2018 Volkswagen Golf Preview | Consumer Reports
2018 Volkswagen Golf Preview | Consumer Reports

Here at the New York
Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled its revised Golf family
of cars for the 2018 model year. While these Golfs
are far from all-new, they do have some
notable additions in terms of infotainment
and advanced safety gear. Updates affect the
entire Golf family, from the regular Golf hatchback
to the SportWagen, Alltrack, GTI, and the hot
Golf R. Good luck telling the old from
the new, though. Exterior changes are
subtle, mostly just altered front-end styling and standard
LED daytime running lights and LED taillights. Even though the
Golf’s interior has been a notch above
competitors in the past, the cabin has been updated
with new trim panels and better materials. The standard infotainment system
is now a 6.5-inch touchscreen, up from the previous 5-inch. And an 8-inch version
comes on higher trims. Fans of the sporty
Golf GTI will be happy to hear they can
now get those way cool plaid seats and a sunroof
together on the SE model. This combination wasn’t
possible with the last GTI. In terms of advanced
safety features, blind spot monitoring comes
on more Golf models and trims, and forward collision warning
and automatic emergency braking are now available on
the Golf SE and higher. While this is good
news, we’d like to see forward collision
warning and automatic emergency braking as standard
equipment across all trims. The Golf’s engaging
driving experience should continue with
this updated version. The smooth and eager
170-horsepower, turbo-charged four
cylinder carries over, still mated to either
a five-speed manual or a six-speed
automatic transmission. Not that everything has
been perfect with the Golf. Reliability has
been below average across the entire Golf family. Hopefully, Volkswagen
will be able to improve upon this with the new car. The 2018 Volkswagen Golf
goes on sale this fall. For more compact cars, check
out consumerreports.org.

23 thoughts on “2018 Volkswagen Golf Preview | Consumer Reports”

  1. Sideswipe says:


  2. Eamonn McDermott says:

    REDESIGNED? I will have to get my eyes checked I think, cannot tell the difference between this "new" Golf and the "old" one!

  3. Pod says:

    no wonder people have been reporting really steep deals on the previous golfs…

  4. Goru Minosyan says:

    VW are unreliable on the long run. Make sure to get rid of yours after 60K miles!

  5. brikag says:

    Will they have a diesel variant?

  6. Maestro_T says:

    In Europe, I hear these are considered reliable cars…!?

  7. Highconsciousnessman says:

    Hopefully, the 2018 versions will have much better reliability.

  8. Brenden Pragasam says:

    After the scandal, I think everyone can agree that Mazda overtook the VW golf (at least in America)

  9. Gabe Pettinicchio says:

    For have the life of me, I don't understand how build cars of such high quality and performance, only to have them fall apart after a couple of years. Otherwise, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  10. J M says:

    I love the 1.8TSi. Just did a Unitronic Stage 1+ on mine and it's night and day from stock.

  11. Eric Haynes says:

    Why buy this Volkswagen when they've proven time and time again to NOT be reliable?

  12. michael tipton says:

    I've owned 2 GTI's in my life.
    Love the cars but I had joint custody with the mechanic.

  13. Emmett says:

    Has VW given up on Diesel models in North America?
    Surprised and dissapointed the preview didn't make any mention of Diesel / Dieselgate.

  14. snakerb says:

    Forward collision warning and automatic braking should NOT be standard on all models, especially not on the GTI and R. Optional? Yes. Standard? No.

  15. Bruce John Shourt says:

    Once again the Consumer Reports video production team fails to do good sound in a noisy environment, resulting in a not great signal-to-noise ratio. It doesn't help that you clip the body mike on the lapel away from where he turns his head instead of in the center under the speaker's chin. And it should be a directional miniature microphone, not an omni directional one. The best sound is a short shotgun microphone held straight up just below the chin and have presenter speak across it.

  16. crumdoggy says:

    I wish CR would get a bit more into the data when referencing the Golf Reliability.  When you pull up the CR website information on Golf reliability it appears the reliability problems are limited to infotainment and smaller issues–not major mechanical.

  17. Donald Nicol says:

    Too bad VW,I dumped my very unfuel efficient 2013 Jetta and bought a 2016 Kia Optima LX sedan.I had a diesel golf but VW did something to the engine after the scandal,and the thing went from costing $45 a week to drive to $70 a week.My experience with diesels is VW WANTS YOU TO REPLACE YOUR CAR EVERY 3 OR 4 YEARS.

  18. Michael Self says:

    AWESOME MOVE on the Clark plaid seats and sunroof combination! I think I just made my decision!

  19. Tigerex966 says:

    no power upgrades on the gti?

  20. Donald Nicol says:

    After the way VW and the local dealer treated me I will never,ever get back together or own anything VW ever again!!!!!!!!

  21. fleuger99 says:

    I was a huge VW fan from late 80's until 5 years ago, less so with TDI fiasco. I've owned a 1988 Golf, 2003 GLI, 2008 R32 and a 2012 Touareg. Love them all at the time. In last several years with VW bringing out North American only Jetta and Passat I'd never buy another VW. Those two models are boring and lack the design and features of their European counter parts. Why does VW think we want some watered down crap cars? Then the diesel fiasco. VW has lost a long time customer and supporter but I'll never buy a VW product again.

  22. DimaGT says:

    Why are you, CR, are so obsessed with all this safety tech?! I don't want those options on my car is standard. Option sure. But no way is standard. Especially for GTI or Golf R.
    Please promote driving knowledge. Lessons and driving schools and not useless tech. They are just A bandage for a problem. Which is shitty driving techniques and poor judgement.

  23. RickZed says:

    It's a slooooow Golf introduction. Except for a few GTIs the rest of the Golf 5-door sedans have yet to appear. Dealers have no information of their arrival and the VW website for the Golf is still touting the 2017 models. HELLO! It's January 2018!!

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