#12 Ghana Freestyle – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010
#12 Ghana Freestyle – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

[heavy beats, techno music, upbeat] ♪ [rhythmic music] Rocky: We just arrived in Accra,
in Ghana, and we just came to the neighbourhood
to check out some, local tournament, and it’s awesome, it’s great, I mean you see all the people, it’s, it’s really busy, there’s music, everybody’s happy, so yeah, I’m liking it, you know, it’s, it’s a lot of energy and
we get a lot of energy from it too, so it’s cool. ♪ [rhythmic music] Wasinho: Everybody was tired, and the luggage doesn’t come today, also, so we are a little bit disappointed about that, but now we already late in Ghana, and we see all the children, the atmosphere, yeah, it’s very great. [children giggling] ♪ [rhythmic music] Michael: I’m having lots of fun. [child yells happily] Here. Terror: It’s a beautiful Accra,
you can hear the music, this, the crowd, everybody’s happy. Michael: I was playing around, having fun with the kids, and then a guy came, wanted to show us some tricks, everybody was standing in a circle
and we started battling out. [kids cheering and applauding] Michael: I was battling against him, he showed some great skills! [quieter chanting]
[drums playing] I was showing some of my best tricks, moving the ball around the head, [loud, applause and cheers] sitting down, [cheering intensifies] and, the people went crazy. It was fun. [cheering, drums stronger] Rocky: Yeah we, we really needed
this extra energy, because everybody’s a little bit sick
and a little bit tired, so we were looking forward
to some good football, some passionate football. ♪ [rhythmic music]

64 thoughts on “#12 Ghana Freestyle – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010”

  1. Krystian Hubacz says:

    smile, skiills, talent :):)

  2. MattSelby Football says:

    that freestyle was sick, he has a good style no doubt about it 🙂

  3. Fran Valen says:


  4. Kacper Tatara says:

    NICE! I Come on to Poland:D

  5. Sam Tod says:

    They should go to South America they will get owned!

  6. Sam Tod says:

    @AalstWaalreGhetto Wheres the proof i dont see a video

  7. M5 E39 says:

    0:59 haha so funny 😀

  8. r4zorfce says:

    wow that Michael guy is awesome.

  9. Ivan Campos says:

    football is just the best thing to play.
    that guy is really good, crazy skills

  10. JuLiaN_RoX says:

    omg is tolf a legend in groundmoves and in the top 5 in the ebst in street soccer and groundmover omg :O

  11. f7stealth says:

    Love it !

  12. Daniel Cappellaro says:

    Toft is the man in this video!

  13. Overdose says:

    Well ill be damned Rocky doesn't do a damn thing!

  14. Ismail says:

    wow michael is just so amazing
    that trick he did to the kid was good

  15. abd2112 says:

    @lordOFbrooklyn before this they went on a tour through europe, us, and latin america. that was a while back.. read it in some article.

  16. Matthew Davis says:

    this guy is tooooo sik

  17. theoneandonlyhut says:

    when i watch this i cannot understand how people can be racist… i mean look how happy they are if u do them something good; to see some people smile is more worth than any money.

  18. Erick Chuvac says:

    soul african

  19. kazikartinec says:

    so much positive stuff in this videos, just makes my day.

  20. luk ka says:

    0:55 the best

  21. luk ka says:

    @ReN3gado thi is edgar davids´s Street Soccer Tour
    edgar davids isnt freestayler

  22. a salinsa says:

    I am From Netherlands, But i have famly in acra so this is cool.

  23. shaffy02 says:

    there's no one in africa who's rasist !! look how the kids went to him , they were very happy to see him !!! i <3 africa

  24. Mon Ertov Reifidom says:


    Yes Black race is superior. White and Yellow are racist. But black blood is superior. Only kind people.

    Especially in Sweden ! LOL

  25. 2sjaak says:

    Hey im white. and i was borned in benin, i retuned there when i was like 15, and dont get me wrong but everyone is looking at you or screeming that ya white at you. like touching you and stuff. i dont say that there are no racist or that kind of people in europe but africa has some to i swear 😛

  26. tomas hernandez says:


  27. TheTrucutruc says:

    me gusta este video

  28. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    Ahh it's cute poor little kids… If I was rich like really rich I would build a indoor field there for the little kids..

  29. mikeyglennon says:

    Is Rocky any good?


    i like those kids they stole rocky ball.hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  31. Pan Rysiu says:

    I love it,,great klip,,watch" Rysiu Disco and David Takayi "

  32. Cosmic-XCII says:

    at first me neither understand what did happened! thats an awesome trick!

  33. carlos rosas says:

    michael is god

  34. fabian2000able says:

    warum hüpfen afrikanische kinder immer rum?

  35. Joel Asare says:

    really awesome..i hope street soccer extends it's territories to Ghana

  36. iDontlikeyou says:

    lovely video

  37. Pedro HD says:

    sam się nabrałem na tą sztuczkę z piłką pod koszulką ;D

  38. Kobe Wayne says:

    Best keep ups, iv ever seen.

  39. Jack Edward Chitty says:

    Fuck off Rocky! You don't even play!

  40. Dane says:

    wow, this is one of the best things I've ever seen… the happiness there, just great.

  41. midodeems1 says:

    I came here to see Edgar Davids !! 😀

  42. Hansen:) says:

    Michael is from Danmark like me

  43. Julian Dumatey says:

    loool that lil kid was having none of it just kicking the ball away :')

  44. Tunined says:

    no hes not hes dutch -_-

  45. Hansen:) says:

    Michael is from Denmark 🙂

  46. Joel Asare says:

    @streetsoccertour….when else will you be going to this particular place in Accra Again? i'm a street soccer player and i'd like to get involved

  47. Joel Asare says:

    she did play in #13 Kumasi, Ghana

  48. Jorge Os says:

    People from Ghana are amazing at soccer.

  49. Joe Baker Green says:

    Wasinho got a bigger nose than Ibra

  50. Mehran jan says:

    Who nose?

  51. MVLOG12 says:

    That michael guys a ledge

  52. Coolbean15 says:

    Wow the atmoshpere is amazing!

  53. Brian Gomez says:

    Like what these guy do they bring lots of positive energy to the people

  54. JesusMyHomy says:

    what's up with their luggage getting lost.

  55. xXElChaquenioXx says:

    2:14 eh eh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh y se afanaron la pelota xD

  56. Gonza Gomez says:

    la familia de gustaverga jajajaja

  57. Gonza Gomez says:

    0:47 ahi esta chizo xDDDDDDDD

  58. legohuman legohuman says:

    1:16 what a face 😀

  59. Shahé says:

    football makes smile in everyone's face.

  60. Johannes V says:

    Only a ball can make anyone happy.

  61. austin santos says:

    0:53 jajajjajaja

  62. se rebbi says:

    I love these childs 😀 😀 i would love to be there! gj davids, so handsome from you!!
    im proud of being member of MONTA back in 2008-10

  63. TheYes1210 says:

    Wat Was gebeurd met jullie lugage

  64. Eduardo Luiz says:

    Impressionant, fantastic supernatural! !! My good !!! It is freestyle! !!

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