2 vs 1: Giant Ping Pong
2 vs 1: Giant Ping Pong

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity. We have just hit 800.000 subscribers And a lot of you guys wanted to see 2 vs 1 giant ping pong So here we go! It’s me versus Miikka and Emil. Let’s go! We can’t lose this one! You will. Okay, 0-0. I have got it! Emil! That was my ball! Sorry! This is way too easy for me. It was like a “connection lost” moment! I don’t know what I was thinking. Do it Emil! That was like in slow motion! Nice! Drop shot! I have got it! What are you doing Emil!? That was a crazy rally! That’s the spot I want to play on. We can do this all day! Hard! Emil, smash it! I can do this all day! Good one, nice! Close. Fake shot. It’s harder than I thought But they still have no chance! The edge! My special tactic! Special edge. The edge guy! We actually made the sensei run there! What am I even doing here? You are just standing there. I could have saved it from here We play every shot in th middle. He doesn’t even have to move! Okay now let’s only play out to corners! The fake shot worked! I was actually trying to do the fake shot! You! C’mon Miikka! Me! Me, me, me! Me! Thanks. We didn’t get as much advantage
as we were hoping to get That was surprisingly difficult to play with two players – mixing up each other I think it was quite easy. Yeah, for you! Subscribe here And watch the previous episodes there! Until next time!

100 thoughts on “2 vs 1: Giant Ping Pong”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    Expected or unexpected result? 🤔😅 This was a pretty interesting experiment!

    Go check us out on Instagram as well: https://www.instagram.com/pongfinity/

  2. Muhammad Patel says:

    Next challenge- play a game of table tennis using the back side of a fone

  3. Руслан Рзаев says:

    Есть русские?

  4. emrah albayrak says:

    I play tesla cybertruck game

  5. Blend Krosa says:

    play match otto vs emil who wins play with miikka

  6. Kleiton Nascimento says:

    Sou o unico BR? ???kkkkkk

  7. iAmAmazing _ says:

    3:38 the guy behind the blue wall tried to have a sneak peak

  8. Veeti Männistö says:

    Onko mahollista pääst tapaamaan teit

  9. ED KIL says:

    the real name of this sport is the ultimate ping

    it s a german sport

  10. michaq pro says:

    Otto xd

  11. 朱仔 says:

    otto is really good!

  12. Noah Boettcher says:

    in 3:39 XD

  13. CoNoR MCreGoR says:

    Кто руский лайк узнаем скок здесь руских

  14. Сверидов Максим says:

    Скажите жирному, что он выиграл из-за жира

  15. Romalex says:

    wait did they just invent

    mini tennis??

  16. navii - says:

    Me me me me memememe 😂

  17. Gleb says:

    Otto its really Cool))

  18. ドッピーマン現象 says:


  19. Nikhil Agarwal says:

    How good is Otto can’t be described into words .. that control

  20. Boss DC says:

    3:38 i see some one :))

  21. Your dad’s Basement says:

    Ottos backhand tho

  22. رَوُضـيّ آلَمِـوُسًـوُيّ says:

    اكو عربي لايك

  23. nico reichel says:

    Yo juego mejor

  24. nico reichel says:

    Alguien más vio los de minuto 7:33 en la izquierda🤨

  25. CR7 LOVER says:

    I subscribed you guys are the best

  26. Lucas7896 YT says:

    3:38 look at the person on the left to otto

  27. rohan sereis says:

    Play table tennis in resorts

  28. AWasHere ACDC says:

    I think Otto won because he is a leftie like me😄

  29. ShadowNinja237 says:

    Wait, it’s allowed to let the ball bounce 2wice on ur side??

  30. Carlos says:

    Qué bien juega ese barbón!

  31. Juancho publica says:

    Otro is the best

  32. eLLe ForZa says:

    Are you from Sweden

  33. Gau Pool says:

    That is why he is called sensei

  34. Rabia Kayani says:

    My service is good but my smash turns into a marvelous fouls..
    I always gain point in service

  35. justine austria says:

    Play using your hand

  36. Compilations says:

    Otto is a legend

  37. Zachary Turner says:

    They could have just played tennis

  38. K4rp1uu-_- says:


  39. shaista shaheen says:

    Emily and Mike are running marathons lol

  40. Shotz _ says:

    Are you guys speak swedish🇸🇪🤗

  41. Roy Bravo says:

    What kind of ball you use

  42. Roy Bravo says:

    Plis i just now what racket is and what ball is

  43. Motorbikeshow says:

    I feel like miika left our emil.

