6 Passenger Hard Door Bubble Electric Cart- Low Speed Vehicles
6 Passenger Hard Door Bubble Electric Cart- Low Speed Vehicles

Good morning Moto Electric Viewers. My name’s
Brett Jackrel and I’m the sales manager for Moto Electric Vehicles, and today we’re
at Dunn Park right here in Atlantic Beach, Florida, to review the 6 passenger hard door
Bubble Buddy from Moto Electric Vehicles. Now once again guys, we came out with another
vehicle in 2015 for you, very similar to the 6 passenger forward facing we came out with
earlier this year, but it has the hard door kit on there, so for you Northern climates,
for those guys that don’t want an open unit for safety, this is a great option for you.
Totally a low speed vehicle, street legal cart, comes with a VIN number, title, 50 mile
range, has a higher upgraded motor, 5 kilowatt AC motor, a brushless motor that you guys
will enjoy for maintenance reason and power, and then it features a 25 mph speed with the
same features of all of our Bubbles, like the stereo and stuff like that. So, with no
further ado, I want to get really deep into this model and after this video you can give
us a call at 904-247-1818 if you guys are interested in this product. Let’s get right
to it. Alright guys, so to start, I wanted to kind
of work my way from the back to the front. You know, first of all, the hard doors are
the reason why you’re buying this. Now these are actually an aluminum door, they have actual
door locks on here, which is cool for security, but the number one question we always have
on the hard door models is does it have windows. Every single window will slide up and down
on this vehicle and that’ll actually let some breeze go through the vehicle on the
summer months, like right now when it’s 98 degrees here in Florida. So, very light
model. The doors are very easy to open and close. It’s not a fiberglass door, where
if you guys actually got hit by something else, you’d be a lot safer in this. So you
see, you’ll have the 3 door kit here, window in the second door and then of course on the
passenger side you have the door as well with the sliding window here.
Two piece mirror kit is included with the vehicle, because it’s street legal, once
again. Rearview mirror is actually mounted at the time of delivery on the inside of the
vehicle. Side glass all DOT windshield all the way around the vehicle, once again, because
it’s DOT and street legal, we have to do that. It’s the same windshield that’s
in your car. Headlights, blinkers and that automatic windshield wiper. It’s going to
go automatically. We don’t do the manual windshield wipers. Just with a switch of a
button inside, just like in your car, your windshield wipers will go. Beautiful Moto
Electric emblem. Now this vehicle’s in white. Most of the 6 passenger hard doors and hard
door models we get are in white. If you guys want a custom color, just ask your representative
and we can make that happen for you, sometimes free of charge if you’re willing to wait
or if you guys are in a little bit of a rush we can charge you and get it done for you.
So, just wanted to show off the vehicle, also, last thing, 10 inch aluminum wheels, all aluminum,
won’t rust on you, very important, and that’s on a DOT tire, once again, because the vehicle
is street legal. Let’s head to the back then we’ll take you inside and we’ll drive
this thing around for you and you can ask any questions you guys got.
Alright, so we’re at the back of the 6 passenger hard door Bubble from Moto Electric and a
couple of things going on. You can see the nice futuristic look that we have. We established
this look in 2014. I really like it’s on our LE chassis and you get a little bit more
features, but I think the cool look on the back with the rear window insert, once again,
an AS1 certified tempered piece of glass for safety, is included so you can see totally
out the back of the vehicle. You also have a trunk. Sometimes we’ll put the charger
back here. A lot of times the customers like it to be open for trunk space, tools, you
could put whatever you want back there, and those actually have the trunk hinges on there
that actually will go down on you, and then you can just put it back up. You also got
the tail lights, the blinkers, we have the 4 way flashers activated right now, and it
has a license plate holder, once again, street legal model, so we give that to you and you’ll
be able to drive this thing right when it comes off the truck to you. So it’s a really
cool look. Once again, the 6 passenger hard door Bubble back segment of the vehicle. Let’s
take you inside and then you guys will see this thing in action.
Alright, so we wanted to start with the doors open so you guys kind of get a sense of where
we are in the vehicle when we review the interior, so I’m going to get out of the frame for
this segment so we can kind of get some good shots on the inside. So, Adam let’s go ahead
and zoom on in and show them the back seat. This is the third row seating. You can see
we feature captain’s chairs and we include 3.0 seatbelts. We don’t do lap belts; they’re
all 3.0 DOT seatbelts. It’s a lot more safe and it actually gives you a little bit more
of a car feel. Moving on to the second row, you can see, once again, 2 more captain’s
chairs. You can see there’s a lot of good space. If I lift open this, you’ll see that
the actual second seat pod actually has storage underneath, which is really cool. You can
hold a lot, which none of our other vehicles feature, and then if we go really get into
the dash. This is where your driver is going to actually sit. You can see, it has a wood
grain steering wheel. You can see it has 2 glove boxes, a full display which will tell
you your odometer and your speed and what blinkers are on and what taillights and everything.
It shows everything. You also have the horn, blinker bar just on the steering column and
then your captain’s chairs which are a little bit more comfortable than the average golf
cart seat. Now the one thing I do want to mention on
this vehicle is it has the new futuristic LE style inside. Once again, this one got
changed in 2014 as you saw when Adam just panned to the vehicle. It’s a much nicer
setup. The stereo is actually right in the middle of the vehicle instead of being all
the way on the right side of the vehicle, and that’s really important. Guys listen,
once again, the 6 passenger hard door Bubble from Moto Electric Vehicles. I think we’re
priced well. You get an upgraded motor. It’s a much better vehicle than what’s out there
if you’re looking for a hard door electric cart that’s a low speed vehicle. So with
no further ado, we’re going to go ahead and drive this around. If you have any questions,
give me a call at 904-247-1818 or visit us online at MotoElectricVehicles.com. Let’s
get right to it. ♫Music♫

3 thoughts on “6 Passenger Hard Door Bubble Electric Cart- Low Speed Vehicles”

  1. FrankM says:

    Brett: Glad to see new model unit.
    1. DOT seat belt operation video available ? Not shown in existing one?
    2. Rear view mirror would seem to be obstructed from view with seat belt harness in middle?
    3. Can the 9 passenger side mirrors be placed on this unit for better viewing ?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. Eevee Gamer says:

    Do you need a licence to drive this cart?

  3. blewprent says:

    how would it handle cities with hills and steep inclines?

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