2018 Hampden-Sydney Soccer Preview
2018 Hampden-Sydney Soccer Preview

Head Coach Tommy DiNuzzo: So probably the
#1 goal is to basically build on what we accomplished last year, which was a 10-win season. We worked our way up the conference, so we
want to continue to build on that. We think at this point in time we can compete
with any team in the ODAC, and now it’s kind of up to us to prove that on a consistent
basis. In order to do that, it comes down to what
I just mentioned, so consistency in training every day and every single game and basically having the confidence and belief to know that we can compete with anyone and we can get a result
in any game we play in. Hunter Weiland: So I think first we’ve started
to have some team meetings and we’ve very early on have said that we want our younger
incoming guys to be able to grow into their positions, grow as players, but also have
our older juniors and the senior to be able to develop the team, develop team chemistry,
and really provide kind of the brotherhood that Hampden-Sydney admits to its students
on to the team. DiNuzzo: So far preseason has been good. We’ve kind of learned that we have a versatile
group, a strong group. A number of the freshmen have come in and
made an impact already. A lot of returners as well came in extremely fit and ready to go which helped us kind of work on some things right from day one. That will help us going forward, so all in all
it’s been very good so far. Spell Carr: Preseason’s been going well. Everybody’s been working hard. The returning players you know came in and kind of
set the tempo for the younger guys to look up to. There have been some bumps and bruises along
the way, but for the most part everybody’s pushed thru. It’s been a great preseason and it’s going
to set us up really well for what’s to come. DiNuzzo: Maybe the biggest strength for our
team right now is that we still don’t know exactly what we’re going to look like because
we have a lot of versatility, a lot of depth, and a lot of guys that have stepped up. So, kind of our job now is to figure out how
it best comes together and kind of how the pieces fit, and those are good problems to
have. And again, it comes down to the group of guys
we have, and the fact that a lot of guys have stepped up in a lot of different ways. Eli Strong: I think for us, when compared
to a lot of the ODAC teams, we’re not the most physical team. We don’t really play that style, and you know
that’s really not how we want to play. I think we need to play to our strengths and
you know getting the ball down, possessing it, and using the talent we have on the team. I think that’s really one of our main strengths,
and kind fo what we will use in ODAC play, and that will put us above the other teams. DiNuzzo: So we expect everyone to contribute
in some way. Some are returners that are a little more
established though. So Hunter Weiland, going into his senior season. Spell Carr has had a great offseason. Eli Strong as well. We have a few other older guys that are injured
at the moment, but we expect back very soon. And then a number of younger guys that we
expect to step up right away as well. So it’s going to be a group effort. It’s tough to pinpoint just a few guys, again
just because you know we have a lot of depth and we expect a lot from a lot of players. Weiland: I think the three of us up here are
definitely the senior most members on the team. I know we have Cole Burton, Jacob Mann, and
then we have a lot of incoming freshmen that have great potential. And really it’s one of those teams, this
year more than ever, where we can say we can put any one of our guys on the field, starting
11, and they are going to make an impact. This year we have depth, we have you know
good personalities across the entire roster to where. Carr: A lot of talented players, a lot
of talented players as well Weiland: To where we can pretty much trust everybody that’s around us to be able to create and you know hopefully get the win DiNuzzo: So right now and last season as the
year went on, our work rate got better and better, our consistency got better and better,
and that’s something we’ll have to continue to build on and improve. And then from there, now that we have that
foundation, we can maybe be a little more calculated with some of the things that we do. Particularly in the attack, we have a lot
of dynamic players, and now we have a lot of different possibilities once we get into
the final third. So we’ll continue to work on that. And also from a defensive standpoint as well,
just a little more consistency in making sure that we can kind of build the game from that end
too once we win the ball. Carr: You know as we have a lot of freshmen
coming in, I know Eli and I both experienced that when we started our careers here
at Hampden-Sydney, one thing we’ll look to work on as we progress thru the season is
to improve our team chemistry. Really kind of getting the guys to mesh well
as a group. That’s probably the greatest thing we could
accomplish throughout the season as we progress other than you now accumulating a lot of wins,
which is the primary goal. But getting everybody to feel like a family,
which honestly we are already on our way. That’s something that we’ve already started
to work on ourselves. So getting everybody as a family is the #1
thing, and it will lead to great things for us

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