2018 Subaru Impreza Sport | Better than Civic?| Complete Review | TestDriveNow
2018 Subaru Impreza Sport | Better than Civic?| Complete Review | TestDriveNow

Month after month, Subaru’s sales continue
to rise; remarkable when you consider they don’t sell a traditional crossover or 3-row
SUV. But Americans have bought into their all-wheel
drive, dog-loving ways, attracted to their mix sedans, hatchbacks and wagons. This is the all-new, 2018 Impreza. After a truncated run of 2017 models, this
next generation Impreza is really hitting its stride. It’s the only Subaru “car” to see sales
gains this year, up over 40%.  For the first time, production has moved from
Japan to the United States, riding upon a new platform designed to deliver significantly
higher levels of driving pleasure, agility, crash protection and ride comfort.  The size hasn’t grown that much though there’s
enough additional passenger volume to garner a midsize classification, maturing from its
compact dimensions.  And it feels that way, too; whether from behind
the wheel or from behind the front seats, there’s ample room in here.  It sits lower, improving aesthetics, aerodynamics
and handling.  Though with 5.1” of ground clearance, this
is one Subaru you’re going to want to keep primarily on-road.  It still comes in sedan and hatchback bodystyles
and motors with familiar powertrains.  This here is the new Impreza Sport, with 18”
wheels, a sport-tuned independent suspension with Active Torque Vectoring, LED daytime
running lights, black grille, body-color rocker panels and rear spoiler.  Upgrades over the Premium trim include the
8” touchscreen multimedia system, keyless access with push button start, aluminum pedals
and leather wrapped driver controls.  The look is stellar, particularly so in this
Lithium Red Pearl paint, and I don’t think I’ve ever said that before about any Subaru.  Never a Subaru strong suit, interior design
also speaks to higher quality and greater visual appeal.  Touchpoints feel more premium, doors shut
with a reassuring thud and overall it seems quieter.  The manually adjusted driver’s seat is firm
but comfortable and the low cowl provides a wide field of vision. Now, if you REALLY want a sporty Impreza you
buy a WRX, so it’s important to understand the Impreza Sport’s positioning. It’s powered by a 152 horsepower 4-cylinder
engine paired here to the optional continuously variable transmission.  You’ve likely heard bad things about the
CVT but Subaru has gone to great lengths to assuage the criticisms.  This one is interesting in that it has a manual
mode function that authentically mimics 7 shift points to provide the feeling of a traditional
automatic.  And if you’re looking to extract any fun
from this car paddle shifting is a must.  With the gear shifter kicked to the left,
gear changes occur rapidly enough to feel more like a dual clutch transmission.  Leave the CVT to its own devices and it’s
as smooth and quiet as any such gearbox on the market, but with tepid acceleration and
a dead spot around 2,000 RPM where your foot is saying go but the engine’s saying no.  90% of buyers will likely find the drive acceptable
but the rest will want something with more zip.  Stellar fuel economy is virtually unchanged
at 27mpg city/36mpg highway. Driven normally, the Impreza’s balance of
ride and handling is impressive. The steering is quick and precise, the car
dutifully goes where you point it and the suspension soaks up a rough road.  Push it harder though and there’s a good
deal of understeer – that’s the effect you get when the front end plows through a
curve. The torque vectoring helps tuck the car into
a tight turn, but hampered by the lack of oomph, the Sport’s happier with mild exercise. Concerning the Starlink system, this is an
easy to use interface with some very clever apps, such as the a propos eBird app, designed
for birdwatchers, advising them of local sightings and locations. There’s no embedded navigation but the Magellan
Navi app is free for 3 years or you can just use your phone’s mapping software through
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  2 USB ports are included.  There’s lots of good stuff in here and it’s
worth noting how great the audio system sounds, with volume, clarity and deep bass and that’s
without either of the 2 available upgrades. Other relevant information can be displayed
up here, controlled via a steering wheel switch. Without the EyeSight system, this car lacks
the important side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert and the like.  MSRP is $23,755.  All-wheel drive entries in the compact segment
are rare so that alone gives the Impreza a leg up and even though it can’t match the
Civic’s excitement it’s a solid effort worthy of consideration.

51 thoughts on “2018 Subaru Impreza Sport | Better than Civic?| Complete Review | TestDriveNow”

  1. DAT TAPE says:

    wonder if this subaru also have the wandering steering wheel problem? scary. next

  2. Austin Shoupe says:

    More in reference to the comments: if you just looked at peak hp and decided it's bad, you really don't get cars. Peak hp is part of a larger spectrum of qualities that determines performance. Go drive one. You'll feel the CVT rubber band a little, but it's enough power for traffic and highway use. You'll still be able to pass people. But if you set your cruise to eco mode and set it to 60 mph, you'll make 40+mpg on those long single lane country highways that are never exciting. The fun is when you find yourself taking a 25mph on ramp at 45 mph with little to no braking because it's balanced like a Subaru.

