2017 Taylormade M1 Review

Errol here, with Profectus Golf. We’ve been fitting a ton of people into this Taylormade M1 driver. Stay tuned to find
out what it is about this driver that creates distance for so many people. Not long ago golf manufacturers got a
new rule settled on them. Essentially it’s a speed limit, when a
driver makes a swing of 100 miles an hour, the ball can only leave at 150
miles an hour. So with that rule imposed on them they couldn’t just continue to
make the ball go faster and increase the spring-like effect out of the driver.
They had to come up with ways to make the ball launch and spin at optimal
rates. That’s something they’ve achieved with the TaylorMade M1. We’ve had lots of people come in to get fit with this driver and it really helps them lower
the spin on their drives. So guys that usually see the ball climb into the air
now they see the ball boring through the sky. It’s really pretty neat how TaylorMade was able to do this. They did it by making the top of the driver lighter by
using carbon composite. That’s why you see this change from metal on the face
to black carbon fiber crown. Making the top of the driver lighter allowed them
to move weight that usually is at the top to the bottom. Now when the ball hits
in the center of the face the driver actually reacts in a way that
takes spin off the ball. So guys come in here, make the same swing that they’ve
always made that usually hits a climbing high spin shot and suddenly they get an
optimal Drive that goes much further with the recipe for long drives, high
launch and low spin. It’s very cool how TaylorMade has done this. Why don’t you come check it out?

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