$50,000 CHAMPIONSHIP Match | 2019 Topgolf Tour
$50,000 CHAMPIONSHIP Match | 2019 Topgolf Tour

– [Peter] He’s gone for it – Yes! – It’s not, it’s a 5! Wow!
– He’s nailed it! – He has nailed 5! – Yeah! (uplifting hip hop music) – Welcome down to the 2019
Topgolf Tour Championship here in Las Vegas. We got hosts Rick Shiels and Peter Finch and we cannot wait to see how this unfolds and who’s gonna walk away tonight $50.000 richer – Thousands and thousands
of golfers have competed to try and get to this very spot and we are down to our final two teams to get that life changing amount of money, the championship belt and the crown of Topgolf Tour Champion 2019. So the first two games
will be TopContender Elite and the third game, if needed, will be TopPressure Advanced. And let’s have a look at the bracket powered by Dell
Technologies to actually see which two teams have
progressed to the final. – And in the final is
gonna be Team Orlando facing off against Team Atlanta. So let’s go through the rules, each team takes 4 consecutive shots in each of the green, brown, blue, white and back trench targets to receive double points. Any other target they are
not designated to go for they will only receive singular points. Ball number 20 is a bonus ball and the player will receive
triple points for any target. – Who are you gonna go
for? Who’s your pick? – I’m gonna go Atlanta. – All right well I’m
gonna go Orlando then. – We made it. – Good luck, sir. – [Rick] It starts off with Team Orlando. – It’s definitely a little bit more real once you get here with
all the other teams here but, feel good. – It’s $50.000, at the end of the day that’s a lot of money
– Yeah – Even split two ways
it could go a long way. – And that is Travis. Now
Travis’ dad is actually a long serving PGA Tour player
by the name of John Houston. – I think he’s desperate to win this just so he can go home at Christmas and have something over his old man, say, “Well, gotta be honest,
dad, you’ve never won “the Topgolf World Championship final.” – [Rick] (laughs) Not a great start there by Travis. – Only six points to begin with. – Looks good. – Now here we have Nick. Nick’s actually gonna be getting married in Las Vegas, tomorrow. Let’s jump over to Scooter who’s actually talking to Dee Dee, who’s the fiance of
Nick from Team Orlando. – What are you more nervous for, the wedding tomorrow,
– No. – or this game right here? – I love (mumbles) I’m good tomorrow, tonight I’m nervous (laughs). – Okay – [Peter] Okay back to the action and Nick is lining up again to the green target. (crowd applauds) it’s a good swing. – Come on. – So, let’s see how Team
Atlanta can retaliate. – Any time you put 50 grand on the line you can’t help but feel a little pressure. – Very little misses, that’s what it’s gonna take. Playing against these guys
I don’t think you can miss. If you do, you’re behind the 8 ball. – They did say something which I thought was absolutely brilliant,
both Team Atlanta. We were like, “What are
you gonna do if you win?” all the rest of it, and he basically turned around and said, “You gotta win it first.” So they’re not thinking ahead, they are thinking about this game, they are in the present
and they are focused. – Nice! – [Rick] That looks like
it’s right on the target. Up steps Zach next, now Zach and Brin have been school friends
and are very established good golfers. – They play a lot of matches together but also they play a lot
of money matches together. They are used to hitting good shots when there is cash on the line. – [Rick] Oh, that’s a
solid shot there from Zach. – [Peter] Nice swing that. – Oh yeah. – [Rick] Yeah that looks great. So far no players missed a
single shot in this final. Brin stepping up, going
for the brown target now. (crowd cheers) – Attaboy! – [Rick] Yeah that was pretty
solid again from Team Atlanta. Up steps Zach, left-hander,
going for that brown target. – [Peter] (gasps)
– [Rick] (gasps) – [Peter] He takes a step away – Something put him off. – Someone banged in the bleachers, that was a Tiger Woods stoppage
half way through the swing. – It’s your target, Zach. (crowd cheers) – [Peter] That was actually a miss – Wow!
– He’s missed the target – [Peter] On the left – [Rick] Maybe that
little off-putting moment really affected him there. So let’s give a leader board update powered by Dell Technologies Atlanta with 130 points versus Orlando’s 130 points (crowd cheers) – [Peter] And that is a miss
left on the white target. – Yeah Travis missed the target but actually hit the
trench, and that’s cost him. Needs to compose himself, needs to get back in the game. – [Peter] Especially with the pressure of obviously the money but there are, there’s a good 100 people
stood around watching every move he makes, but that is the response that you want. – Good shot. (crowd cheers) – [Rick] Uh-oh. – Oh no.
