80BREAKR: Best Golf Scorecard with GPS, Nassau, Skins, Handicap
80BREAKR: Best Golf Scorecard with GPS, Nassau, Skins, Handicap

[intro music]>>TOM: The 80BREAKR story starts about 5
years ago. I was at the gym and a friend said “Tom,
why don’t you come play golf with me? I’ve been playing for 2 or 3 months, I’d
love to get out there, I know you play golf”>>So what happened? He ALMOST beat me! I couldn’t believe it. I’d been playing my whole life, he just
took it up, I decided right then and there I wanted to get better. [transition music]>> So I started looking at stats from
pro golfers, looking online for information, I found out kind of what my goals should be. You know for greens in regulation, for putts,
and then I started to track them in spreadsheets. I started tracking what went well and how
my score went. What was good, what was bad, what was ok,
and an interesting thing happened over time, my scores actually improved. And I thought I could help others. [transition music]>>The first thing I did was go ahead
and download a bunch of different golf apps. What I found was that all the golf apps were
terrible. You had to go through screen changes, all
these clicks and taps. I found myself on the green trying to enter
my score, when my foursome was already teeing off on the next tee. I decided I could do it better, and I created
80BREAKR. We have thousands of happy golfers, that enjoy
the app.>>It has GPS right on the scorecard. It has betting modes, it even has a handicap
service that you can post your score directly out of the app for a real USGA handicap. [background music]>>So go to the app store and download
it for FREE today!

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