13 Nationals vs 15 Open Club Volleyball Scrimmage | Clintus.tv
13 Nationals vs 15 Open Club Volleyball Scrimmage | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – [Clintus] Aw, Mommy’s doing
your hair in the kitchen? That’s so nice. – He needs to stop growing or else I’m not going to
be able to help him anymore. – [Clintus] I know,
you are on your tippy toes trying to reach on top (laughs). – When showers at night, when wakes up in
the morning, it’s like. – [Clintus] Yeah.
– He needs a little bit of help. – [Clintus] Yeah, like
I was saying yesterday, he needs to comb it so it
starts to actually lay down. He came home from school today and his hair was
like this (rolls tongue). – I can’t do that. – [Clintus] Can’t roll your Rs. Good morning, Clan,
welcome to Thursday. Here, Phoenix, Arizona. 9 A.M., Thursday, January 18th, 2018. It’s currently
48 degrees at this location. Oh, yeah, that’s a brisk
48 degrees right there. Cold pool decking on my feet. The smell of fresh
cut grass and cow poop. Jets flying overhead,
that’s the sound of freedom, as most people would say. To me, that’s just
the sound of (gargles). I hope you guys are
having a fantastic day, no matter when
you’re watching this. Kids are in school,
Tiff’s at the gym. I’m getting
ready to go upstairs, start my daytime stream,
over at Twitch.tv/Clintus. Playing some Escape from Tarkov. I freaking love that
game, super realistic, PC, first person, MMO, shooter. Dude, I don’t know,
it’s awesome, I love it. This one, though, is
the one that started it all. Who knows what that is? Who played that? Who is old school and
played that back in the day? Huh, huh? That’s the one
that started it all. For me, at least. I mean, I know there
were some games before that. Quake, Unreal,
Doom, those are like, not before my time, but
I never really played them. Man, I cannot wait to
get back into this thing. I am really
excited for summertime. Looking forward to it,
looking forward to it. The thing about the pool though, it just reminded me
that we’re coming up on our one year anniversary
in this house, you guys. I think it was like middle
of March is when we moved in. If I remember off
the top of my head, it was the middle
of March, early March, is when we got
the keys to the house, and had our first
like sleep in the house on our air
mattresses and everything. So, I’m getting
really excited about that. It’s been crazy
to think it’s been a year already in the house. It’s crazy,
time flies, for sure. I’m upstairs streaming and
Tiffany’s getting work done. She’s completely
moved the furniture out so she can fix the rug. I think she’s
probably cleaning it again too. But she vacuumed the rug. Getting it all flattened out. ‘Cause of this
doggy puking everywhere. Huh, huh, yeah? – [Sierra] Dad,
ow, what are you doing? (Bryce screams) (Bryce laughs) – [Clintus] Did she bite you?
– [Sierra] Yeah. – [Tiffany] She’s used to it,
she didn’t even flinch. – [Clintus] Yeah, I know. And just like that, the
living room is back to normal. – [Tiffany] Ta-da. – [Clintus] Ta-da, but the
rug’s all cleaned, vacuumed? – [Tiffany] It’s as
good as it’s gonna get. – [Clintus] As good
as it’s gonna get. – We need a steamer.
– [Clintus] Steamer? Another early dinner. Sierra’s got
volleyball scrimmage. – Wait, is this Shake’N Bake? – [Clintus] No,
those are cordon bleu. Yeah, stuffed chicken breasts. – [Tiffany] There’s
three different kinds. – [Clintus] Mac and cheese,
some green beans. – [Bryce] So, there’s
three different kinds? – [Clintus] Hello, Sierra.
– Hello. – [Clintus] Third day in a row, right from school,
right to dinner. You could get
used to this, right? It’s our new life, yeah. – Weekday life. – [Clintus] It smells good,
oh my gosh. – I think chicken Parmesan,
bacon club, apple and brie. – [Clintus] So, two each. – Oh, okay. – [Clintus] One of each. (girls yelling)
(ball thumping) (Clintus groans) (girls yelling)
(ball thumping) Nice, stay in. (girls yelling)
(ball thumping) – [Tiffany] Go, go, go, go! (Clintus groans) (girls yelling) – [Clintus] Nice. (ball thumping)
(girls yelling) There it is,
there it is, there it is. (girls yelling)
There you go. There you go,
alright, we’ll take it. Nice serve, nice serve. (ball thumping) Tip, tip, tip! (groans) Good try,
Sierra, good try. (ball thumping) (girls yelling) (girls cheering) – [Tiffany] Tip! Comfy? – Alright guys, we’re back home. That was an awesome,
awesome scrimmage. How many games did
they play, four, five? – [Tiffany] Four? – Four, four games. That was the 15’s open team, if you guys know
anything about volleyball. Opened teams are
always like the top of that age bracket. And they’re a really good team. Really good team,
good girls, good coaching. And so, it was definitely cool to see our girls
compete with them. They unfortunately
lost every game. Realistically, come on. 13’s Nationals
versus a 15’s Opened. But each game,
they scored more points than the previous one. Up until the last game,
where they lost 25-19? So, it was a close game. They actually had
a lead for awhile. Sierra has a volleyball
tournament this weekend. And so, thankfully, thankfully, it worked out where
Bryce’s basketball league play is in Chandler in
the morning or afternoon and Sierra’s tournament is
in Chandler in the afternoon. So, we’re gonna pack up,
we only have to take one car, we’re gonna go out to
