2019 Ford Mondeo review – better than a Volkswagen Passat? | What Car?
2019 Ford Mondeo review – better than a Volkswagen Passat? | What Car?

[Music] In the 1990s, vast parts of Britain
moved under the power of the Ford Mondeo. This mid-sized family saloon represented
the aspirations of millions of middle-class workers all over the
country. If you were a Mondeo man or woman, then you were going places.
It’s got good form too because we named it our Car of the Year in 1993 and again
in 2001. These days though, it does face some tougher competition from the likes
of the Skoda Superb and Volkswagen’s Passat. To compete here then, the Mondeo will need to
persuade family buyers that it can be every bit as practical and comfortable
as its rivals, while offering you great value for money, and for any car that’s a
tall order. In this review, we’ll tell you what it’s
like to drive, how easy it is to live with, and how much stuff you can get
inside. If at the end of all of that you’re thinking about buying one, then
you can head to our New Car Deals section where we can help save you
thousands. First though let’s see what it’s like on the road. it is no surprise that diesels are at the
core of the Mondeo’s engine range. There’s the 1.5 and 2-litre
diesel to choose from, and we recommend the 1.5 litre diesel. It’s smooth
and is extremely efficient. However if you would like more power, and
you’d like stronger acceleration then you can go for the 177 brake horsepower
2-litre diesel fitted to this car. There’s two petrol engines to choose
from, and out of those we recommend the 1.5-litre EcoBoost, and there’s also a
hybrid which teams a 2-litre petrol with an electric motor. But the combination
doesn’t really work that well! So we would avoid the hybrid. The Mondeo is no exception.
It’s agile, turns into corners eagerly, and doesn’t lean too much through the faster
bends. If I had one criticism, it would be the steering wheel is too enthusiastic
to self-centre. Which doesn’t really give you a clear indication of how much grip
there is on the front wheels. Even if the steering is pretty precise. if you stick with smaller alloy wheels.
And no matter which version you go for, very little engine and wind noise finds
its way inside. On the cheaper trim levels you have to
make do with manual adjustment on the seat and steering wheel, this one is not
one of the cheaper models. So, I’ve got electrically adjustable seats; even with
the manually adjustable ones you still can find a comfortable driving position.
The adjustment for the steering wheel is in a really awkward place – because it’s quite
far over to the right. So that’s not the easiest to get to. However I have now
found my comfortable driving position, I’m sure you will as well. What’s not so
great is visibility out of the front and the back, because these pillars are just
so large. And it does make it quite difficult to judge the Mondeo’s
extremities when parking. Thankfully though, parking sensors do come as
standard, front and rear. On the options list, you can also spec a
reversing camera and all cars come with a heated front screen which is a lot
more pleasant to clear snow and ice than using a scraper. features such as DAB radio and
Bluetooth. Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy to use as the system found in
say, the Skoda Superb. The home screen has got different sections, and then small
icons within – which when you’re on the move it’s actually quite difficult to
hit the right button, and it’s not quite as crisp and logically laid out as the
Volkswagen Passat or again the Skoda. So, overall that could be better.
Although the voice command facility is rather good! If you start to look and
feel around, it’s just not quite as plush as the Volkswagen Passat or Skoda Superb.
The buttons are just not quite as satisfying to operate, and some of the
materials are just a little bit low-rent. Even the tallest of people will find
that there is enough room in front of the Ford Mondeo, and if this is your
first whatcar video review that you’re watching, I’m only five foot four and a
half! If you’re six-foot you will find that it is plenty roomy enough. It’s also
a very wide car, so there’s plenty of space between you and your
passenger, just in case you have an argument. There’s lots of storage
places everywhere, so a large bottle of water – we have a posh one today – fits in
the door bin, but it might be a little dangerous to leave it in there because
the door bin is a tad on the shallow side. So we’re going to pop it in the
glovebox. There’s a little storage place here in front of the gear lever,
two cupholders, and some more storage here. So I’ve got the keys, because it’s push
button start, some snacks, and there’s quite a deep storage as well there, which is very
useful there is not as much headroom
as there is in a Skoda Superb, but if you are average, or below average height, you’ll
have no problem at all. You can fit three adults side-by-side
without too many complaints, and there’s a useful door bin pocket, armrest if you
haven’t got a middle seat passenger – with two cupholders as well. There’s also
a map pocket on the back of the seats, I haven’t got a map, I’ve got the latest
brochure for the Ford Mondeo! So I’m going to put that in there. notice is this hatchback style opening,
which is by far the most practical. Note if you go for the hybrid you lose that,
and it’s only a saloon opening. So not quite as practical. It’s a large boot, although,
it’s not quite as big as Skoda’s Superb. There’s a load lip here, which is a
little irritating, although not uncommon in class, and if you need more space fold
down the rear seats to create even more room. The cheaper diesel versions of the
Mondeo stack up well financially regardless of whether you’re buying on
PCP, or outright. It’s cheaper to buy than many of its rivals, and emits less CO2,
making it one of the cheapest company cars in its class. Go for our recommended
Zetec edition trim and you’ll get alloys, climate control, and that eight
inch color touchscreen infotainment system. We can see the appeal of a
Titanium Edition specification too, because it adds leather seats, automatic
lights and wipers, and keyless entry. The more expensive trims are harder to
recommend, and the ST-line models ride on sport suspension so don’t ride quite
as smoothly. If you’re a company car driver it’s hard to look past the
1.5-litre diesel because of its low CO2 emissions. However if you’re a private
buyer the 1.5-litre petrol EcoBoost is worth a look. Automatic emergency braking
comes a standard across the Mondeo range, and it was awarded the full 5 stars in
the Euro NCAP crash-testing when it was last tested in 2014. No matter which
Mondeo you go for, it is worth noting that Ford offers large discounts across its
range, so be sure to haggle hard. Overall the Mondeo is not quite as an
impressive all-rounder as the Skoda Superb. But, it is good to drive, spacious, and has
a big boot. So if you’re interested in buying one head to whatcar.com, read our
full online review – including those of its rivals, and remember we can help save
you money! Go to our New Car Deals section but before you go anywhere, hit
subscribe and never miss another video! [Music]

