3 Must DO’s With Your Irons (COPY THESE!)
3 Must DO’s With Your Irons (COPY THESE!)

(whack) – Hello there, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. And today’s subject is a good one. Three must do’s with your irons. I’ll show you what I think those are. I’ll show you also a drill,
kind of an image really, that really makes this seem simple. You’ll kick yourself when you see it. And then towards the very end of the video I’ll show you a big pitfall that when people work on these things, they frequently run into this pitfall. (upbeat music) Well if you’re new to the channel or if you watched the videos
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and the bell next to it, you’ll want to hit that so you’re notified every time a new video is coming your way. (whack) So the important things in iron game, first thing of course,
you’ve got to hit the ball before the turf. Everybody knows that. But people find that surprisingly elusive. Second thing, you have to have the handle in front of the club head at contact. And I’m gonna show you a pro now, and I’ll show you why there’s
such an inextricable link between those two fundamentals. So here’s Bryson DeChambou, looks like a short iron on
the driving range there. Let’s see if he hits the
ball before the ground. Well no doubt about that. There’s the ball, there’s the ground. So here’s the principal. Let’s say we draw a line
up from the golf ball, let’s put that right there. His club shaft gets to straight
up and down or vertical probably slightly before that, let’s say there. In other words, it happens after the ball. And here’s the thing. Your club will reach its true low point when that shaft is vertical
before starting back up again. You have to make sure that that happens after the golf ball is hit. If we look at Bryson again, by getting the handle past the ball and getting most of
the shaft past the ball before he hits it there, and then reaching vertical, he ensures a nice crisp downward hit. Then he ensures hitting
the ball before the turf. I have a full three part in-depth course on solid strike form and
hitting solid golf shots. Pick it up down in the
description box there. It’s yours for free. Okay the next principal is an impact. I’ve got a nine iron here. You have to deloft the face. You have to hit it with less loft than it’s effectively built with. Now, I’ve done some videos
that have mentioned that before and obviously given a lot of golf lessons and the subjects come up. And people ask, but why
do you have to do that? Wouldn’t it be easier to
just use the loft you have and maybe take a less lofted
club if you needed to? There are definitive reasons. Let me show you up close why
you have to be able to do that to be a good iron player. Well as I’ve showed you, you
have to have the handle forward to hit the ground in front of the ball. But also there’s the sweet spot. It’s up here. It’s not down at the bottom. And if you have say, a nine
iron and no real cushion under the ball, and you
hit it with full loft, you are gonna make
contact way at the bottom. So they designed these so
that when you deloft it you take that sweet spot and
tilt it onto the golf ball. Now let’s have a look at a drill that I think will help you. Then we’ll come out and show
you a pitfall at the end that gets a lot of people into trouble. So here’s the drill, and it’s
really as much of an image as a drill. Look at that gigantic
nail there, screw really, slightly angled into the ground. If you had a mallet
and you had to tap that so it went into the ground on that angle, is it conceivable that in a thousand tries you’d only bend the nail upwards? Of course it’s not. Nobody would do that. It might take you a few
minutes to get real skill at hitting it, but you
wouldn’t be sentenced there. People tell me all the time,
oh I’ve spent my whole life scooping the ball. I’ll never get out of it. That’s for Pro’s. That’s just nonsense. You could take a club, now
remember when you add loft you have to have even more
tilt to drive the nail down in the ground. And by the way your
downward hit that you want on a nine iron isn’t nearly
as severe as even that screw. So don’t sell yourself short. You can do it. Play around on a small scale. I’ve got my nine iron here. I’m not tryna beat down on it too much, but I’m tryna tilt the face forward, (whack) tilt the handle in front of the ball, and just work on this
’til you start to get some sense of it. An again, use an image I think is great. I’m tryna drive the nail downwards. I’m not worried about the golf ball. Those balls popped off nice and low. Now let’s have a look at a
real pitfall people get into when they try to start doing this. So here’s Ernie Els. I think anybody, me
included, would love to have his golf swing. Beautiful, through the
ball, and you can see he clips a little bit of
turf right after the ball. So here’s the point, here’s the pitfall. If you look at Ernie there,
he’s approaching impact. If I draw line straight
out from the handle you can see, as he goes
through, the tab of his glove is just at the top edge of that. Watch where the handle and
the tab of the glove go. Just slightly the tabs
up here and for sure the handle is up there at that point. So what’s happening here is right at the critical moment of contact, the club itself, or the grip end, is beginning to arc up away from the turf, really in conjunction
with the way the left side arcs up away from the turf. And that reduces the tendency to maybe beat down on the ball too much. So, if you had as much
angle as Ernie does, if you had that much shaft
angle and you kept hitting down you would drive a hole into the ground. So remember, you’re not trying
to swing the whole club down, you’re trying to swing it pretty level across the ground even
slightly ascending there. But if you have enough forward lean and the hands are beyond the ball enough you will still get an appropriate
amount of downward hit. So as we work on this, for
most people, let’s face it, they do too much of this. So really work on tilting
the face, leaning the shaft, trapping the ball before the ground. But if as you do it you
start to stick the club in the ground too much,
take some of it out. Land the proverbial plane
a little more shallow. Take a few practice swings where you can sense it’s more level, left side rising slightly like you’re brushing the
ground a little bit more. You gonna make a few mistakes. If you start to do that and
then you lose your tilt, that’s okay. Make it a smaller scale, add the tilt in. So let’s have a go here. I’m gonna tilt this one and
hit down a little bit too much. (whack) I definitely got the tilt. I don’t wanna hit down that much. Again, people talk about
being feel players. You have to play around and develop feel. So don’t sell yourself short. This one I’m gonna attempt
to do with less downward hit. (whack) I like that one pretty well there. Just raked the ground a bit. Definitely felt the shaft was forward. Play around with this. You can even do it at home without a ball. You will help your iron game. Well if you like the
video, and I hope you did, I’d really appreciate it if
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and bring you content. Leave a question or a comment. I will get to those, happy to do that. And hopefully these are great keys for you to build that feel of the three must do’s with your irons. Thanks again. (upbeat music)

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