7 Things To Play Better Golf In The Wet
7 Things To Play Better Golf In The Wet

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And winter is upon us. We have had a bit of
hail already this morning. we’ve had a little bit of rain so I thought it would be a good
opportunity to look at the 7 things you can do to help you play better golf in the rain.
I hope you enjoy the tip. [MUSIC] Alright. So we have got a rainy day. The sun
is out now but it is Melbourne. And there is a saying in Melbourne. If you don’t like
the weather you just wait 10 minutes. I am sure in 10 minutes it will rain. But we have
had hail, we have had rain, we have had sunshine. Beautiful Melbourne day. So I thought today we would take a look at
the 7 things you can do that will actually play better golf in the rain. So we will start with Tip Number 1. Tip Number 1 involves preparation. The best
thing you can do to play better golf in the rain is make sure the grips on your golf clubs
are in good condition. What does that mean? A lot, if you dont do anything and you just
play golf the grips actually get slippery. Ah the UV rays of the sun react with the polymers
in the grip and they send the grip shiny. Ah if it’s shiny they are very fifficult to
grip. So you need to wash your grips at least once a month. And perhaps every 3 months or
so you need to get some sandpaper and you just go over the grip with a bit of sandpaper
and then wash them and towel them dry. So that way they remain tacky. If you’ve got a good grip you can actually
play golf. So that’s the first one. Tip Number 2. Get yourself some FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves.
They are fantastic. I don’t get paid to endorse them. I endorse them by choice. There are lots and lots of wet weather gloves
out there. But by far the best wet weather glove is the FootJoy RainGrip. You can actually
put these in a fish tank and you put them on and they stay tacky. The wetter they get
the better they grip. As a rule I don’t use gloves at all. In all
of my videos you would not have seen me with a glove in my hand. That’s how I play golf. if I was playing golf in the rain I would
have at least one of these gloves on. If it was areally terrible day with lots and lots
of rain, I would actually use one on each hand. Even though it feels a little bit uncomfortable
and a bit thick. I will grip the club perfectly and I will not lose my grip so that gives
me the best chance of having a good score. Tip Number 3 Is we need to get a waterproof jacket.So there
are lots and lots of jackets available. I would recommend a jacket that actually breathes.So
this is the jacket that I wear. Its a Mizuno. It’s a terrific jacket. Ah it keeps you warm,
but if you happen to get too hot it does let out some of the air. Some of the other jackets
with inferior material, they actually get quite hot inside and you finish up sweating
so you still get wet on the inside. So you need something that breathes that will
repel the water. I swear by it. When you get it make sure you get it a little bit bigger
because you will need to be able to get some freedom of movement when you swing. So I always
go up a size to give me some options. Okay. Tip Number 4 Along similar lines you actually need some
waterproof pants. Now unfortunately for me I am vertically challenged and it is very
difficult for me to get waterproof pants. When I get waterproof pants I take them to
a tailor or anyone that can do alterations and I get them to shorten the legs. Because
there is nothing worse than getting your spikes chomping down on the end of your trousers.
Get them fitted to you. It’s a little bit of extra money but it is well worth it. Once
again get them so the material breathes so you diont get too hot and start sweating on
the inside. You have got to be comfortable when you are out there playing golf. Tip Number 5 Get a really good umbrella. Spend a little bit more money on an umbrella.
It is well worth it.We don’t just want a big umbrella to cover you but it is important
that the umbrella has vents so that the wind can get up inside the umbrella and escape
out of these vents. That will prevent the umbrella from blowing inside out and then
when you lose your umbrella you are going to get wet. So I have this here with full coverage. ah
it covers me and a fair bit of area around me. I then get my towel and I poke the towel
up inside so that the towel stays dry at all times. if you have a dry towel you are ahead
of the ah all of your opponents.You will stay dry. Tip Number 6 You get your secret weapon. You get a towel
inside a plastic bag in the golf bag. When i was playing golf for a living, I was
always one of those guys that would actually play quite well in the wet. one of the reasons
is that i had quite a good mental attitude. But the other reason is I had my secret weapon.
My secret weapon was to carry one spare towel or even two spare towels inside a garbage
bag inside the golf bag. No matter what the bag you are using, water
seems to get inside the bag. They don’t come totally waterproof. It will naturally get
a bit of water in there. So if you have got this it works brilliantly. So after about 6 holes or so, we pull out
the fresh towel that’s dry and you can keep your towel dry. The caddy has to protect the towel at all
times. I always carry two, just in case I needed another one. So that is a fantastic simple thing you can
do before you play to ensure you have a good game of golf in the rain. And Finally. Tip Number 7 Get yourself a plastic bag cover. You really
need to have a bag cover. Not just one of these covers. They are ok but invariably they
let water in. I think it’s a great idea that you get one of these plastic bag covers. They
go over the bag entirely. They either press stud or zip or velcro up the side of the bag
and they will not let water in. Those plastic ones are fantastic, they’re
pretty cheap they’re around $24 or $25 but it is a good investment as they do not let
any water in at all. The only way you are going to get water in
is if you leave your bag open at the top and then rain gets in. So thats really good protection. So they were the seven things you can do to
give yourself the best chance of playing good golf in the rain. Pretty much all of them invlove being prepared.
The old scout motto “Be prepared” applies to playing golf in the rain. Get everything ready before you play, get
it done the night before and you are increasing your chances of having a good score in bad
weather. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. Thanks
for letting me help you with your golf. If you like my videos, press Subscribe at
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4 thoughts on “7 Things To Play Better Golf In The Wet”

  1. Pierretherat58 says:

    Great advice but if you have a pair of footjoy wet weather gloves what is the point in trying to keep everything dry?

  2. Pierretherat58 says:

    Thanks. In your opinion is it better to try and stay as dry as possible for as long as possible and replicate playing in the dry rather than succumbing to the elements and sticking the wet weather gloves on? The wet weather gloves don’t really work when all else is dry! I’ve been playing for nearly 50 years and always struggle in the wet but the wet weather gloves do help as I find it impossible to keep everything dry. The weather here in England is atrocious!!

  3. Pierretherat58 says:

    Thanks Brian – I’ll doubtless be heeding a lot of your advice later today!!!

  4. Joe Dubiel says:

    Good advice. But,,,,,,,, how about adding some advice about actually hitting the ball under wet conditions? Thats what I was hoping to hear about as well here.

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