2018 San Francisco Open | Final Rd, B9 Chase Card | McMahon, Oakley, Anthon, Sheehan
2018 San Francisco Open | Final Rd, B9 Chase Card | McMahon, Oakley, Anthon, Sheehan

Hello and welcome back to final round chase card coverage From the 2018, San Fransico Open, we are here at Glen Eagles Golf Club Big Sexy commentary here with you Nate Sexton and Jeremy Koling We see Eagle shooting I believe an even par, one under On the front nine Which is very difficult, so it’s a good front nine Josh and Eric are still in it, Cameron falling back a little bit We are in chase card here and it is um a round in which the wind is dictating the course The course design is completely based right now on how well you can handle this wind Anything can happen on this back nine Yeah, let’s see if these players can make a charge. Starting of with a very long hole, 1188 foot par five hole ten. It’s a super strong tailwind, could you even imagine this hole in a headwind? If this was opposite, I feel like people would be taking ten’s Yeah, it, no thank you I couldn’t keep one drive in bounds through the three rounds, so I can’t imagine if it was a headwind Josh just narrowly avoiding the OB off the left side of the fairway Eric with the nice low shot down the fairway Challenging that gold finch in the fairway Challenge accepted Eagle going big! So tough to keep the disc turned over but still that’s cruising, that’s probably 600 feet Yeah, I’d say that’s a fair guess right there. Making look very easy to do Cameron, if this gets an edge and a bit of a skip. It’s not bad, a little low, but still not bad. Yeah, the tee shot is the one you want to keep in bounds and in position and you can go really big on the second shot Josh, I’m sure he’s trying to get that to flip. But in this tailwind that’s no small task, mhmm-mhmm This is a hole that is reachable in two shots for these top players We have not seen a three all week-end on it If there’s a round to do it This would be the one, this would be a good time for that. This is super high but dropping fast. That’s a great crush Stay in bounds, stay in bounds, come on No way! You did it, that was on you. Yeah, I’ll take, you know It’s how the world be Oh man, tough break for Cameron Nice rip, the disc would not stop rolling. Eric with two phenomenal shots, gonna put him in good position for maybe, 150 left to the pin And Eagle’s got other plans in mind, get to an edge. Just unable to hit the edge that he needed. all the power Not quite the right angle out of his hand. Oh, very nice shot from Cameron, you can see how many trees that had to navigate Great shot from Josh Uh-Oh, mhmm So fast, getting that putter up in the air. Ten percent chance to make that putt, yeah. Like that is such a hard putt with the wind and the way it is Eagle perfect lay up A hundred percent chance to make that putt Frustrating par for Eric after two big drives that set him up perfectly. And you know in these conditions any birdie that you can get, as Josh taps in his Is a big bonus, I mean, it’s, there’s not, there’s two holes on this course playing under par. So, yeah, a birdie is huge. Yup, every hole. Hole 11, par 3, 302, low ceiling You can play a big turn over, you can play even a high forehand probably with these wind conditions Low forehand is also in play Eh, I did see some rollers but I think this wind is probably not your friend If you’re thinking of laying one down Not quite getting the lift, pushing it but also slamming it at the same time Curious if he’s gonna go for the high, no he’s going for the medium height forehand And pushing just a bit, but Good. Yeah. It’s gonna be a direct tailwind putt from there. And Eric same thing he did in round two Just dialed it in to tap in range, perfect Here’s that lower skip line Wow Really nice shot from Cameron Josh likes to do this step back run-in putt. Good effort from that distance. That’s the Distance that Eagle’s been feasting on competition this season Hasn’t necessarily been a Terrible putting round so far for him, he’s had a couple of nice putts but it hasn’t Been a great one either, and, and, so rarely ever is a good putting round in Day’s like this, you know what I mean If you’re picking today to be you’re good putting round You’re going to be killing the field. Yeah. Especially if you’re judging good by the standards of a calm day I mean, you know, a good putting round today is like making 85 percent in the circle which generally would be considered pretty bad. Yeah. Hole 12, par three, 444 downhill Into this cove onto the right side You can throw a big roller, big forehand, or turnover Get down there for some kind of look, there are some logs that kinda guard the pin though, so it can be tricky Eric going roller, this is really good angle. It’s actually a little too much angle, he’s gone a little long. It’s not easy to do with the roller. This headwind it tends to wanna curl Super early. Yeah. Especially with the slope. Good opportunity here Oh no, a disaster. He’s gonna have less obstacles in the way from there, but. You’re looking at every bit of 350′ from there Look at the wind just play with