3 Easy STAR WARS DIY Gifts for Dads | Fathers Day Ideas
3 Easy STAR WARS DIY Gifts for Dads | Fathers Day Ideas

Hi, everybody i’m sarah and today i have with me, my dad. Today we’re gonna, make three star wars-inspired father’s day DIYS because my dad was the one who first had me watch star wars. Do you remember watching star wars with me the first time? No I figured. Sarah: It was on tv.
Sarah’s Dad: I remember watching with my mom when I watched it in 70s, at the theater. When , like the day it came out ? Well pretty close this first week the first…thats so cool Your grandma was there She loved it. I know it makes me happy First we are going to make a galaxy’s best dad trophy with darth vader on it and then we’re, gonna do three different Star wars themed golf balls and last one is a star wars picture frame both scrabble letters and a little tiny darth vader in it . The imperial march was your ringtone on my phone for like, three years So tell us in the comments when was the first time that you saw star wars and who did you watch it with Give us a thumbs up if you like star wars and like hey you got two thumbs up. Do you even have a youtube account. No. You should also subscribe to this ,apparently, my dad can’t subscribe to me. So lets get started! Step number one – Take a glass that kinda looks like a little goblet, and we’re just gonna paint it gold. Put a little bit of this in here Do I get to paint ? Yeah , you could paint. I have watched you on your other videos. Hey, okay, wha, well you were gonna paint it Got a little bad you’re making your own father’s day present. All right, while you are working on that i’m going to work on this stencil because we’re gonna put Darth Vaders head on that Okay, well he’s working on that i right here have this stencil thing .I don’t have a printer, so you know what i’m gonna do ? DIY Hack, you can just trace it on an ipad. I’m gonna tape down the stencil You’re gonna trace that. Yeah! I just traced out Darth Vader over the ipad. No papers, no printer required. Caution – Blade is very sharp, do not cut yourself. Yes. You can ask a parent for help Your father is not certain No, you are really good at flying airplanes, so So for the base we’re gonna use a flower pot. I just gotta rip this little bush out. Yeah you’re gonna. No I didn’t do it. Tadaa Oh hey, this works really like better than I thought it would. It’s got a weight in the bottom. Those are really sturdy. I might take these stickers out. Galaxy’s Best Dad Thats pretty cool If you need to try and keep it even , you gotta look at the top there and try and keep it even round I’m cutting out an apostrophe out of the corner of a ‘v’ There we go, we made our own little apostrophe. Doesn’t it look good ? It does. This is actually easy DIY , the little kids can do. All right , so you need to paint your little darth vader. Aw that looks really good. We are gonna let all that dry. So we’re gonna use E6000 and then glue your vader to the front and the top of the trophy to the base and with that we’ll be done. You can also fill up your galaxy’s best dad trophy with your dad’s favorite snacks Next up, we have Star wars golf balls! We’re doing a little R2D2 , Death Star, bb-8 . Take a marker and make the top half of our R2D2 silver. Take a rubber band, see if it look pretty good all the way around. That way you’ll have a guide You’ve got it does look nice little line there with the , with the rubber band How’d you do it ? Okay, yeah you can color the top of them . We’ve got a little R2D2 here, so look its him. and then , do another line of it around We have a rolling around Not the rosy. Do we have room on the R2, six little segments on the top of R2’s Head You draw a little square for his eyeball. like a big black circle in the middle of that I fill in the area around, Now he’s got a little red dot I’m just gonna do basic blue rectangles and just make three lines across the front. This silver covers things really well so you can just go in and clean up any smudgy edges They’re real BB-8 here , lets put on an eyeball There’s three circles one two three just do a circle all the way around the center and then circles around the top and now we’re gonna add little rectangles to make it look more droid like Will put another line down here Now time to draw his little circle thing on the front maybe not a circle right there Just looking at a picture of BB-8 and he’s a spear so it’s not that bad to copy. There we go. That’s awesome Thank you. For our last golf ball we’re gonna do the death star. You know the death star is black so if you happen to have a black golf ball. Awesome. It should be easy now, because all we gotta do is draw some lines to make our little death star. Teensy Tinesy little spot there marking as my top center and so i’m going to draw a circle around that And then i make another circle that mean you draw a line straight down two circle like so and then some more lines out , kind of its like its a target and there we are. So where’s our little rubber band ? Oh , its right underneath. And you roll the rubber band until you feel like it looks like you got the center alright we’ve got our center line, let’s do another thing in parallel slightly closer to this equator then a little arctic circle. a little line down here then do another line all the way around Also a 1 straight across the top, dividing this just go ahead and get that grid we’re just gonna make it look like a little globe yaay We’re on to our third and final diy. We are going to start You can actually open the scrabble letters and Ill show you what we are going to spell out. Its gonna say “You are my father” So you can look through the letters and I’ll start taking this apart And there’s our little vader , where is he? Oh there he is. I am gonna sign the little back of the mat for you Now we’re gonna place these out on the little mat Where’s our E6000 here it is and to fit. Weeeee Thank you. You’re welcome. Tell us, which one of this is your favorite because i don’t know. I really , really like galaxy’s best daddy Thank you guys for watching. Happy father’s day to fathers out there. Happy fathers day to you. And may the force be with you Yay See you next time. Gonna, wear this shirt today, I got it just for this. I do like that shirt. It’s actually a little boys shirt Not it didn’t belong to a little boy, i just bought it from the boys, toddler section maybe you can send one to grandpa and then you can just have him watch the video and be like i made this for you Yeah he’ll die laughing , thats for sure. They’re all my favorite.

14 thoughts on “3 Easy STAR WARS DIY Gifts for Dads | Fathers Day Ideas”

  1. Sarah Ingle says:

    When was the first time you saw Star Wars, and who did you watch it with? 😄⭐

  2. The A's World says:


  3. The A's World says:

    Love u and your diy ❤❤

  4. KevsSoFun says:

    To be honest i cant remember but it was at least 18 years ago.

  5. Ella Bear says:

    The space buns!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  6. Cate Barbosa says:


  7. Netsah MIN says:

    Your dad looks so kind and cool o.o no surprise his daughter is the cutest and sweetest person on Earth (yes.. according to me xD) ♥ Adorable video 🙂

  8. Ex_Machinotters says:

    First off, I'm so impressed with the quality of this video, I love it! You go, Sarah!!
    Second, I've NEVER SEEN a star wars film! 😲😬 I was hoping to watch them all this summer with a guy friend but unfortunately he got too busy and is going to spend all of July in the mountains. 🙁 So I'll probably watch the first one alone. Oh well!

  9. Hannah Snow says:

    This is SO CUTE and the best ideas!! Also that intro was amazing haha I love the remix <3

  10. david says:

    Sarah, I love the do-it-yourself videos so much! You are so talented and gifted. And the idea of making Father's Day gifts in the style of Star Wars, just genius! My favorite was golf balls, they're just so cute and straight.
    And Star Wars is one of my favorite movies but the truth is I can not remember when it was the first time I saw it. But it must have been in my childhood.

  11. Adam says:

    I think I 1st remeber watching Star Wars when I was 10 with my family, but I'm sure I saw it when I was younger. I also remember the "Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure" movie and the sequel "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor" and having a crush on the girl Cindel. Haha! Those golfballs are a brilliant idea!

  12. ampuan fatin says:

    Your video is AMAZING, the cinematography and the edits must have took a long time to create. KEEP DOING what you are doing omgg

  13. Lisa Luna says:

    You guys are so cute!

  14. Nicole Emeraldnight says:

    my dad is a star wars lover and my mom was born in 1977 she is a star wars baby

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