– Oh wow – I didn’t expect to see that from Nick. I didn’t expect to see that at all. I think he went at that a little bit hard, the adrenaline pumped
in a bit of the anger from the missed shot before. Still get your 14 points but it’s not what he wants
to be doing at this stage. – That hurt. – It’s all good, stripe it at the trench. – [Rick] So Orlando now
sitting on 172 points but they trail by 30 against Team Atlanta. They go into the final
four shots at 202 points. – [Peter] That’s the five
back that you wanna see 20 point maximum in the trench. A little bit looser, however, 18. – Hey snuck it in there. – One ball left, now remember this ball is the bonus ball it’s worth triple points. – [Peter] That is a great looking shot 30!
– Wow! [Rick] What a final shot. His fiance, look at the
smile on her gonna face she’ll be over the moon with that shot. – Whatever you pick, trust it.
– Yeah – I can’t imagine
Atlanta letting this slip but listen this is the first time when the pressure is gonna be so exact because
they are going second. They’ve got the knowledge of the fact that these next four balls it could put them in a commanding position to win that 50 grand. (crowd cheers) – That’s a zero point and suddenly with now only three balls left, they trail by 52 points. – Now it cranks up. Oh bounces back with a rifle 18 just to the left. – [Rick] Outside the maximum points they could’ve gotten that shot. – Nice shot. – They trail by 34 points. Team Atlanta can easily
still win this game but they really have to hit on
both of the remaining balls. – [Peter] That is a great shot. – [Rick] That is a fantastic golf shot. So, right now they trail by 14 points
with one ball left. This ball is worth triple points. All they have to do here is hit a target. – [Peter] I would not
be going for the trench. – [Rick] No way – It has the advantage of the fact that it’s quite wide and
you can get running up but we have seen in previous games if you hit it too well and it
goes above the catchment net, it can bounce back into the
range and score no points. – [Rick] Here we have
Zach and it looks like he is not taking your advice,
and he is going for trench. – [Peter] Yup, it’s bang middle. – Oh my goodness. – Are you kidding? – It bounced out of the trench. We have seen this now
play out a few times. – Are you (beep) kidding me? – Going for that trench
and bouncing back out, it’s not the fact that you
can’t just set up and wack it as hard as you want down there. Got to get that club right. – [Rick] Heart breaking for Team Atlanta. Conformation scores there, Team Orlando scored 254 points and Atlanta just missed out down to that final ball and they scored only 240 points. – Okay, this is it. Team Orlando can finish this right now if they manage to win the second game. If not, if Atlanta come back, then we’ll go into a tie break. (crowd cheers) – God, man. Crazy. – It’s a disappointing
start only six points there – Six points for Travis. – [Rick] I mean Travis just isn’t quite in the right head space at the moment. – [Peter] He doesn’t look
comfortable physically, I dunno if he’s twinged something or, a little bit more comfortable on that one. – [Rick] But good. Not
bullseye but 12 points on that first target. He needs to do better for
these first targets, Pete – [Peter] Yeah, definitely. (crowd cheers) – [Rick] That’s a nice golf shot. – Nick’s swing seems
to be getting smoother, seems to be getting looser. – Yeah, he is so in
the zone at the moment. (crowd cheers) That’s pretty good again. – [Peter] All right Atlanta, let’s go. All right, Brin sends it on the way. Beautiful composed swing. – 14 points is okay for the brown target. – [Peter] Again, beautiful rhythm there. He’s like a machine. – He’s so consistent. – [Peter] I think we might
have seen the first mistake. (crowd cheers) 20 points, bounced back
after a missed target, that good man! – Nice – That looks good. Very solid. – It bounced. – That looks a little bit left, Nick’s just missed the target there. He shakes his hands out a little bit, this needs to go in really now. That is a great golf swing, that is tracking right down the pin. Probably have to say overall that actually kind of Atlanta have been a
little bit more consistent, I mean let’s face it
– Big time. They should have won that last game apart from that bit of bad luck. – [Rick] And now this give
Atlanta a huge opportunity to get back into this championship. – [Peter] It’s a very good start. – That closes the gap significantly. (crowd cheers) – Touch left. Team Atlanta have two golf balls left. – Looks really familiar, doesn’t it? – They got 254, we got 240. Yeah dude, just hit
what you did last time. It was money. – Same thing?
– Yeah. Was that a five? – Yeah. – Go ahead and get the six. – Yeah. – Just bounce it up in there. – Zach is just debating between five and six iron but it looks like he’s
pulled the six iron. – [Peter] By the looks
of it that is definitely the safer option. – [Rick] He could close
this match out right here with this golf ball. That’s got to be good, surely. – [Peter] It’s a good swing. – [Rick] It is good! And Team Atlanta ties it up and we are now going to game number 3. To settle this Topgolf
Tour Championship 2019. And we now move on to a
different game format. TopPressure Advanced will be
played to the green target. Players attempt to hit all nine sections within the green target, and then once you close out a target, points values multiply
in subsequent levels. Be careful not to hit
the same section twice during level two or three or you will lose points. (crowd cheers) – [Rick] Let’s kick things
off with Team Orlando. – [Peter] So number 4 is
now down for Team Orlando. – That might be the middle. It is, 9.