that. Throller, throller, don’t go back to the golf green. Or the bunkers We actually saw Philo. Woah I still saw it going left We saw Philo roll through two bunkers, successfully navigating through each one To way out to the left side and then ended up proceeding to get up and down from there Wow This is no throller, this is intentional all the way It’s pretty good. Yeah, I mean Anywhere where you can secure yourself a guaranteed three on this hole is bonus. I mean in these conditions. Mhmm-mhmm. This is a very, this is a nightmarish hole. This looks like a really good shot. Little short I think There you see the graphic averaging 3.4 Look at Josh Over the fairway of the previous hole Oh goodness, and he’s gone Quite a bit long, fortunately in these woods here The wind is somewhat died down so you don’t have to. Concern yourself with that as much, but. Still 40 feet is 40 feet Wow, Eric with almost a highlight putt there Let’s see if Eagle can hit the illusive birdie on this hole. Oh, just over the top Josh is displeased with his effort You can see that flag is not moving at all right now Probably cause it’s wrapped up in itself. Yeah. But it’s not as windy obviously here we’re a little bit protected One birdie on the day on hole twelve Incredibly difficult Hole 13, par three, 347 to one of the strongest headwinds on the course Right at this spot, it’s funneling right into just coming up near 30 miles an hour Really over stable disc required, really a hard throw Probably 425 power maybe To get up to the pin, even though it’s measuring 347 Yeah, measured. I’m curious about that cause I feel like this is longer even in calm wind It plays longer than 345, 347. Mhmm-mhmm It is maybe a little uphill aswell If you have the power to get around all of these Arching branches, that’s the best way to play this hole. Only a few players on tour have that kind of power This is one of those guys, and he’s even going for the low skip shot Really nice effort there and I mean if Eagle’s coming up short throwing it hard. That’s telling you right there This is a long hole What does a lefty do here? I think that tunnel shot suits the eye but in this kind of headwind it’s so hard to trust something That’s gonna flip over, you just, you don’t want to flip it early Yeah, you don’t know how much flip it’s going to get. And that could be a little bit of a treacherous upshot from way up there If this can drop, this might be perfect Oh, so close That’s like Deion Sanders out there, man it catches everything. Ouh Tester putt Wow, look at that Deion Sanders once again Wow Josh. Oh oh oh. My goodness And you can see the undulations of this putt Lifting, dropping, carrying Maybe not as much lift and drop as I thought from that initial footage but Such a tough day to earn a Slomez though Yeah. Right. And he did it. Yeah, we had one on the front nine with Eagle on hole 8. Josh here on hole 13 Oh, goodness Alright, I feel like we can now upgrade this to a poor putting round on Eagles effot I mean it’s just not what we’re normally use to seeing Super stylish, you can wear this thing one on the course, off the course You let people know that you’re representing disc golf out there when your wearing shirts like this Also very soft, very comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing silk in this and it’s cotton, how do they do that? It gets me every time, man. Just makes you smile, definitely. Hole 14, par three , 263 feet up the tunnel There’s also a backhand hyzer play, that I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these guys take Given the wind, so either forehand up the middle, maybe mid range up the middle Though, you’re asking a lot out of that mid range on a day like today. This looks like the hyzer play Very good I was slightly surprised to see how many players were doing this hyzer line Almost every player in my group Went for the hyzer line and so far all three players have gone for that hyzer line. This fairway does slope from right to left so these hyzer greens are coming in And Cameron going for what appears to me to be the more traditional play just to tunnel up the gap. Up the middle. Mhmm-mhmm But yeah, I guess I’m surprised Eric has a really good forehand touch shot As is Josh But um, you just feel like taking more trees out of play Though that initial gap is pretty tight. Yeah, it’s an uncomfortable gap to hit. That’s I guess, why I was so surprised to see so many players go for that shot. That was a good effort And was able to keep the disc slow enough to not go down that hill. After the miss That is a very good 25 footer Again it’s hard to overstate how difficult these conditions are Really good for a 25 footer when its from 30 feet That makes an excellent, that’s an even better 25 footer Josh with a more conventional 25 foot putt From actually 22 feet actually so Splitting hairs Good hit by Eric Hole 15, par three, 465 going back downhill with the tailwind Elevated basket though, so. You may have guessed putting will be tough I have said that before but watch out here because it not only elevated but also the slope of the hill So if you