Bryce’s league basketball game, and then, drive a
little bit further, come back a
little bit to the west, West Chandler, to
watch Sierra so I’m excited. And I think both of my
parents are gonna be there, the Bevos, Memaw and Papa. So, Sierra will
have a big audience. We were just doing the math. And it looks like
Baby’s little pillow will go off this weekend. ‘Cause it’s been what,
two weeks today? – [Tiffany] No. – [Clintus] No,
it’s Thursday, right? – [Tiffany] A week and two days. So, I said get her
through this weekend. – [Clintus] It happened
on Tuesday, you’re right. I’m sorry, happened on Tuesday. I’m thinking it
happened on Thursday, yeah. – [Tiffany] She’s
back to herself. – [Clintus] Totally
back to normal. – [Tiffany] She’s
just a stinky girl. She’s needs a bath. – [Clintus] She needs
a bath, that’s for sure. That’ll happen this weekend too. (laughs) You love baths,
don’t you, Baby? Yeah, and this
kid is super excited for the all new
Fortnite update, new map. – I’m at Tilted Towers. There’s like a million
gazillion peoples here. – [Clintus] Million gazillion? – Yeah, like there’s a lot. – [Clintus] That’s a lot, yeah. He was so excited to get
home and play this, try it out. A million gazillion,
watch out for the trap. There he is, get him, Bryce! Get him, Bryce! Get him, dude! Oh, get wrecked,
get wrecked, nerd! Well, I didn’t end
up streaming tonight. I did go upstairs though
and play some Fortnite with Sierra and Bryce. It’s really nice that
I can play on my PC, they can play
on their PlayStations. We can all play together,
so it was really fun. Trying out the new map,
new map is really cool. If you guys play Fortnite,
you should check it out. It’s free so check it out. But update on the truck. A lot of you guys are
asking about the truck. I hadn’t found anything. Last night,
after I hosed it off. Or was that Tuesday? Two days ago, wow,
I have completely forgot. Yeah, it was two days ago. Two days ago,
when I hosed it all off. Yesterday, I let it stay out
all night, outside at night. And all day today. Didn’t smell
anything like outside. Obviously, it’s outside, it
was fresh air and everything. But tonight, after practice,
I did put it in the garage. So, we’re gonna do a quick test and see if
there’s any odor coming from the truck in the garage. Here we go. Yeah, there’s still an
odor so there’s still a thing. Some of you guys said you
could see it in the video. So, we’re gonna go back,
I’m gonna watch that real quick. ‘Cause I can
still smell something. But some of you guys
said you could see it at seven minutes and
50 seconds of that video. So, I’m gonna pull up
that video real quick. I’m gonna see if I can
see what you guys were seeing. And see if, A,
if it is the rodent, or B, it’s something
that looks like a rodent. And you guys were just
seeing things, we’ll see. Alright, so I went
back and looked at the video. What you guys were calling out was when we were
looking at this area right here. And that’s where I
found like the rat poop and the like yellow liquid. I don’t know what that is. If that was like
where the body was sitting, or if that’s where he peed. I’m thinking that’s
where the body actually died. And then, driving home, it fell. I crawled back
underneath here again, stuck my nose up
into the little holes, didn’t really smell a smell. I’m smelling it up here on top. So, I’m thinking,
it’s not the air box. Air box is right here,
that’s sealed. It’s either in where the
lights are, like right in here. Which there’s a
little pocket right here, that’s kind of like folded back. He might be in there. Or he’s like lodged
underneath one of these things. Again, my thoughts
are it’s nothing like, he didn’t crawl into anything. I think he died
right here in this corner. ‘Cause this corner had
like a bunch of rat poop, and like this yellow
liquid that was like, almost like, not solid. But it had like
gelled up a little bit. I’m thinking that’s
like his body fluids. Like, (blows tongue) oozing out. He probably
crawled in here, died, and then, you know,
started baking, basically. And then, when I
drove home, his body fell. So, it’s like in here somewhere. I don’t think
it’s on the skid plate. Because the skid
plate’s on the bottom. And the smell is
coming from the top. If I go down here and smell,
I don’t smell it as much. If I’m up here,
right here, it’s really bad. But it’s also not as
bad as it was two days ago. So, the smell
is also going away. So, if I don’t find it, I think, eventually I just won’t
smell it anymore (chuckles). But I’ll just have a
dead mouse corpse in here. Some of you guys were
saying to take this off. Again, I come over here. I don’t really smell it. If I go over here,
it’s really bad right here. He’s dead
somewhere down in here. But I do appreciate
all of the advice. I asked you guys to
leave it in the comments. I really appreciate that. I didn’t get a chance
to talk to my dad yet. So, yeah, the
mouse hunt continues. I will give it
another go tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get in there and see if we can figure
something else out. But anyways, thank
you so much for watching. Thank you for
all of the comments. Thank you for
all of the support. I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for Friday fun day. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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