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    Why do women find it so difficult to use their mirrors when driving or parking? Yet when they are plastering their faces, the mirror is second nature to them.

  2. Paul Marcoux says:

    How does she not no that. ST stands for sport!? How can you evaluate a car and not know that? I wonder, does she even know what GT, stands for?

  3. xxtwr1 says:

    We avoid the Hybrid????? In Canada I get 2000 km on a tank of gas, can drive seamlessly around town on all electric for 35 km before it switches to Hybrid. You need Hybrids in Britain, you're polluting more than you need to, and you forgo the Hybrids???? SMH

  4. roblox_lgbt says:

    got an 2010 zetec amazing car and so many hiddern features

  5. David Hopkins says:

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  7. O says:

    I believe Ford going stop making this car soon

  8. Роман Роман says:

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  9. Jackson Tyler says:

    Too bad they stopped making the Ford falcon in 2016 and replaced it with this gutless thing would never of happened if the falcon was sold in America

  10. super nova says:

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  11. kalle anka says:

    I dont understand why you would want a tuchpad to controll your infotainment in all cars i've driven those are dogshit. you cant feel for the buttons while driving and they are clunky. go back to buttons plzz.

  12. Mark D'Alelio says:

    Ford diesels are dreadful.

  13. Pat Bonz says:

    I have the Fusion, Mondeo's twin in the U.S. It wish we could have gotten the hatchback here….. Love the car, the suspension is a bit stiff for all the potholes where I live.

  14. Max Hamilius says:

    As if the Passat would be a reference …

  15. Raspberry Cai says:

    Mk3 mondeo was the best looking, followed by the MK2. The new ones look alright.

  16. roblox fan says:

    i own both a b6 passat and 2010 mondeo have to say the mondeo is better it looks better just as comfy and u get more things as stranded and most inporently PARTS ARE WAY CHEAPER ON THE MONDEO

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  24. Richard Eldridge says:

    They put the steering wheel on the wrong side. It's a beautiful car, but it will never pass inspection.

