10 Things Only Swimmers Will Understand! | Swimming Problems
10 Things Only Swimmers Will Understand! | Swimming Problems

– Now, swimming is a
very challenging sport. It requires great technique, strength, endurance, and let’s not
forget, mental capacity to be able to swim up
an down all day long. So what we can all agree,
it’s a very hard sport. There are some problems only
a swimmer will understand. And here are some of them. (joyful music) (playful music) Swimmers are secretly
experts at mental maths. Imagine having to do a set of 20 lots of 100 of a turnaround
time of one minute 40. Not only will you have to
keep an eye on the clock to see how fast you’ve done each rep, you also need to be working out how long you’ve got until you
need to go for that next rep. Also, counting the 20 lots of 100, and not to mention, actually simply doing the 20 lots of 100. And then it gets even more complicated when we start doing longer reps, changing the turnaround time, maybe even changing the distances all within one set. Swimmers really are mathematical geniuses. And it’s no wonder Archimedes made his greatest discovery in the bath. (gentle music) Tumble turning or flip turning is a skill that swimmers
are rather proud of. Nothing identifies a seasoned, or a swimmer specialist, better than a beautifully executed flip turn into a lovely dolphin kick off. But it doesn’t always go
perfectly or quite to plan. Perhaps you’re on holiday,
you’re on a training camp, you’re just training in a different pool, whatever your excuse,
nothing’s more embarrassing than going into that flip turn and having nothing to push off of. And actually just floating in a rather embarrassing pencil shape off the wall. (playful music) Swimming caps, I mean, who else would really want to put
a super tight rubber thing onto their head? Not only do they look ridiculous, they also have a habit of slipping off or breaking just at the wrong moment. I mean, it’s all in the
name of speed, I guess, and perhaps for keeping
our heads warm at times, but there’s no getting away
from quite how strange you look. Also, what’s with the face we pull, when we’re putting our
goggles and our hats on? (playful music) Getting up at 5:00 a.m. or
whatever ridiculous hour to go for a swim is bad enough. You’re going to look tired after whatever, but those bags under your eyes are not going to be helped by the big red goggle marks around your eyes. Turning up to school or to work looking like you’ve had some
fun with some face paints is never a good look. (playful music) If you’re swimming fairly infrequently, then you’ll likely have plenty of time to dry your kit out between sessions. But if you’re swimming most days or every day or twice a day, then this is very much a problem, having wet kit. You finish the swim, you
chuck your kit into your bag, off you go to work or to school, and that kit just sits in your bag tormenting you all day long, knowing full well, you need
to get it out and dry it out. But perhaps you even
forget and your next swim is in that wet kit. And who’d have thought
your swimming equipment, you inevitably have to carry too, can also absorb so much water and it has a habit of just
dribbling down your back as you walk out of the swimming pool. Nothing makes you hungry like swimming. It’s no wonder that Michael Phelps was renowned for having a
huge daily calorie intake. But not only does
swimming make you hungry, it’s also really challenging getting the time you’d be eating right around swimming. Eat too soon to a swim
and you end up feeling rather sick and horrible, but equally don’t eat enough before a swim and you end up running
out of energy mid-swim. And it’s not like you can just stop for a coffee and cake
like you might on the bike. But that being said, there
is nothing better than finishing a swim and tucking
into a good breakfast or just raiding the
fridge knowing full well that you’ve earned it. (playful music) Now, this is a rather strange one, but we’re used to recognizing
our friends from their face, the clothes they wear,
et cetera, et cetera. But when it comes to our swimming buddies, it’s completely different. It’s amazing how different people can look when they’re fully clothed, not wearing a swimming
hat, or goggles so much so, you could end up walking
straight past someone who you spend two hours a
day with in a swimming pool, and not even recognize them. It’s one thing having to
focus hard on your technique, it’s another thing having to
focus on holding a hard pace. But imagine having to do both
of them with foggy goggles, it’s near impossible. Yeah, struggling to
see where you’re going, bumping into the lane rope, or perhaps even not being
able to see the clock at the ends of the pool, is enough to make even the
saneness of swimmers crack. And let’s not even
start on leaking goggles or perhaps worse, both at once. Now this phrase is something you only ever hear a swimmer
saying, land training. And it’s actually quite
odd when I think about it, and you may have had people ask
you what it is, in the past. Essentially, it is when a
swimmer goes to the gym, does some cardio, does some running, on land and not in the water. But how many of these problems
have you faced in your time? Perhaps you’re a seasoned swimmer, and you’ve experienced all of them. Or maybe you’ve only
just got into swimming and you’re not sure about this world that you’ve just let yourselves into. Drop them in the comment section below. Let us know. If you’ve enjoyed this
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100 thoughts on “10 Things Only Swimmers Will Understand! | Swimming Problems”

  1. Global Triathlon Network says:

    What did we miss off the list? Let us know by leaving us a comment!