miss this one, if you’re down there to the right, this thing, this basket looks about 20 feet tall. Josh’s throwing a leopard here And this is going to hyzer out And with four holes to go, it’s worth mentioning that Before the tournament We were kind of predicting what score would come in as the winner. And we were tossing around the 20 to 21 range At 7 under an average per round which was the pace through round one and two Obviously the conditions are much more difficult this last round with this wind. Scores are averaging a lot higher However, we still feel like 20 is about the number Where the leader should be coming in. With only four holes to go If Eagle or Josh want to make a run at this title, their going to have to birdie out Yeah, and we’re talking 17 and 18 are incredibly tough headwind birdies You’re gonna to need to birdie this hole and you’re gonna need to birdie the island hole And somehow find a to get 17 and 18 Yeah. If you don’t do that, I really think it’s gonna be difficult to catch Paul and Ricky at the pace their playing Cameron with the hyzer, little short Probably leave him 40 feet or so We have no really good looks at birdie here on this one so. It’s gonna be a position play there, Josh. Mhmm That is leaving a lot of skin on the potatoe Yeah Eric’s waving to the gallery that’s not clapping for him Cameron, oh man, he was a little closer than 40 but what a bid. It’s so hard to leave it high on this elevated basket With this crazy tailwind, you see Eagle just lay that up. Wow Sit down. Not Oh goodness It did not sit This putt for bogey Oh no Wow and just like that Josh Anton is gonna be eliminated from Title contention with a double bogey dropping him to 12 under A rare mishap from such a solid putter Sheehan for par, Eagle gonna take a par Eagle and Eric content to just lay up after solid drives But you can see why. What happen to Josh there could happen to anybody. Always cheesing Hole 16, par three, 285, this one is going downhill a little bit Kind of a cross wind, and it is an island green If you miss this island, you proceed to the drop zone about 65 feet away Where you’re gonna be taking a four or maybe a five if you mess that short shot up Very tricky play. A forehand or a backhand available. Forehand is gonna fight the wind a little bit maybe more than the backhand. This is gonna be really close. Catching the back edge of the keen wall Wonderful, No I’m not talking about the vegetarian, vegan Food. Quinoa. Oh, I didn’t know where you were going with that Even, even, ah, regular old meat eaters can have quinoa these days Yeah, that, yeah, well, oh yeah, you don’t have to be a vegetarian I suppose. This looks perfect. Oh yeah. Oh, you’re loving that Cameron getting a little of the follow flight action Here and around the spin. Kinda a tough one for him The beautiful shot thrown here. Almost getting the garbage can That’s great and setting up a tailwind You can’t ask for anything more. A tailwind tap in Oh boy Wow That was so close No way. Are you kidding? That’s so insane That’s the best putt we’ve seen today That was incredible. Hands down One of the better putts we’ve seen all weekend, there’s just no way to really truly explain how much that wind is coming in on this hole. To give you an example, Avery Jenkins had that same line. But was 25 feet away and pitched it under the basket. 25 feet Wow Using the entire bucket, noisiest putt award goes to Eagle And they’ve decided that he actually gets first and second place Wow, it did hit the basket two to three times Great job Right Cameron there for the birdie Hole 17, par three, 442 feet up hill behind these large trees. It is so far uphill, you’ve gotta throw an anyhyzer to flex with an overstable disc Or a roller, wind is ripping kinda left to right headwind This hole played what 540 The first two rounds, feels like it. I think it’s playing close to 6 at this point. This elevation is so high Eagle has a surprising play with this wind You’re just gonna see it get pushed. Ah. It was gonna be pretty good. Oh yeah it was. Wow. Oh look at this roll. Oh come on Well That’s what this hole does If it has an edge and it’s rolling, it wants to funnel back down this hill Josh just laughs out of his hand If you don’t know Josh, he’s a very enjoyable human being, very, great sense of humor. He likes betting, side bets and he’s also. I would say he loves betting side bets Yeah, exactly, more than anyone I’ve ever seen And he’s a button pusher, so you tend, you tend to get baited into taking his bets Cause you want to prove him wrong but you’re usually not going to beat him. Eric going with the big air shot Get a little flex for him Keeps drifting, drifting I think the play on this one is to take your most over stable disc that you have And rip it on some anhyzer and just hopes that it fights back up the hill I went roller here to kinda similar place as where Eagle is. Yup. I was behind this giant tree and couldn’t see the basket at all You chucked it in and spit out. Sorry ruined your story. I tried. But I didn’t try to, I mean I tried to lay up, I threw a firebird Oh wow, and then I