8 Excavator’s Incredible Jobs Which You Don’t Know
8 Excavator’s Incredible Jobs Which You Don’t Know

welcome guys if you want some great
content and watch this entire video to explore the coolest and biggest
excavators which can do a lot of things that you don’t know at the end of the
video you’ll find something surprising number eight excavator breaking down
what would you do if I said that you have to demolish a 24-year old bridge
situated in East China Nanjing city if you’re thinking to blast this flyover
then I should let you know this flyover is not only situated in a residential
area but also is surrounded by road and metro trains demolishing explosives is a
bad idea because it’s located near two other buildings since the structure
crossing but the Chinese people did this challenging job with the help of 116
excavators around the bridge these excavators board the flyover and
demolished it within 12 hours they achieved their goal without affecting
other people’s sleep road traffic or the Metro which makes
this work truly incredibly amazing number 7 bulldozer fighting if you think
WWE fights are so cool you probably don’t know of the WWE in China it’s
super awesome here to rival construction companies are fighting or the bulldozers
this is seriously a deadly war until one of them ends up overturning on the
ground after this fight these construction companies are in real
trouble and discussion is heated up by media number six excavator playing Jenga if
you think that only kids play with wooden blocks you’re absolutely wrong
the bulldozers manufacturer released this video here they are playing with
large Jenga blocks there’s a total of 27 blocks and each block weighs 300
kilograms bulldozers are actually incredibly
amazing they can be precise and smooth this sure is a unique way to have fun
doing a stressful job number five excavator climbing if you think climbing
on walls is only possible for spider-man then I’ll let you know that in the
German betting program in 1997 a bulldozer had risen to a tower which was
built especially for it by using only the hydraulic arm caterpillars inside
the bulldozer a skilled driver was controlling each step the operator took
each step carefully in a lock-and-key manner after getting stable posture the
bulldozer raises its hydraulic arm to the next step until it climbs to the top
of the tower the same company has a video where it
shows one of their large excavators wash a car but the results are a little
unfortunate number four bulldozer dancing we all love Michael Jackson’s awesome
dance moves sadly he passed away but his soul is not
only in us it is also in machines to hear the crowd is enjoying a brand new
Michael Jackson dance a group of excavators is dancing for a crow being
so heavy you wouldn’t think it’d be possible these types of dances are only
possible with coordination between the Machine and a highly skilled operator to
do this these machines have flexible movement and quite accurate during the
spectacle number three
excavator fun as we know we have animal rights but we are now getting closer to
machine rights – which says a machine has a right to happiness and fun they
even have a right to play football if you stop these machines from playing
football you could get ten years of imprisonment don’t worry I’m just
kidding sometimes spending your free time with a
machine is even better than spending it with your girlfriend it has a right to push its owner into
the lake whenever it gets angry an enjoying time with machines really is an
awesome idea this man was depressed so he came to
this area to enjoy his life with machines people are so crazy to get
enjoyment without paying any money fun is our number one priority number two excavator skills this is one of the
largest and heaviest vehicles on the planet which is usually only utilized in
the world’s biggest construction projects has Spider Man says with great
power there is great responsibility this is certainly true for this machine it
has a lot of power and is difficult to handle extraordinary skill is required
to operate it would you believe me if I told you that an elephant can pass a
thread through a needle sole it seems impossible huh here with the help of
excavators you can do amazing Chinese calligraphy you can open bottle caps you can serve
wine in a glass you can cut watermelon you can cut Apple all these jobs are
seriously amazing when they’re being done by an excavator number one angel
excavator what would you do if your partner was trapped in mud this guy is
doing an amazing job use an excavator to save his partner from the deadly mud every single life is important on this
planet here a cute helpless baby deer is stuck in the mud and taking its last
breath fortunately rescue guys saved this baby
deer this is called coming out from death sometimes we have to do jobs in
difficult situations this is Russia where people are smart enough to manage
bad conditions high water levels on roadways sure are a
headache they used an excavator in whole new ways they bored in the excavators
back hose and transported them to another excavators back hose by 360
rotations also just to let you guys know I once attempted this in my life it was
very dangerous and I was afraid at the time thank you for watching which one of
these do you find the most impressive and let me know why you love these big
machines if you’re new here then feel free to subscribe I’ll catch you in the
next episode peace

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