  2. Cat says:

    is it just me or does anyone else get so much water in their ear to the point they literally cannot hear clearly anymore and it’s all just muffled

  3. Ourcarchase says:

    He called it a lane rope, it’s lane line my dude

  4. Spring Roll says:

    Bromeo you forgot smelling like chlorine and ridiculous tan lines

  5. cryora says:

    Taking 3 showers on days you swim. 1 before getting into the pool, 1 after getting out, and 1 back at home to get rid of the chlorine.

  6. Vonnie Jones says:

    I live in Maryland work in DC, getting out to the car in the snow or rain 35 degrees to get in a cold pool, then showering drying off just to go back in the rain! oh and one time someone took my sneakers that I wore in so I had to were my flip flops in in the snow to get to my car, the struggle is real lol

  7. Vonnie Jones says:

    I love the back stroke, but not when I hit my head at the end of the lane, anyone got any suggestions lol, and I thought I was the only one that gets water in their sinus after a flip turn lol thought I was doing it wrong

  8. victor dupeyron says:

    Las Playitas 😍

  9. not Remo says:

    iv have been swimming for 3 years and all of those things are true

  10. Funny 0494 says:

    Okay, but there's nothing worse than your leg cramping just before a set, or your goggles slipping off after your start.

  11. Marilyn Strube says:

    No need for foggy googles! 1 part "no tear" baby shampoo and 4 parts water. Mix and put in a spray bottle. Spray your googles before you swim and you will have clear googles the whole time. Make sure to rinse googles with clean tap water after swimming to prevent a buildup of chlorine and other pool chemicals.

  12. Andrew Cothill says:

    When the lifeguard watches the fast swimming lane fill up with people walking.
    Sharing a lane with 'The Splasher'.
    When the pool is full but the pro insists on soloing his lane by doing endless butterfly.
    Being hoofed by the guy doing breastroke in the next lane.
    Accidentally hoofing someone yourself,missing the moment to say sorry and then the awkward feeling everytime you rest at the same end.
    Parents who watch with ambivalence as their child traverses laterally across the pool.
    Aaaaaaaand… not swimming.

    Oh, that felt good to get off my chest, thank you!

  13. Wet Bubbles says:

    The pool with elevated gutters so you have to muscle up to get out

  14. m g says:

    sneezing like crazy a few hours after training. Somehow, i don't feel the water getting into my nose during flip turns WHILE i'm swimming, but my nose gets irritiatet nonetheless and a few hours later, the sneezefest starts.

  15. Stephan Tjaden says:

    I've got another; that moment you get to the pool, ready to go and as soon as you open your bag; you realize your swimsuit is still hanging up from the night before to dry out at home.

  16. Sub2pewds says:

    One time my cap broke at a meet :/

  17. Eugenia Wong says:

    I'm facing all of thwm

  18. truth seeker says:

    how about miscalculating the distance you have left and going headfirst into the wall while doing backstroke.

  19. Edgarrr says:

    just by looking at the pool. i can smell the clorine

  20. Aus Reddit says:

    I call land training dry land over here in the states.

  21. P. Marley says:

    I once met a business partner after my swim while taking a shower. We had some things to discuss – so we discussed them. She in her bathing costume, I was naked…

  22. Emmitt Creese says:

    I have all these problems on my swim meets and practice 😂

  23. Deadrock.TV says:

    This video just shows how different triathlon swimming is to professional swimming 😂

  24. Sophia Max says:



    As a swim mum realising you have been videoing / cheering the wrong swimmer because they are wearing the same costume as your child and in the lane next to them.
    And the swim hat is too similar to tell the difference from a distance.
    Happened to me.

  26. Sadie Dickman says:

    10*100 IM on 1:40
    10*50 butterfly. On 1:20

  27. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    I’m gonna begin swimming tomorrow, so excited!!!!!

  28. Ianna Mutumba says:

    Experienced all!! You missed forgetting your bathing suit

  29. Hughston Bloomfield says:

    hahahahaha this was definitely the best one I've seen

  30. May_ Taurus says:

    Tell ya something, when the captain tells me to swim like 400M freestyle i only do 200M

  31. Steve says:

    Has anyone seen a good headset free swim tracker to count strokes, laps, etc. out there?

  32. Hi says:

    Haha I quit swim years ago, but I still did dive! I only relate to dryland/land training. Swimmers just jump in the pool and start warmup laps, but for divers it’s a whole regimen of running, a quick an workout, and plenty of stretching. Gotta love that deep pike

  33. Grace Hastings says:

    I hate circle swimming backstroke in practice lol

  34. Angela Halliwell says:

    ….,that headshake to get the water out your ears..
    …being able to get away with saying ""I didn't recognize you with your clothes on""..,.
    …. forgetting to pack undies when you have to go to work straight after swimming…🙈🙈
    … having to choose between the soggy cossi, and the spare which makes you look like your grandmother…..
    …. being relieved when the school holiday season is over, so that you can reclaim the pool for adults…
    …waking up at stupid o'clock on a Sunday morning to book next Monday's Aqua class before the last place gets booked…
    …the sensory pleasure of just floating, and of moving under the water …

  35. Sophia says:

    Am I a swimmer: no
    Did I watch the whole thing: yes

  36. Isabella Walker says:

    Oh my gosh yes this is amazing

  37. sam hu says:

    We call it dryland.