  3. john smith says:

    the CVT feels great, nothing like a lot of people say. Mine is heavy so therefore not fast but for what it is designed, it rocks. In australia all Impreza range comes with Eye sight. The emergency braking doesn't work.

  4. TuneManiac says:

    Civic looks a lot better From outside. Power and torque impresa wins.

  5. Eggroll Eater says:

    it looks like a goat

  6. LeeROBD says:

    Subaru needs to hire some better designer…. it get worse every model year….

  7. Jon Moreno says:

    Of course, ​it is.

  8. Tucsonan Dude says:

    Just bought a 2018 Impreza Sport with the manual transmission to add to my personal fleet.  I'm quite happy with mine.  AWD, comfortable, great seats, good stereo, SUNROOF, slick manual (altho "only" a 5 spd).  Power is not terribly impressible, but gas mileage is…and that's what I wanted in an economy touring car.  If I want fun, I drive my Wrangler, new Miata or BMW Sportbike. Most of the time, I just take the Roo for errands and trips.

  9. Brandon Winn says:

    Where can I buy that spoiler?
    Will it fit a 2017 Wrx ?

  10. Marktuyet says:

    stupid all black interior ..hotter than hell here in Florida .
    and my son's Impreza burns a lot of oil !!!

  11. MASKOAA says:

    I picked up the Crosstrek but this did catch my eye at the lot……a real looker

  12. rtfe83able says:

    Traded in my 2017 Honda Civic EX hatchback, for a 2018 Subaru Impreza Sport hatchback. Another winter storm coming, I’m sure glad I did! Great job Subaru and your symmetrical AWD. 👍🏻

  13. Wade Barrett says:

    The subaru imprezza 2018 brochure says that sport model is not equipped with fog lamps. If so, what are the lamps i saw in the video? Also, is it possible to get the "blind spot detector + rear traffic alert" without the $$$ "kerman audio, power moonroof + eyesight"?

  14. PussMag says:

    Poorman's Audi A4 Quattro

  15. J G says:

    I just got the 2018 sport hatch with the 5 speed. It’s well worth the added cargo capabilities and the manual gives you a good driving sensation. This car isn’t about power. But rather appearance, safety, AWD and a good driving experience. If you’re gonna complain about power just spend the extra 3-5k for a wrx but keep in mind those base models lack some of the features of the sport and insurance rates will go up

  16. Scott Goodwin says:

    New Suburu's are a joke. I bought the Impreza after owning three Toyotas. This car has more glitches than all of my Toyotas combined. My key is continually stuck in the ignition, (something the dealership can't fix after spending three days trying) I have to practically  break the shifter to get the key out. There are rattles galore and the CVT will drive you up a wall with its whine! It is under powered and the entertainment system just doesn't work properly at all. I turns off and on randomly and just frustrates the heck out of me.

  17. Vision33r says:

    I am so sick of new cars with big touch screens and apps. Just give me a dockable easy to connect screen for my mobile phone. I prefer easy to reach knobs instead of touch screens. You really should not be playing with touch screens while driving.

  18. Syed Ali says:

    IDE rather buy an older Subaru

  19. John says:

    Unpopular opinion for am American but I wouldn't buy it unless it was the hatch and a manual

  20. Bhargav Makineni says:

    Honda civic has 1.5-liter Turbo Engine @174hp with 162 lb-ft Torque and Subaru Impreza has 2.0 L 4 cylinder engine @152hp with 145 lb-ft Torque and CIVIC looks sportier and stylish than Impreza. So IMPREZA can't beat CIVIC at all.

  21. Mike Stoddart says:

    Did they borrow the backend of the last gen Camry?

  22. David lemay says:

    Just leased one last week. Big mistake, Soft ride, bad steering. Ugly design. I should have sticked with volkwagen. Lousy entertainement system. I am super unhappy with it. Tought that the last generation were funnier to drive

  23. Thomas Gaglione says:

    27/35 mpg for the automatic cvt, but 22/30 for the manual trans. For those of us who like manual trans that sux. You get a slow car with bad gas mileage (usually smaller engine/HP cars have the upside of having good gas mileage). And a 5 speed is archaic these days. I was looking into this car, but gas prices are going up. Can't consider it. Has AWD which is good in the snow, but that's only an issue a few times a year.

  24. Snadzies says:

    150hp is not enough, even on the base Impreza.
    I drove a 2017 Impreza for a week as a loaner and the power is inadequate for anything other than stop light to stop light city driving.
    Getting on the highway you have to floor the thing to get up to speed before the end of the on ramps and you should be prepared to camp the right lane because you can forget about passing anything.