just heard a chain explosion. I couldn”t see We heard you from the group behind us and we turned around and Then I hear the ‘awws’, I don’t know, I didn’t see any of it But it was a total accident, had it gone in, it would have been extremely lucky. You’re problem, you know what it was, you know why it didn’t stay in? You think, not from Charlotte, North Carolina. That helps? Two two’s on the day Grady Chui, Jeremy Koling. Okay. Charlotte, North Carolina in the house. Okay. Oh, shoot. Struggles continue for Cameron unfortunately You know, perhaps if you were still living in Asheville North Carolina That could have stuck, yeah absolutely I’m hoping the camera caught it cause It’ll be fun to see what exactly happened You threw too hard. Oh, absolutely I mean it was a driver, I was trying to play a skip shot and then the thing just lifted into the basket Hole 18, par four, 719 feet going uphill the whole way You’ve got a little OB pit on the left, OB rough on the right OB green, three sand traps and a cart path So you want to get as big a drive as possible And then, I don’t know what to do on the second shot, I’ve gone out of bounds three times. So. Who knows? Some people are birdieing it, I’ve heard. Yeah, um, it’s been birdied This guy probly birdies it a lot. That’s perfect, that’s better than perfect. Yeah, that’s, what’s better than perfect? Eagle, Eagle’s that drive is, yeah, I agree And if Eagle wants a shot at A contention here, he’s gotta walk away with a three on this hole I mean, you’re going to be grabbing a stroke on the field with a birdie here. Yeah, at 16 under you’r probably not in the running For the title. It’s hard to say. But you are certainly in contention for top three That’s not too bad, maybe a little lower than what he wanted but I would be happy with that I think, I think. I can’t tell if he’s fired up or if he’s annoyed. I think, I think he’s a little bit of both. Yeah. Nice shot there from Cameron. This hole does suit the lefty’s Quite well. Mhmm-mhmm I mean fade back into the hillside as opposed to falling down the hill. I don’t think Josh likes this one, this is heading To an okay spot, stays safe, very fortunate, so much out of bounds up there in that area. Cameron with a good bid of power Giving this a nice line. Wow, just a bit short of the basket. Awesome shot. This needs to drop, this is drifting, this is going OB If Eric wanted to tie Josh Anton, he’s gonna need Josh To, he’s not going to tie him, nah, yeah, that’s gone now, that opportunity is gone. The perfect forehand from Eagle Just long of the pin, you’ve got to be long here, you don’t want to mess with all that OB That’s right. And you do have a nice back stop for that shot Good run from Josh, it’s going to be an easy par. Eric for a big time save. And for a top ten finish. Nicely done. Eric Oakley in at 12 under. Cameron for the birdie finish, what a great birdie to. Great way to finish your round, it’s been a tough round for Cameron but. He finished strong. It’s gonna help him smile a little bit. Great tournament from Eagle. Yes, 17 under is a great score to post Nothing left to do but to watch the leaders come up the hill and see if seventeen is enough. There it is, Eagle at 17. Josh at 13. Eric at 12 Final leader board coming up, it is Paul McBeth Slow finish for him, he actually went two over and the last three holes But comes in 19 and takes the win, Eagle sneaks up there into second Yeah Thank you guys for joining us all week for coverage from San Francisco We had a great time, hope to be back and if we are, we will see you there, I am sure. Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to San Francisco open coverage We’re here in the park, everything is going well and we’ve got a couple more giveaways for you guys We’ve got the orange destroyers, the sweet ones. Yeah that’s right We got two more of them out of the stash, just for the comenters and the subscribers On the video. So this right here silver star stamp, this guy is front nine comment. Back nine baby, make sure you subscribe to us, it means a lot to us, it shows how much you guys support us If you haven’t subscribed yet and you watch us all the time that doesn’t make any sense So make sure you do that and hit that button right now and really appreciate you guy’s checking out all our videos If you wanna know if you’re the lucky winner, it’s gonna be a reply to your Youtube comment. So make sure you’re getting back on the tube after a few days to check if you won these awesome discs Beaver State Fling coming up next, Jomez has FPO coverage so you’re probably not gonna get any big sexy in your life. Maybe ever again, yeah it’s probably, this is it, this is probably the last video. Now we’re gonna be taking a little hiatus, I think so we’ll probably be coming back to you guys sometime around Ledgestone. Um, but really appreciate your support, if you guys haven’t subscribed to our Patreon accounts, it means the world to us Go ahead and throw a dollar a month, I mean, just a dollar helps so much Thank you very much for supporting us today.

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