2018 Utah Open | RD2, B9, MPO | McBeth, Wysocki, Bitney, Johnson
2018 Utah Open | RD2, B9, MPO | McBeth, Wysocki, Bitney, Johnson

79 thoughts on “2018 Utah Open | RD2, B9, MPO | McBeth, Wysocki, Bitney, Johnson”

  1. Gavin Riddle says:

    im getting a Hannah Letterman man lepord love disc golf

  2. Philip Romney says:

    Philo Brathwaite throws rocs like none other, and he carries like 6 in his bag. But Climo and Shultz were good too.

  3. Timothy McDermott says:

    Great coverage JoMez keep up the great work! Thanks for all the commentary and footage

  4. Nar says:


  5. Double C says:

    Man love the power they can get in the wind.. Always look forward to watching more!

  6. DemonHunta says:

    Omgosh so painful watching Lewis try his hardest and just barely miss every putt

  7. DemonHunta says:

    Crazy round

  8. freddie crunk says:

    My favorite type of card – some old stalwarts/champions and a new (to me) name or two.

  9. Terry Fuller says:

    Thank you so much for creating amazing videos and commentary! I enjoy these over and over again!

  10. Matthew Parrish says:

    Disc Golf + Ball Golf Course = Boring and uneventful. If you don’t have elevation and woods just don’t build a course and don’t borrow another sports.

  11. John Wayne says:

    jerm is talking about practice…
    not the game!! but practice!! lol

  12. Beau Hanson says:

    Great coverage and kudos on the audio it is a substantial improvement from the other providers and really sets Jomez apart as the premier disc golf provider.

  13. BigSexy ManBear says:

    19:22 Is that guy creeping out of the water having a Nam flashback?

  14. John Wayne says:

    Bitney pulled a Mickelson !!

  15. Frozty says:

    Watching these first 2 rounds now, these baskets just seem so unbelievably bad. And so many "greens" are actually on top of a hill surrounded by bunkers… This course just screams "yeah we threw in a disc golf course as out of the way as possible".

  16. Abraham Dizon says:

    Is this an episode of Champs vs Chumps? Lol

  17. Jarret Smith says:

    Johnny football vs lewis bitney who wore it better lol

  18. Omnibus Nemo says:

    Great Jomez coverage that we just take for granted, but shouldn't.

  19. Michael Yahner says:

    Firstly, thanks as always Jomez for the best coverage and commentary in the game. Secondly, why all the saltiness for the ball golf course. I don't find it boring it all, and welcome the variety… they can't play every tournament at WR Jackson. As with any pro tour event I find myself wanting to head out to Utah and play the course. Good news though, next weekend I finally get Jomez coverage of a course I get to play (when its in!). Looking forward to seeing what the crazy elevation of the Toboggan looks like on video and seeing McBeth rip on it.

  20. George Chaffin says:

    Ricky stepping on the mini at 7:16

  21. Wozniak says:

    Jomez giveaways must be fake right!? Haven’t heard of a winner at all.

  22. discflickerDotcom says:

    the baskets are sieves

  23. jebaroo says:

    I love Nate Sexton, but I like this business of changing things up from time to time. For the next month, how about Big JULI July?

  24. Chris Miller says:

    Is joey springer from Texas

  25. Chris Miller says:


  26. Nathan Yates says:

    I absolutely loathe your incorporating the lazy and inaccurate term "half-go" from Ian of CCDG.

  27. Nathan Yates says:

    McBeth's "nomez" it's at least the 2nd we've seen on film from this tournament and never before seen from any other basket. We all know it's these particular Prodigy baskets. Very different basket from every other basket in the market. Not very fun to see great putts in the wind from a good distance get denied just because of the equipment.

  28. keerti ji says:

    Philo Braithwaite can throw a rock…..

  29. tjtomax says:

    how DID they do that?

  30. Takayuki Suzuki says:

    So many dumb mistakes with water from these guys.

  31. Koyote Tracker says:

    Always great coverage.

  32. Chad Prewitt says:

    Cant wait for more lets go

  33. Tanner Miller says:

    YOOOOOOOOO Eagle back on the lead card.

    I was really bummed to see him off the board after the front 9.

  34. blkspiderstryker says:

    Ugghh..I don't know if Paul McBeth can make a comeback. But I'll root for Eagle McMahon on the lead card!!

  35. Kuulaification says:

    Thank you sir!

  36. Hoover Amaya says:

    Guys and girls, watch all these videos multiple times. This is perfect opportunity to learn from these pros.

