A Golf Course Tractor Worth the Price
A Golf Course Tractor Worth the Price

We’ve only got three staff, and this
machine is enabling us to do more. Cut more areas tidy areas, so it’s well
worth the money we spent on it. My name is Jamie Hobson, head green keeper at Stocksbridge Golf Club, Sheffield. Been a green keeper since 2003, roughly
15 and a half years. The Golf Course has been been around here since 1924
currently started as a 9 hole course. 15 to 20 years on we were extended to 15
and then eventually up to 18 holes and that’s where we are today. Up here in Stockbridge it’s a tough test of golf. Very undulating, very steep slopes. On the highest point of the golf course which is roughly a thousand meters above sea level we’ve got a really good 360 degree
panoramic view it’s absolutely amazing views from Stocksbridge. It is really
good. We’ve just purchased the Ventrac machine. Bad it in stock
now for over a month we’ve got the contour deck which is the main item what
we wanted with the machine. And also we’ve got the blower as well. Not
quite used it yet but it will come in handy when when times ready. Absolutely fabulous finish wherever you’re cutting on flatland, slopes, banks. The machine
just travels across side of the old sides. It’ll go up and down the slopes, around bunkers, and you feel really comfortable using the machine. Basically it’s cut down on I’d roughly
say 60 to 70% strimming work. The summer guy normally would be doing 80 hours a month. We’ve actually reduced hours. Not because the cost, basically because we’ve really cut back on the strimming work due to having this Ventrac machine. So yeah, it’s it’s saving us money as well as getting a lot
more areas cut. It’s really important to have a machine what will tidy areas
up on this course. It also reflects our ability as green keepers. What we can do,
what we can achieve, with the right machines for the right job and this
machine is is one of the machines what I can recommend to anyone and everyone. I just want to say a big thank you
to the people who would invented Ventrac it’s sort of a force to be reckoned
with, I think, in golf course maintenance.

9 thoughts on “A Golf Course Tractor Worth the Price”

  1. mbg238 says:

    I love the Ventrac.So nice.

  2. Pewdie Pug says:


  3. Rob Laydawood says:

    Wow, R.I.P. sir.

  4. G G says:

    Nice video of the contour deck but very sad ending. Best wishes to his friends and family.

  5. Dale Nienow says:

    Nice video the contour deck in action as well as his thoughts on Ventrac! Best Wishes and prayers to his friends and family and the golf course

  6. Drew Hunt says:

    He might want to look at your awesome cylinder mower deck for doing the green!

  7. Ceiran Worthington says:

    Rip seemed like a nice guy to be around 😢

  8. Don Braden says:

    What a very nice man RIP MY FRIEND my thoughts to his family

  9. Cerberus says:

    Such a shame to pass away so young, my grandfather passed on even younger than Hobson did, it was a shattering loss for my Mother.
    Rest in Peace.

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