”.
You’ll also see a slight amount of break in her back arm. This is a really
important position for all beginners and intermediate players to work on. Let’s
take it to the top of the swing. At the top of the swing you’ll see how Erica’s shoulders, hips and body have loaded completely into her right side. This is as good as it gets right here. This is the moment we’ve got to work
towards our transition – halfway down. This is the most important position in all of golf. You’re going to notice how Erica’s wrists have maintained the angle in them,
her right elbow is close to her right side and a her right heel has started to lift
off the ground a little bit. You’ll also see a nice shift into her front foot.
Let’s take it to impact. At impact, the moment of truth, you can see how the club shaft is leaning forward, the right heel is fully released off the ground, and the
majority of Erica’s weight is in her front foot. Let’s go to halfway through. This is also known as the extension position. You’ll notice how Erica’s arms have extended fully, her right foot is released, and the club face is rotated closed just slightly. Let’s take it to the top of the finish. The club is beautifully behind Erica’s head, her weight is on her front foot, her right foot is off the ground, and her eyes are looking at the target. Doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks for watching our video today. Hopefully these tips help improve your game. Look forward to seeing you in the spring!

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