  44. Octagon 8 says:


  45. Ahamd El Turk says:

    Are u swedish guys?

  46. 김성배 says:

    이뿌당 홓ㅎ

  47. ナンジェー民 says:


  48. Электрофлип says:

    The True king Otto

  49. Måns Ängquist Wittrock says:


  50. Tejas Singh says:


  51. AXx Compilations says:

    3:57 Lmao

  52. Drago says:

    a się drze

  53. Fages says:

    Like for watch in 2020 year

  54. DetroitSmash#1 says:

    Man Otto is a beast

  55. Shailesh Wagh says:

    You guys should make otto run more accross both ends to win point

  56. Batuhan Duman says:

    Boynuma dola otto father

  57. bøp X says:

    otto is best, he is king of ping pong❤️🔥

  58. Adel G4B ACBB says:

    Nous avons bien reçu votre devis et nous vous en remercie vivement par la présente et nous vous en remercions infiniment

  59. Crypto Him says:

    Not bad for a leftie.

  60. Prapajdhe says:

    This can actually become a new racket sport.

  61. Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ says:

    The fella in black, is the grunting necessary? It's only table tennis. Not power lifting or something

  62. Harun Games says:

    3:38 man

  63. Avinash Prabhakar says:

    Hulk vs Captain America and Iron Man

  64. Lustiger Name says:

    Go to 3:39 and look at the curtain. Someone took a lil peek😳😁

  65. Apo Kara says:

    Emil are so bad

  66. Ömür Aras says:

    Emil and Miika are so funny team

  67. TDAnimates says:

    So it’s tennis

  68. Ji Ross-Hook says:

    The ping pong ball is so light that it loses so much speed across that distance no matter how hard you hit it XD

  69. Infinite Media says:

    Emil weighed Mikka Down

  70. Muhammad Rahmatov says:

    Бози тенч маькулай

  71. Harmani Dari says:

    Otto is the best out of all of them

  72. Marek Kizer says:

    please play with letting the ping pong ball hit the floor once

  73. Wiki A.S says:

    Otto is too OP 😄

  74. batuhan aslım says:

    Emil is idiot

  75. NotThorsen says:

    Facing Otto is like facing Wii Sports Matt in real life

  76. Padma Ramkumar says:

    When you reach 1.5m play giant ping pong Otto and Emil vs miika and I am kid my name is nidheesh

  77. Cam pie says:

    Giant ping pong…

    So tennis?

  78. TheCeilingFanCollectorHD says:


  79. Carlos Peguero Luna says:

    Like the video, if you saw a person on the minute 3 second 39.

  80. Pablo Gonzalez says:

    Why is it always emil and miikka against otto

  81. Samy Aghrib says:

    Otto ist best

  82. Eitan Shushan says:

    Play Giant Tennis using the Giant Ping Pong Table

  83. Shawn 19 says:

    Plz do another and put Otto and Emil together I want to see how fast Mikka really is

  84. Dejan Komatina says:

    Five points is cool

  85. kosova Allbenia says:

    fans kosovo

  86. ashupashu says:

    Hey did you guys know Otto is a palindrome

  87. ashupashu says:

    Hey did you guys know Emil is lime backwards.

  88. Oyuncu tv Grl says:

    Otto my favorite

  89. Daniel Pey says:

    a guy pecked at 3:38

  90. Jacob Bunea says:

    5:49 double bounce? Otto took it home with the big forehand anyways 💪

  91. Blaz BeatBoxBiggestFan says:

    Otto so cocky

  92. TheCeilingFanCollectorHD says:


  93. Twitch Un1corn says:

    Made a 1vs1 on an giant table

  94. Cameron Reid says:

    Why is Otto allowed to leave the ball bouncing twice for a few of the points and the rally carries on.

  95. Dhruv Jain says:

    My Pongfinity Ranking
    1- Otto

  96. Eren Haliloglu says:

    Otto better

  97. Adelino Fresh says:

    Otto is the best

  98. JOEL WILSON says:

    Wait… What Otto is moving….omg

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