– Adam Bazalgette, Three-Time
PGA Teacher Of The Year. Today’s subject, golf indoor drills. (golf ball swooshing)
(upbeat music) (golf ball clicking) So golf indoor drills, there’s
a ton of them out there, but I’m gonna show you three today that I think are really, really good. They’re favorites of mine. Hope you’ll work on them. Please subscribe to the
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aspect of the game there. (birds chirping) So if you’re going to have
good distance control, you have to have consistent rhythm. So if my rhythm is
ticktock on a short putt, ticktock remains true on the big putt. Let’s look at that. Great indoor drill. So here in the Learning Center we have cups in the
ground, which is great, but I’m going to ignore
that and putt to that towel I’ve balled up in the corner of the room. You could use a towel,
a pillow, or whatever. And I can even hit a pretty long putt with no difficulty of damaging anything. And here’s the key, on your telephone there’s loads of free apps of metronomes. I want you to experiment, find a setting, 60 is one per second. Something in the mid-sixties
to mid-upper-seventies. Experiment in that area, and hit some putts at different sizes ’til you’re staying on that beat. Listen to how it sounds up close. (metronome ticking)
(golf balls clicking) So my goal there is to get a sense of the
rhythm of the metronome to begin the stroke on a given beat and to strike the ball on the next beat. And I’ll tell you, if you’ll
put your time in and do this, and not just as a build-a-habit drill, but as a maintenance drill,
you’ll be thinking a lot less when you get on the golf course and you’ll have much, much better distance control on the greens. If you’re gonna play good golf, you need pretty good posture. Let’s try a shot here. (golf ball swooshing) Let’s have a little
look at a posture drill I think’ll really help you. Now listen, most people
don’t have a good sense of how to set their hips at address, so this is a great drill. Take one of your middle irons, the length of the head of
the club away from the wall, the toes just touching the wall, and then I’m gonna put my heels, they don’t have to be touching
the shaft, but very close. You practice your setup there a few times, and you should feel, as you
bend forward from the hips, just a tiny bit of pressure
against the wall, not much. And believe me, if you can
get used to that feeling, you’ve got your hips
in a pretty good spot, you’ve got your balance in
the kind of spot you want. Just practice it. Okay, we’ve got a sense of the
feel of the proper posture, now how about pre-shot
routine and alignment? If you can get good at that, believe me, it’s gonna help your golf. Let’s have a look. Okay, all we need for this one is some sort of a straight edge. I’m using the edge of the hitting mat, which I’ve accentuated so you can see it, with an orange alignment stick. Could be the grouting in the tile, the edge of a rug, or something like that. A big key in the setup for alignment, always line the golf club up, then line yourself up
in front of the club. Don’t be one of these people that tries to line themself up. That’s the wrong way to go about it. So here you’ve got a chance to put the club down at right angles to whatever the edge your using is, and once you’ve done
that, just set your feet so that you feel exactly parallel to that. Other things that can help you do, there’s a lot to a pre-shot routine, but certainly putting
the club on the ground by bending from the hips, not
by slouching from the back. All these sorts of things, if you’ll just work at it a little bit, it’s not that difficult,
will become fairly automatic. So here I go, I’m using my hips to bend, club’s parallel to my target line, I settle in and I just feel
exactly facing that target line. This thing can become automatic with just a little bit of practice. So golf indoor drills, I hope these three are helpful to you. As I say, there’s a lot of them out there. Work on these. I think they’ll help your game. Please subscribe to the
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  1. Golfsthetics says:

    Love this! I find that rhythm is everything. When you get fatigued or the pressure's on it's easy to speed up or even slow down the rhythm you're used to

  2. 135791113ful says:

    very helpful. thanks.

  3. Andrew Hall says:

    Hi Adam, with the set up drill club along the wall can I get an idea of my proper shaft length roughly from that?

  4. David Barnard says:

    Thanks Adam. Here's a great indoor drill I've been working on…. take a yard stick , place it on a level carpeted surface. Concentrate on trying to putt over the yard stick and not letting the ball roll more than 1.5 feet past the end of the yard stick.

    The purpose of this drill is to help you get good proper rhythim on short putts under 6 foot , which are the putts we need to make. I know guys who practice this distance indoors all the time but dont get better because they are so used to banging the putts hard which end up going straight but with too much power to stop in the hole.

  5. Erik James says:

    That was awesome..thank you

  6. Curtis Perdue says:

    I love you videos Adam thanks

  7. Michael Slaughter says:

    Hi Adam, I am unable to physically go play golf for the next few months but am hoping to still do some indoor/at home drills like these. Are there any others that you recommend? Thanks for the video!

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