59 Seconds: Fitting for Putter Length
59 Seconds: Fitting for Putter Length

As a putter fitter it’s very exciting to see
a new adjustable length putter come out. All the players that do come into the putting
lab about 8 out of 10 players are playing the incorrect length putter so by adjusting
that length to get into a comfortable posture, that’s really going to help you become a lot
more consistent with your putting. The most important part in fitting for length
for the putter would be to get the eye position in the correct spot. So we’re looking to get that eye position
just over or slightly inside. If your eye line is too far inside your intended
target is going to look a little more off to the right. If your eye line gets a little bit too far
outside the ball, you might have a tendency of cutting across your stroke, missing left
or creating additional sidespin which could effect that intended line. With the new adjustable length with the Sigma
2, it’s very very easy to fit for length. To have them fine-tune that length they’re
going to be a lot more consistent, a lot happier on the golf course because they’re going
to be holing more putts.

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