8-Year-Old Golfer Perfects One-Armed Swing | NBC Nightly News
8-Year-Old Golfer Perfects One-Armed Swing | NBC Nightly News

8 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Golfer Perfects One-Armed Swing | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Colleen Peterson says:

    That was awesome β›³

  2. Lysol says:

    Hope he becomes the next Tiger Woods! No doubt about that.

  3. Ariel Nunez says:

    Cool but how's his puttin πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  4. Elon Musk says:

    ThAts LiKe A miLe HigH

  5. Strothy2 says:

    yeah that are the really important news of the day… πŸ‘

  6. MidnightWalker '03 says:


  7. BiG JuiCe says:

    Wow this kid swings better then me!😳

  8. Marty Easter says:

    I'm happy Tommy is doing well. And has a developed a great talent. But how presents himself and how he says things in the news cast. "Wind can't stop me." Or "Say good by to your mamma." Or "T hats at least a mile high." And how he walks at the end of the interview with the other person. A personality of "I'm better then everyone else." He should learn to be humble. And not prideful. And thinks he the best. Because there others that have his same condition and can do things he can't do. And never forget there is always some one out there that can do better at you talent.

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