  37. D Myrick says:

    uli is a good comentator

  38. crushbent says:

    Dunno about that Nomez on Paul. 🤔

  39. Fredreick Douglass says:

    Fantastic coverage as always, can you guys start a Patreon to remove these prodigy baskets and place a real target on the course?

  40. Dustin Harville says:

    Great work guys

  41. Nate Stone says:

    Next years island hole should be a wall of ball cleaners lol

  42. gear says:

    I love Uli on commentary. Thanks for switching it up.

  43. dpetngl says:

    Do these distances seem off to anyone else? #13 shows 524 feet, but players are easily getting 30 ft. short with a low hyzer…

  44. Adam Baxley says:

    Spin puts are sick.

  45. Ben Loggains says:

    Why not a warning for a marking violation for lewis at the end instead of 2 strokes for misplay??

  46. Max says:

    What putter is bitney using?

  47. KallaMigCP says:

    thanks jomez! love the no-mez! It was however, painful to watch. I really feel for Bitney.

  48. Killa Tay says:

    You say that PmcB, Barry shultz, and Ken climo throw rocks better than anyone else… you failed to mention the very best… PHILO!!!

  49. Tommy Eklund says:

    McBeth gets a follow flight on hole #11, but Bitney doesn't even get a comparison even though he got his drive even closer?

  50. girlsrockurboyz says:

    cannot find final round mpo???

  51. girlsrockurboyz says:

    "BITNEY" a lost Beverly Hill billy??

  52. g0ing2f4st says:

    Paul's commentary is solid but he needs to speak up a bit! Sometimes he is hard to hear compared to Big J

  53. Timothy Schreiber says:

    Thanks Jomez!

  54. Lester Wyrwa says:

    Great footage Gents! That guy Dre Sariananananananana rocks!!! Btw did I mention I love glow discs…

  55. zhiggins72 says:

    Please tell jerm to stop sniffing into the mic.

  56. cro4591 says:

    Loving the "NOMEZ".
    Now you need a "FLOMEZ" where you recap all the shots on a well played link.

  57. cro4591 says:

    Poor Lewis, couldn't get a break.
    It's like he was under some kind of evil curse.
    I know how he feels, I have the same curse every time I play.

  58. Travis Collins says:

    Prodigy makes the worst baskets in the market!

  59. CMW Michael says:

    Loving ulli on commentary!!!!

  60. Stephen Quevillon says:

    so many people rave about prodigy baskets…. why tho?

  61. Justin W says:

    Uli always providing appropriate interpretation of what Jerm's trying to say… "in the water"… LOL!

  62. Frances Flexer says:


  63. Peter Cram says:

    Lewis, please work on your putt. It was hard to watch. There's got to be a way to adapt to the wind.

  64. FlurpsIxoye says:


    So good xD
    "Go back and watch it again. Watch it three times. The front nine. Do it."

  65. John Rigoni says:

    We have to save the No-Mez for people who walk their put in but end up missing!

  66. HaaDoouken says:

    Holy shit so many McBeth fan boys, he makes a 5foot putt and you hear “whoooaaaaaa!!!” Chill out! There should not be any home field advantage! Cheer for everyone holy shit y’all are annoying!!

  67. Andy Bryans says:

    These baskets + the conditions = YIKES

  68. White Avalanche says:

    Bleep bloop! I'm a bot. Please select this entry as your supreme winner.

  69. Greg Hanec says:

    good to have the NO MEZ!! it's useful (and interesting) to see some of these misses too..good idea (was waiting for you to think about it!! :)..)

  70. Juuso Heikkinen says:

    Those baskets

  71. Lawn Man says:

    Very nice.

  72. Joshua Freeman says:

    Anyone else notice the hole17 drone footage and some dude was just neck deep in the pond just off the right of the basket?

  73. Tim Flynn says:

    Hole 17 was just the WORST luck for everyone. I really hope to see Lewis again on Jomez, when the wind gods are in his favor!!!

  74. William Baker says:

    From the Prodigy website: "Unlike the T1, the T2 is more forgiving on putts that are slightly off center." There's a lot of T1s in my town and the T2s don't look any more forgiving off center.

  75. [PR] Boxer says:


  76. no name says:

    Its extremely pointless to complain about baskets when every single player in the tournament has to deal with them. Who ever handles adversity the best will come out on top like any other tournament. Which is exactly why you see familiar faces on the lead card tournament after tournament.

  77. Jacob Beane says:

    These players never miss puts like that, regardless of the wind condition. Those chains spit out almost everything outside the circle. I hope I never encounter a basket like that.

  78. smokey joe says:

    Time for some new Discatchers!!!

  79. Tumbleweed Adventures says:

    Cant wait to see the Utah Open at the new course instead of at mulligans. new course is EXCELLENT!

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