2019 Kia Rio GT-Line v Suzuki Swift Sport Comparison | carsales
2019 Kia Rio GT-Line v Suzuki Swift Sport Comparison | carsales

Is it better to have a few extra thousand
dollars in the back pocket or a few extra kilowatts under the right foot? Look, I think we all know the answers but
play along as I keep my editors happy and we pitch the Suzuki Swift Sport against newcomer
Kia Rio GT line to find out. The Suzuki Swift Sport is a micro hot hatch
that punches well above its weight. Enough in fact for it to make last year’s
running of Australia’s best drivers car. With a sharp drive away offer however the
Kia Rio GT line undercuts it by several thousand dollars, includes a seven year warranty and
has longer service intervals. But while it represents great value, it’s
a cylinder down on the Suzuki Swift Sport, which translates to a significant disparity
in power. While each of these cars are priced under
$30,000 they both offer a decent level of specification and tech. Each car has autonomous emergency braking
and reversing camera. And there’s lane departure warning in the
Suzuki Swift Sport and lane keep assist in the Rio GT line. Infotainment wise each is well equipped with
standard satellite navigation and Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility. Being shorter there’s not quite as much
boot space in the Swift so if you’ve got a lot of junk for your trunk, pick the Rio. That said they both do offer a reasonable
amount of room in the rear but there’s no adjustable air vents for the kids. The half pint size three cylinder engine in
the Rio is at least a refined unit for its type. But for pack of performance and aural character,
the Suzuki has it all over the Kia. Both cars are great handling machines. The steering’s probably preferable on the
Rio and it feels a touch safer at the limit. We put that down to a mixture of tyre choice
and also the fact that you’re just not putting as much power through the wheels. Driving the cars in succession we found the
Rio GT line does offer better ride comfort with a suspension setting that evens out the
bumps. But the Swift offers better front seats which
deliver preferable lateral support. Now there’s no debating the Rio is run to
drive but that performance difference behind the wheel of the Suzuki, well it’s really
very noticeable. Suzuki also favours those of us that enjoy
driving with three pedals because it is available in a manual. However, Kia Rio GT line sports car only available
with an auto and no paddle shifters. For the avoidance of doubt we’ve driven
both cars back to back and I’m happy to confirm it is indeed the Suzuki Swift Sport
that wins this comparison. That’s not to say the Kia Rio GT line doesn’t
have a whole lot of fun to offer but for us, we’ll take the extra kilowatts over the
extra dollars. We really like what the Kia Rio GT line brings
to the table and if budget is more of a priority for you then you’re not going to be disappointed
with its package at all. But for us the Swift’s extra power and engaging
drive is enough to see us shell out the extra dollars.

12 thoughts on “2019 Kia Rio GT-Line v Suzuki Swift Sport Comparison | carsales”

  1. JesseK99 says:

    Swift for me, love the rio and picanto though.

  2. Eris says:

    Kia Rio 👍

  3. Dunga Do santos says:

    Suzuki swift sport 🤙👍

  4. Dean One says:

    Kia rio all the way

  5. Daniel San says:

    idiots, they drives on the wrong side. LOL

  6. Elita Hooper says:

    All depends on the driver as to how much you get out of your car

  7. Aphony66 says:

    You are sitting way to close to the steering wheel! If you are involved in an accident dont worry about the other car killing or injuring you, instead worry about that airbag smashing you in the face and potentially breaking your neck. Why do most of you women drive so claose to the steering wheel? I dont get it…

  8. JFomo says:

    The Swift is built in India. So I'd pick the Kia.

  9. Jaymate says:

    Kia competes with GLX not the Sport! There is a HUGE difference between GT-Line and Sport, whereas the GLX and GT-Line are very similar in price. With a deal the Suzuki will be 29k (31, 499 normally) but the Kia is 23, 490. Stupid comparison, it's not just 'The extra dollars' they are in completely different classes.

  10. Turdbo Mitch says:

    Ones a hot hatch and ones a comfy eco commute. No real comparison really

  11. Lukus Cannon says:

    There's no way in the world this is an even comparison if both cars had the same kind of engine output then that would be fair ID rather the KIA personally it gets 7 year warranty

  12. Dr. Johnny says:

    Both cars are built with manual and automatic transmission but you can't get the auto Swift in europe or the Rio manual in australia. Logic? Also why wouldn't Kia build a proper GT to rival the Swift? A GT with an 1.4T engine and 150 hp shouldn't be a problem.

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