    If they can get the same engine to put out 200hp in the BRZ then they should be able to at least give the Impreza 170-180hp.

  25. TurtlemanGaming says:

    wayyyyyy better the a civic

  26. Buknoychii Fiocchii says:

    Both Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi are all GREAT CARS! They're all GREAT! HOWEVER! there's no options AVAILABLE to choose they're all works the same! After all they're all Automatic, CVT transmission ANYWAY!!! and a Stupid, useless and expensive repair PUSH BUTTON START! Cars TODAY are NOT that so PRACTICAL that they used to be BACK IN THE DAY! THEY'RE ALL BUILT FOR TRADE-INS!!!!

  27. Pierre Ranger says:

    just too bad they can't build a motor that doesn't burn oil

  28. NeATaNDtURdy says:

    A lancer with down syndrome. And more expensive to own than a civic

  29. S. D. H. says:

    I like the subdued, retro-sporty look of the sedan in the Sport trim, but the 18" wheel design just looks goofy as hell, and those tires are no doubt impractical as hell for a daily-driver vehicle. Still, it looks better than the fugly Civic or Corolla, and the wheels/tires could be swapped out after purchase for something better from the aftermarket (17" wheels most likely).

  30. NukuNuku says:

    Great daily driver

  31. Andrew Keys says:

    I want the hatchback sport but it is so damn slow and subi isn’t kicking out the hatchback WRX.

  32. yiranjack says:

    US made?Well, I will pass.

  33. Tous Shong says:

    Without the AWD on this car, this car has nothing to offer or worth looking at.

  34. npitu04 says:

    Maybe this is a factor of me starting to think like an old man (my 30th bday is this week lol), but I actually really like the more traditional look of the car. It seems like a bit more of a class act. Other JDM cars these days (looking at you, civic) look like Gundams on wheels. Way too gaudy in appearance, the kind of "cool" the goes out of style in 5 years. That is, of course, just my opinion, appearance is as subjective as it gets

  35. The Big Sass says:

    Dear Steve,
    Really enjoyed your review. Really the best and most complimentary in this segment of videos. Thanks for posting!

  36. Kyle Gregory says:

    I dunno I drive my 96 impreza over my 2018 impreza

  37. Johnny Doggs says:


  38. Clevelaannd says:

    Great car I just hate those blasted tail lights.

  39. Pedro C says:

    Thank goodness no I Pad look and monster grill. I would be interested and I agree it is a slug. So much that it’s a no go for me. It didn’t need turbo power just a tad more from getting run over on the freeway. I do like the design and simple interior. I tested the 19 and I was horrified with the dealer driving along with me . I thought there was a problem? Nope it just has no sporty to the sport. And I mean nothing. In terms of power it reminded me of the first generation Elantra. My goodness so bad. The dealer wanted me to try the STI? I said no I was interested in the Impreza, key word was. It does many things well, and many will be happy with it. I don’t see why they couldn’t throw in a couple of more ponies. The after market I don’t think has much to make up for its lacking power without making it obnoxious.

  40. calizess says:

    Bottom line: it neither drives well, nor steers well, but it has a bird search app. Awesome car!!!

  41. Stephen Dueck says:

    “The car dutifully goes where you point it”…what else is is it going to do….?

  42. Ryan Littleton says:

    If AWD is a top priority for you then YES the Impreza is better than the Civic. Otherwise NO, it's not. But I still nonetheless really like the new Impreza.

  43. Craig Moorer says:

    All that for $23? Sheeeiiiit not bad. Drove one today as a loaner. For that price….quite zippy.

  44. Ronald Harrison says:

    Metal faced pedals are nothing but a gimmick in an automatic, in fact they could be hazardous and cause you feet to slip off the pedals.

  45. Mark Kuzmenko says:

    I have 2018 Subaru Impreza For sale

  46. Ultimate Warrior says:

    The sport version has the sport emblem in the back..But the sport-tech version does not? What's up with that?

  47. Jay K says:

    30 missed calls and 3 unread messages?

  48. Jesse Palmer says:

    I have a 2019 impreza sport hatch CVT and I love it…yes it may not have the power but after an aftermarket intake and exhaust I feel like I gained plenty enough HP too satisfy my needs…at 32mpg average I’m loving that compared to the 13-14mpg average I had with my charger I traded in

  49. Michael Kim says:

    You have the classic background voice for news stories.

  50. OspreyBravo18 says:

    The lack of power is a bit much for my taste. Due to some issues I can't afford to keep my GTI which is running around 295-300 at the wheel and I'm loath to sacrifice that. Honda is at least less of a jump.

  51. Bob Apostolov says:

    Impreza sport on the global Chassis has less body roll and is more fun and pleasant than WRX old chassis, also steering is more surgical precise BRZ like compared to old WRX.

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