  25. S.W.W. says:

    American old stuff ! Nothing like an European car. Style and quality all thew way! Why choosing less?

  26. martyk2020 says:

    Mpg on the automatic is brutal.. they really need to work on this like BMW have with the 5 series..

  27. British Car Auctions says:

    I work for british car auctions and I inspect and drive 500+ cars every year, 3 cars every day, and the 3rd car of the day I take it home and the last car I collect on a friday, I take it home over the weekend, so I'm a car person..and I can def. say, this Mondeo is NOT better than the Passat..why? Well it's easy ,because it does not have the same built quality and driving raffinement as the Passat.
    The Passat has brilliant soud proofing , great suspention ,confortable but at the same time stable and planted on the road, on the inside all finishing touches are just perfect and all the switches you touch feels soft but sturdy at the same time ,it feels more expensive than it is, it feels really solid and well built , and for those that say it has a boring design 😂 well you must be stupid to say that because it's not boring, it's just a simple and elegant design and I love cars that have simple designs,it's just a matter of taste 😉..coming out of the Passat and driving the Mondeo , you instantly feel that the ride quality is less raffined, in the way that the suspention is not so confortable and noisy ,sound proofing is not so good, you have a lot of road noise at low speeds and suspention noise on bumpy roads and on the motorway you have more road noise aswell as wind noise , the design and quality materials of the interior feels like it's made out of recicled plastic cutlery , and the finishing touches in the mondeo are just crap..oh yeah, and the 2.0 diesel engines, sounds like an old Transit van, and it's not just me , all customers and drivers say this , so no, you can't compare the Mondeo with the Passat, it just doaesn't have the same built quality as the Passat 👍

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    Must manufacture self-driving cars
    The movement of cars relies on artificial intelligence and Google Maps

    Google Maps is an electronic program that reveals the directions of roads and places in the countries of the world
    Self-driving cars must be based on artificial intelligence and Google maps

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    I had a 2009 XR5 and it was a seriously driver focused car. Quality was excellent as well. I feel that the newer models lack in both areas. Opel and the Koreans, have better propositions imho.
    If Ford addresses the somewhat outdated design, up the quality of their interiors and offer some better engine variants, they’ll certainly make this car a winner again.

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    Agreed I like that large boot at 6:37.

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    My friend had one 2014 the power shift
    Dual clutch transmission failed
    Out of warranty and he had to
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    The new model is a little on the long side for me so when I look at trading up from my MA I end up looking at other options like the incredible boring and slow Outlander and all the other rubbish vehicles in the SUV class.

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    Whoever thinks the Mondrian is stylish needs their eyes testing! It’s dated, bloated and low rent. Not even sharp to drive anymore

  66. 黃耀文 says:

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  67. Music Islife says:

    5 ft 4 and a half…that half inch is important, lol.

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  70. Napoleon says:

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  74. christopher petchelli says:

    How tall are you? You never tell us!

  75. Martin James says:

    Nice car but length is now too long. Most would agree that it needs sensors all round and a reversing camera as standard. Also Some Zetec etc models didn't have parking sensors even on rear. Diesel will be better but 177hp can be a touch thirsty. All cars should have manually adjustable seats, no need for electric adjustment which just adds unnecessary weight.

  76. Martin James says:

    Ford blue dial pointers look wrong.

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  78. Solan Goose says:

    Her vocal fry is unbearable. Why oh why?

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    In the states all cars are required to have a reverse camera. I’m also six foot four and have no problems in the back. However nine times in ten I hit my head getting out.

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    You are very honest and informative.
    Also very damn gorgeous and attractive 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

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    Very good looking car on the outside but the dashboard is rather disappointing. Focus dashboard is much better organized.

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    One of main reasons people buy big cars is because they ride well.

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    Why is everything centering round the vw Passat? They are nitirous bad for egr valve failure, dpf problems, rattles and squeeks! A mondeo will reach 200k trouble free long before a VAG. That's a fact! Taxi driver with 10 years experience!

  95. Litmoose says:

    glad i bought the 207bhp diesel before it got discontinued, will maybe worth more if i ever come to selling it.

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