  38. Aussie Blue says:

    I am 13 and have been swimming in Australia for 7 years

  39. Marvin Lin says:

    Lol, the cap one is so true. But using silicone caps and not latex ones helps. Also I cannot stand the pulling, so the only way I wear caps is by reversing the cap, filling it with water, then dropping it on my head. I've done it so many times that its faster than the normal way, and it doesnt pull on my hair.

  40. sabine hazboun says:

    Haha that was great!!! As a former world class competitor for 11 years I could add:
    Bumping into the lanes
    Swim meet warm up: AKA trillion swimmers in one lane.
    When the pull buoy slips
    When the paddles slips and you are doing sets of 100 (timing)
    Swallowing another swimmer’s splashes
    Falling asleep at class and it’s only 10am
    The crazily expensive racing suits
    And as more people said here: the first jump in the pool!! Haha

  41. bdhjz bcdhz says:

    When you think you lost your goggles but they’re on your head

  42. Teri Laliberte says:

    There’s that moment 2 hours after your swim when you hear a little pop and feel the warm trickle of water leave your ear. This is the moment all swimmers know!!!

  43. Pinja-Liina Jalkanen says:

    I only started swimming in 2018 and never learned the math part; Garmin does all the calculating. Swimming must've been difficult back in the non-smart watch dark ages! 🙂

    Though once I jumped to a 50 m pool but forgot to change the pool length settings in advance. For the first 300 metres or so I was completely lost why my watch has just gone haywire!

  44. Ka Ki Sun says:

    hand stuck in lane ropes. Yep!

  45. Chris Hine says:

    I see your wet kit, and I raise you pulling a rock solid, frozen swimsuit out of your swim bag because you live in a place where it’s winter six months of the year.

  46. Connor Thacker says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else does this, but if it’s like 50s on 40, instead of going round 40 each time, you just think ah that’s -20 from last time I went.

  47. Avery Carole says:

    When your goggles come off during your event in a meet. 😭

  48. blank says:

    When you’re swimming with a bunch of people in your lane and the person in front of you is slow and hard to get past

  49. Emily Swims says:

    The water is ALWAYS cold. ALWAYS.

  50. Emily Swims says:

    Who else love hearing their coach tell them oxygen is not that important?

  51. Eros Martinez says:

    I'm 10 and I started swimming when I was 6,when I was 6 my time was 1:30 but know my time is 32 seconds NO JOKE

  52. Eros Martinez says:

    I can relate to these problems

  53. Felicia 2006 says:

    Me most hateful thing is….

  54. The ZD Bros says:

    I’ve cut my hand on the land line

  55. HandSauce says:

    That flip turn make me laugh!!!Ths same as me!

  56. Gracie Ellis says:

    I swear I was in the exact same room as you

  57. dustim ball says:

    Why not just swim without googgles?

  58. Zygfryd Homonto says:

    only place you see kids in onesie is out of the swimming pool – any age (6 to 18) – all leave the pool with the same kit 😉

  59. Joe Stablein says:

    when you’re about dive before the whistle but you try to stop yourself which then ends in you falling in the pool and making yourself look stupid.
    This is in races not practice

  60. Fede says:

    even though this is not the topic of the video, can someone tell where the speaker comes from from his accent? I'd say he's British but I'm not sure

  61. Chris C says:

    Im watching this and i dont even know how to swim.

  62. BeNART-ist says:

    Accidentally banging your head on the wall while doing backstroke

  63. BeNART-ist says:

    Going to take a dump in the restroom in the middle of or after a swim when your body is all wet

  64. Alan Chen says:

    Another thing:
    When you have reached that point in swimming when no amount of shampoo or soap will rid your body of the chlorine, and you start smelling like chlorine anytime you start sweating

    You can take the swimmer out of the pool, but you definitely can't take the pool (smell) out of the swimmer

  65. Amaia Barra Pedroche says:

    hello, what are the swimming goggles called?

  66. Katherine Moss says:

    Lol all the time

  67. Ana Yip says:

    That’s a myth and not every swimmer is supposedly good at math. I’m a swimmer and I nearly failed my math exam

  68. Emma Holmes says:

    Definitely experienced every single one of them

  69. Zach Holmlund says:

    no wonder mental math makes so much sense to me!

  70. Adam Deters says:

    Those are some tall ass blocks

  71. Chloe H says:

    – trying to avoid getting kicked or kicking other people in a breaststroke set
    – chlorine? What’s that? That thing I spend 9 hours a week in? What does it smell like?

  72. