574 Sport, Keeping Adidas On their Toes, New Balance Fresh Foam 574s Bred Edition
574 Sport, Keeping Adidas On their Toes, New Balance Fresh Foam 574s Bred Edition

I review a lot of adidas shoes especially
their boost lineup and their alphabounce lineup. And rarely do I ever talk about other brands. Why this matters is because adidas has a large
momentum moving forward into the future for them. They’re consistently minimal, effective, and
fantastic products that I loved for the past 2 years of reviewing shoes. But there are many other shoe brands out there,
and they are not going to ignore the momentum that adidas is picking up or else they will
lose their side of the market. So those other brands must introduce new and
better shoes to compete with what adidas is offering. This type of competition is the only way to
keep adidas on their toes. And I’m not saying adidas isn’t doing a good
job right now. adidas is really throwing their momentum forward
into the future, and they are consistently innovating, consistently making new measures,
consistently raising the bar higher for all these new companies. But competition is the only way that is lighting
a fire under adidas. and that’s the only way they will continue
to try to grab even bigger margins in the market. Which is why today in this video, I’m going
to be checking out the New Balance 574 Sport. Because I like the adidas boost technology,
I like the alphabounce technology. But at the same time I want to open my eyes
to more variety. I want to know what I am missing out on these
other markets. I want to know are they offering. In order to see if everyone is on the same
playing field or even better than what adidas is offering right now. Not because I’m not satisfied with boost. But because it’s just better to know your
market, and better to know everything else around you. Ronnie Fieg and New Balance, just collaborated
again to create the Dover Street market version. I do not have the Dover Street market version,
mainly because I found the red, black and white colourway, even more in tune with what
I like. And the dover street market versions are really
dope. I really wished they also added the switch
and swap logos for the New Balance logos on the original ones. But of course it’s special features that are
only available on collaboration only products. I know that a lot of runners actually look
towards New Balance for their next stride forward. But to me New Balance runners has always been
too extra. They always have a little bit too much colour,
or a little bit too much going on. and for me I feel like it needed a kick of
minimalism. Which is exactly what adidas is doing. So realistically for me visual wise, I can
only see myself buying their lifestyle sneakers because their colours are a little more toned
down, a little more simple, and minimal. So this video is my impression of the 574
Sport. New Balance 574s sports nubuck leather as
a part of their main construction of the shoe. The toe box the eyelets as well as their heel
area. This is borrowing from the original 574 that
also sports nubuck leather. Light grey double stitching is what holds
all the pieces together. They used a stretchy neoprene type mesh around
the ankle collar, as well as a thicker mesh around the forefoot. They also have a foam insole similar to the
ortholite insole. Now, I’m not sure who did it first, but it
doesn’t really matter as it just adds more comfort in to the shoe. They have a rubber outsole and a special EVA
foam for the fresh foam midsole. The N logo and the heel area also has reflective
patches which I think is giving homage to the runner culture. They used the same original design for the
574 leather pieces. But from what I can judge from the pictures,
the 574s seems to have a narrower toe box compared to the original which is a little
bit well rounded. The design on the ankle collar is actually
a bootie type ankle collar. As opposed to the regular 574 which is a tongue. The colour block is very minimal and very
beautifully done. As this is most likely what made the New Balance
574 stand out. On the midsole, the tesselated triangular
patterned midsole is a part of what tells the consumer where the Fresh Foam technology
is located. They also incorporated the Encap and the Adzorb
crash pad to the heel area. These features are a part of New Balance’s
comfort technology, and I’ll go in depth further in the next section. Due to the nature of material’s used, comparing
to the adidas Ultraboost or Pureboost, these shoes do crease as you use them. Albeit only in the midsole area where the
Fresh Foam is. But that’s not to say that the boost doesn’t
crease, it does crease, but very minimally. The comfort right away is between an Ultraboost
and a Alphabounce. It’s soft where you need it most, yet it’s
supportive and responsive. Since this is a lifestyle sneaker, you can
tell this shoe is made for walking. There is a neutral to medium arch support
in the shoe. The toe box in the forefoot area, due to the
suede construction really locks down your foot, making it snug. So definitely go half size up for this shoe. Because the toe box area is snug, it is actually
lightly hugging the ankle collar. Making the support holding on to your foot,
evened out on the front and the back. Unlike the Ultraboost where it is mainly locked
down on the ankle area. Surprisingly the 574s is much lighter than
it looks. However the adidas Ultraboost is still very
light and it almost feels like it’s not on your feet. Which is great for runners, but then again
the 574s is not for running. The best comfort in this shoe is the correct
placement of squishiness and responsiveness. Something I’ve never experienced before is
front toe pads. I wore adidas because it gave me and abundance
amount of support in the heel area and naturally like most people I’m a heel striker. But with boost, I seldomly feel any squishiness
on the front ball of my feet, even though there is boost. But with the 574 I can definitely feel it
right away, it’s almost like it’s raised a little to be supporting the bottom of the
front ball of your feet as well. The heel comfort is fantastic, it’s squishy
yet it has stability. Now I’m familiar with New Balance’s technology,
the Encap, and the Crash pad are the 2 main features around the heel area. As well, of course, is the Fresh Foam. The Encap, the matte looking hard plastic
around the ankle area. The Encap is what makes the structure stay
the same, but also feel the squishiness right between your heel. Sometimes, you don’t have stability, and your
heel might be thrown off. But with the Encap it apparently locks it
down for you. And the Adzorb crash pad is the part where
it has a thicker EVA foam, which is supposed to help you with your heavy impact in your
heel strike. And of course there is Fresh Foam which also
gives you the squishiness while you’re walking and while having the rest of the support there. The Fresh Foam gives you a rebound back, It’s
responsive and it’s squishy. At the bottom of the shoe, near the heel side,
you can see there is column, and if you put your finger there and squish it, that is where
the real squishiness of what you’re feeling under the heel of your foot, while you’re
walking in the Fresh Foam. With boost your direction of cushioning is
360, with 574 Fresh Foam, it is up and down comfort. No side to side. When you squish the Fresh Foam Downwards,
it folds downwards into the geometric shapes of the midsole. Now for the people’s who has been watching
my videos, you guys know that I have 2 preferences in all my shoes. Number 1 is comfort, and number 2 is looks. and if those 2 things are completely fulfilled. I’ll definitely support having that design
or that company make that shoe. And for me, I think that this New Balance,
really really good. It’s not like an Ultraboost good, it’s not
like a Pureboost good, But in it’s own ways, it has it’s own good properties. This shoe does not disappoint, and it’s really
amazing what New Balance has done here. They took their own styles, and their own
flavours and made a really comfortable shoe that is good looking, like this is very minimal,
this is probably one of the most minimal shoes that I’ve seen for new Balance. It takes a really sleek slim line shape. and it really has good comfort not straying
away from their roots, such as their Encap technology, their Adzorb crash pad, and introducing
the new Fresh Foam. Well Fresh Foam is not necessarily new, they’ve
been doing it since, 2013 I think. I’m not too sure, you can look it up. But of course any new technology can be re-iterated,
and keep on making. But this is the first Fresh Foam that has
really caught my eye. This is why I’ve copped it to show you guys. Mind you, this is my first time seriously
trying New Balance, and I can tell you I am impressed. I’m really impressed with the technology,
I’m impressed with the look of it, and it is very comfortable. I definitely support New Balance for changing
their direction with their Fresh Foam models. This one, it seems like it has a bright future
ahead of it. It’s not too expensive, its about $192 Canadian
after taxes. So it’s still a very affordable and comfortable
sneaker to rock around. Anyways, I hoped you guys enjoyed this refreshing
look at a new brand. That I’ve never talked about on this channel,
as well as a new silhouette. This has been Billy Visuals, you guys just
got Visualized and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace.

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