2 Passenger Electric Utility Cart From Moto Electric Vehicles- GoPro
2 Passenger Electric Utility Cart From Moto Electric Vehicles- GoPro

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Brett Jackrel here from MotoElectricVehicles.com here to bring you a really cool review guys.
We got the Moto Drone up above. You’re gonna see some really cool shots during this thing.
We’re reviewing the 2 passenger enclosed utility deluxe. These things are packed with
shelves. We did this for a university. Once again, built right here in Atlantic Beach,
Florida. Custom boxes done right here in Atlantic Beach, Florida and we also have the beautiful
add-a-rack on here to go to your facility maintenance department.
Guys, this is beautiful 25 mph 40-50 miles on a charge guys. We’re here to give you
a factory direct price, save you a little bit of money, but at the same time, give you
a quality product you guys can use for a long period of time. So with no further ado, we
got the Moto Drone up above. Give us a call at the end of this video with any questions,
but we’re gonna show you an extensive review of the 2 passenger enclosed utility deluxe
from Moto Electric Vehicles. Alright, so obviously, the reason why you’re
going with this vehicle is gonna be for the enclosed box. Now this box is 5 foot 9. It’s
on our utility deluxe bed and it’s fully enclosed diamond plated. This customer decided
to get the ball bearing shelves. Look how beautifully these things slide, okay? So ball
bearing shelves on these things, but if you guys get the standard box, it’s just gonna
be a big old open space, so we’ve used it for housekeeping, we’ve used it for facility
maintenance. We’ve had people actually put cold plates in these for food trucks, they
put heaters in here to keep pizza’s warm. So whatever you guys want to use it for, you
could use it for. So, let’s get up in here close so you can see.
Now the beautiful thing about it is its on trunk hinges. Look at this thing. Very easy.
Anybody any size could do it, and it locks into place and it’s sturdy. Now this customer
decided to go ahead and get the ladder rack on the vehicle. Now the ladder rack is actually
gonna go ahead and give you guys the ability to put ladder racks up there or any tools
up there, but it actually is giving you a more versatile vehicle. That’s an option,
so if you’re interested ask your sales representative today.
But once again, just wanted to show you the diamond plate box. Beautifully done 5 foot
9 long, the width of the vehicle and the height of the vehicle. You can’t get much better
than that guys. Let’s hop right to the front. Alright, so we’re at the front of the 2
passenger enclosed utility deluxe with the hard door option. Now guys, remember this
vehicle has headlights, taillights, blinkers, everything you guys need to make it street
legal, so if you’re looking for a street legal option, definitely go ahead and get
this vehicle. We’ll have the VIN number on there, the MCO on there, and you guys will
be able to put a license plate. Do you see the headlights here. You have 4 way flashers
as well as blinkers in the front of the vehicle. You also have the vehicle where it actually
has the 2 tone paint job, so most of the commercial vehicles we sell are white and silver, so
if you guys are interested in a different color you just let us know. You also could
do a lot of logo work, you do a lot of paint work. You could do whatever you guys want
to these vehicles because we’re once again a manufacturer making these right in house,
okay? One thing I do want to talk about, AS1 certified
tempered glass, okay? The same glass that’s in your car. You also have the automatic windshield
wiper that’s accessed from the front, which we’ll go over the dashboard and everything
inside the vehicle in a second. Now this vehicle, once again, totally street legal, comes with
the aluminum rims already on there and the reason why you’re getting this if you’re
in the facility maintenance department or anything you’re hauling 1200 pounds of payload
on this vehicle you can put in that box. So, this is a customer’s dream. I think you
guys are getting some good shots from Moto Drone up above. This is our first time doing
this video, so I wanted to show you guys the versatility, the 360 outlook of this vehicle.
Let’s hop right inside. Let’s give a standard shot inside this vehicle and show you all
the controls, because this is pretty cool in there.
Alright guys, so I’m standing here on the outside of the vehicle. Just wanted to show
you once again, we’ve got the best doors in the nation. These things are sturdy, okay?
It has all door locks, so you guys can keep everything secure inside as well as the back
of the vehicle since this has the enclosed box on there. I do want to hop up in here.
Now I’m 6’2”, I always point that out because a lot of people with electric vehicles
don’t want to give up that cab space, so you can see, I fit here pretty good in the
passenger side and then going over to the driver side you also have fit pretty well.
Now all of our steering wheels are actually high and not into your chest. That’s important
because a lot of our vehicles, the ones out there of our competitors, they actually come
out at you and a bigger person or someone that’s a little bit taller has a hard time
fitting in here. So, you have a nice wood grain wheel. You
have a horn here since it’s a street legal model, okay? 3.0 seatbelts, not 2.0, so quality
there, all DOT rated, okay? This customer decided to get a heater which is located right
here on the right side of the vehicle which is an option. Stereo comes included, pretty
good sound and you guys also could put a CD in here, you can fit a USB or an auxiliary
plug, so you have everything you need for the up to date technology that comes out there
right now. Full digital dash here shows you how many miles per hour you’re going, how
fast you’re going, shows you your odometer, how many hours are on the vehicle, how many
amps, how much battery you have left. You have everything there, guys, to show you how
much battery you have left, so once again 45-50 mile range all American made batteries
with full warranties with the longest warranty in the nation of a 3 year limited warranty
and you guys can replace some of those gas and diesel trucks you’re using and use something
like this. You’re helping the environment, there’s tax credits available and the best
thing about it is you guys are spending like a penny or two a day, so you guys, there’s
no reason why you shouldn’t go electric right now for the smaller tax, okay?
One thing I do also want to mention, door closes, you also have roll down windows, okay?
So, this customer got an air blower. Listen to this thing. I mean, there’s so many options
to make this thing have the ability to meet your needs of your application. You guys want,
it’s a cold day here in Florida, put it up, okay? So there’s just a lot of things
you can do on this vehicle. I love it. Rearview mirrors comes included interior one on delivery
and then you have your side mirrors which obviously are required for street legal use.
So, with no further ado, let’s go to the back. Let’s wrap this video up and let’s
give you guys a lot of good shots from the Moto Drone and I think you guys are gonna
love what you see and after this video you’re gonna give us a call.
Alright guys, so we’re here at the back of the 2 passenger enclosed utility deluxe
with a hard door option. Just wanted to show you the back of the vehicle. Once again you’ve
got the 5 foot 9 diamond plated box here with the ladder rack. Ladder racks an option with
this model. You will get the box, but look at this beautiful design. You not only have
storage right here that will flip down so you can store things, you also have storage
on the side and well as the big box. Now if you want this lockable, you just let us know.
Once again, wanted to show you, that you do have full taillights, break lights, everything
that makes this vehicle street legal. Guys, to wrap this thing up, we’re here
for you. I’m here to save you money. We’re giving you a factory direct price. We’re
giving you a long warranty, and we’re giving you a sales staff that’s always on duty
any time you have a question. You give our customer service guys an email, you get a
response within 12 hours. That’s how we do business with you guys, because we care
about our customers. Once again, my name’s Brett Jackrel, Sales
Manager for Moto Electric Vehicles, here with a 2 passenger enclosed utility deluxe with
the hard door option. After this video, you’re gonna see a beautifully well driven vehicle
from the Moto Drone up above. We’re super excited to have this on board as part of our
staff and I think it’s gonna produce a lot of good videos for you guys in the future.
So, with no further ado, let’s go ahead and drive this thing baby.
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