2 Passenger Aluminum Golf Cart- Street Legal From Moto Electric Vehicles
2 Passenger Aluminum Golf Cart- Street Legal From Moto Electric Vehicles

Good afternoon. Brett Jackrel from MotoElectricVehicles.com
here to release the GT 2 passenger street legal golf cart. Guys, we reviewed our 4 passenger
back to back model about 2-3 months ago and now we’re set to release the 2 passenger
with the golf bag holders on the back. Main feature of this cart, once again, the GT’s
all have aluminum chassis. No rust, lighter weight, a little bit longer on range, and
I think you guys are gonna really like this cart if you’re in the golf industry or just
looking for a cheaper option that won’t rust on you to use around the facility for
maintenance or commercial reason. Now this vehicle has a lot to go over. LED headlights
and taillights, LED blinkers, tilt steering, lockable steering wheel when the key’s off.
A lot of stuff to go over, bigger dash, so I want to get right into this. Let’s dig
right into it and I think after this video you’re gonna love the 2 passenger GT golf
cart from Moto Electric Vehicles. Let’s get right to it.
Alright guys, so once again, the back of the GT 2 passenger LSV golf cart from Moto Electric
Vehicles. Now I want to go over a couple of the features. Main feature right here, you’ll
see, onboard charger. Anywhere you go, you’ll be able to plug this vehicle in. It comes
with a 6 foot extension cord. You can see it’s a regular 110 volt outlet plug on the
end and you can use an extension cord on top of that if you need more than 6 feet, but
the warranty on this is 3 years, trickle charger, set-it-forget-it and it’ll shut the batteries
off from charging the batteries when it’s met it’s max peak which is essential for
protecting your batteries. 2 golf bag holders back here. Once again, if you’re gonna be
using the golf bag holder, we’ll relocate the charger for underneath the chassis. Sweater
basket just like you see on any normal golf course, but the real big thing I want to go
over back here, look at this, all the metal’s aluminum guys. Not only underneath the chassis.
A lot of the competitors out there only have an aluminum chassis underneath. Everything
on this vehicle is aluminum. No rust, you don’t have to worry about it. So that’s
a really good thing. You have the tan roof on here which is standard. You can get a paintable
roof if you guys want it. And then the last thing you can see, it has the LED taillights,
LED blinkers down here. Reflectors so you can use it for street use as well as golf
use, so a lot of stuff going on the back. A beautifully designed cart by our guys in
the shop and once again 17 digit VIN number, title comes with it and you guys with aluminum
features will get over 50 miles on a charge on this vehicle and it goes 25 mph. So let’s
go to the middle, a lot of stuff going on in the interior that we really enjoy that
separates our product from anyone else’s out there.
Alright guys, so we’re in the interior of the GT 2 passenger. Once again, the 2 passenger
street legal golf cart from Moto Electric Vehicles and this is essential guys. The first
thing I want to go over in the interior is the DOT seatbelts. You can see these have
DOT certified seatbelts. Very important if you guys are gonna go ahead and make these
street legal, which you guys will get the tag and the VIN number from us directly, which
is another advantage of going with a manufacturer over a dealer. We do it all for you. Now the
vehicle has a tan interior which is standard. One thing I do want to go over is the Trojan
batteries. The Trojan batteries are the best that you can get, guys. We get questions,
what separates you guys from the other competitors, well we’ve used Trojan batteries since 2006.
We won’t change it; we live die and breathe Trojan. They have a full 5-6 year lifespan
on it. 18 months of warranty which is the longest in the nation and they’re the best
battery out there. We’re not changing it, and it’s what makes our carts propel for
a longer period of time and it’ll keep you guys from spending money on batteries.
Moving on to the interior, and first thing I want to show you guys is the interior. Once
again, upright rows are all made out of aluminum which is not seen out there right now. Most
carts that have aluminum chassis still use some steel in it. Ours are totally aluminum,
no rust, lighter weight. You have an AS1 certified tempered glass on here which is included for
street legal models. We do get questions, you know, the ones that don’t need street
legal, we can put a flip windshield on here but that does not make it street legal, so
you guys gotta kind of decide and let your sales representative talk through that, so
give them a call. Side mirrors are included because it’s street
legal. Rearview mirror will also be included. You have a windshield wiper that’s included
on the vehicle. As you just heard, it has a horn on it. Obviously it’s street legal,
okay? One thing I want to talk about is this whole column. You’ll see it’s tilted.
This actually is something different. None of our powder coated steel ones have this,
so you do have tilt steering for a more comfortable ride and one really cool thing, watch this,
pull the key out, it locks the steering wheel. There’s no other cart having a locking steering
wheel. That’s a security feature on our cart. All of our GT models have it, whether
you go with a 2, 4, or 6 passenger. Let’s turn this back on and you can see it loosens
it up. That’s a security feature just like a car. You have left and right blinker on
the left side. You have LED headlights, brights, and running lights on there. That’s really
super cool. That’s just like all the Nissans out there, all the big guys that are doing
the cars, we have the same things on our GT models, so you’ll have LED running lights
and bright lights which we’ll go over in the next segment.
One thing, that, if you zoom in here, show them the dash, look how far my hand goes in.
Guys, that’s a lot of room. That’s using the storage of the front compartment which
we’ve never had before. You can see, you can hold a bunch of balls. You have cup holders
on the right and left side. A lot of stuff going on with this vehicle and it’s beautiful.
Forward/reverse switch, 4 way flashers on here, battery indicator so you always know
how much battery is on the vehicle. Last thing I want to go over in the interior, independent
parking break here. We never put the break on the same pedal as your regular break because
if the breaks ever do fail, it’s never happened, you have a secondary option just like a car.
So, I want to show you the headlights. They’re awesome on the GTs guys, let’s hop right
to it and you can give us a call if you have any questions.
Alright, so we’re at the front of the GT 2 passenger. Same as the 4 and the 6 guys,
but I want to show you the headlights. It’s one of the best features on this cart. LED
headlights, running lights, and brights so you see the running lights are activated right
now. I know we’re doing the video in the daytime but you can still see it. Regular
LED headlights in here are awesome guys. Great for night driving, if you’re on the street,
it’s perfect, you know. The regular headlights on our other models are great but these are
even better. It’s another upgrade. The last thing you have is brights, okay, so you can
see there’s a separate light there for brights. Very cool feature. A lot of our powder coated
steel ones that are less expensive don’t have that feature, but once again for a more
expensive price you guys can get a little nicer cart. So, this is our bright white.
We have them in a variety of colors, so if you guys have any questions on colors please
ask your sales representative and it’s always 2 tone with the black bumper which is really
cool. So, I wish I could get the camera down there to show you the aluminum frame. Once
again, just to go over a couple points, aluminum, lighter, okay? You’re not gonna go faster
but you’ll have a lighter vehicle that goes a little bit longer. 50 mile range. All of
our carts are made right here in Atlantic Beach, Florida with a 50 mile range and American
made components. So, if you guys have any questions on the GT 2 passenger, 4 passenger,
6 passenger, any of our carts, please call our office at 904-247-1818. We ship global
and we’ll have you on as a customer, add you to our family and I’m sure you guys
will love the GT model, if this is the model you guys decide to go with. Thanks for joining
us on this video guys.

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