– It is. – Okay Nick stepping up for Team Orlando. He wants to hit green but
not number 4 or number 9. Don’t like it, it was
number 4 again, I’m afraid he needs to hit other
sections of the target. (crowd cheers) – Sixes (mumbles)
– Number 6. – [Peter] Was very good. – [Rick] Just a little bit
short, number 1, that’s okay. That looks good. And that could be in
that number 9 section. Ah, in level 1 again that means they do not score
for that particular shot. Okay so eight shots so far from both teams and the scores quite different. Atlanta have 210, while Orlando have 270 points. They take a lead as this match continues. (crowd cheers) – It’s all right – And they managed to close
out the 50 points as well so they start to extend that
lead that little bit more. – [Rick] They have to hit bullseye, that’s what we’ve heard they going for, and that looks like it might be bullseye, It is in the bullseye.
– It is, great shot there. – Wow, that is absolutely
massive golf shot. – Come on, baby. Drop in there, drop! – Nailed it. They have completed level 1
– Closed out level 1 That looks like a bullseye. It is a bullseye. – He nails the bullseye
– Nice! (crowd cheers) – Don’t judge me for this. I’m just gonna chip it in there. – Do you see it? – He’s actually gonna go for chip and run. – Different technique, doesn’t look like it’s worked. This is pure pressure. That’s in section 2. – It’s such an easy shot (laughs) – Yeah. – [Rick] These guys are really
getting the hang of this game – Hell yeah. – [Rick] Wow, he got it. – Yeah – Nice! – Do you go or it,
– No. – do you slow play it?
– No. – Do you reckon you’d
miss on purpose here? – I’d miss on purpose miss on purpose. – [Peter] Gone for it he’s gone for it. – Yes! – It’s not, it’s a 5!
– He’s nailed it! – Wow!
– He has nailed 5! (crowd cheers) – Yeah! – [Rick] So Zach has
gotta hit 5, 8, 1, and 4. – Minus 120 points, he hit 6 again. – I though that was 8, I’m
looking at the wrong target, man. – 6 becomes open again, and it’ll lose points. It’s a double hit, basically. – Get it back – [Peter] Yeah, he’s into 4. – I feel like at the moment they’re just going through the motions. So these guys just need to go left now, just stay on that left-hand side and you’re fine. – Literally need to get one in the left, get one in the front that is it. – [Rick] He’s gone for bullseye though. That’s 5, that’s okay
– 5, that’s fine. – It hit the edge and went left. – [Peter] So two in the front sections, (crowd cheers) and that’s it it’s done. – [Crowd Member] Take it home! – Yeah, so they’ve got 5 and 6
– [Crowd Member] Take it home! – 5 and 6 nailed on. The crowd are going mental. Wow, he’s gone aggressive, I thought it was gonna
hit a similar target. – [Peter] Wow, 7. – [Zach] Nice shot! – I mean is this not
just a fairytale story? Nick, who’s getting married tomorrow here in Las Vegas, picks up a check, with fiance Dee Dee, for $50.000. Obviously has to share
half of that with Travis, but that’s just in the
small print (laughs) – [Peter] Whoa, he did go a lot higher than I thought he was gonna do
– Stay down. It’s the bullseye.
– Why’s he gone for that? 6, deducting of points. Now is that not a bit, crazy?
– Why’s he doing that? – Is that not a bit cuckoo? They are so far in advance, why have they just done that? – I think someone needs to stop Travis, the heat’s got to him. Why does he keep going for it? – I don’t know. He’s hit number 1
– He’s hit number 1 – Right, now this could be it. If this does not hit number 5, it is over and Team Orlando take the victory. This has to hit section number 5. – [Peter] Brin has hit some
amazing shots so far tonight. – [Rick] It looks good, it looks very good if it’s 5, there’s a chance. No.
– That is it. – It is now official. A fairytale story, here in Vegas for Team Orlando. There are marriages, literally marriages
which are going to follow this event. $50.000, the championship belt and of course that title as the champions of 2019 – I am here with the 2019
Topgolf Tour champions, Team Orlando, you were the eighth seed, you beat the first seed, rapid reaction, how are
you feeling right now? – I don’t even know right now. I’m ecstatic, I’m tired, I don’t even know what to say. – Yeah, feel exhausted, ready to spend a little bit
of the prize money, tonight (crowd cheers) – And guys, look at this! These are our 2019 Topgolf Tour champions. Thanks for watching, hopefully you enjoyed
the videos. If you did, hit that like, subscribe to Topgolf’s YouTube channel, and we shall see you next year. We are out!

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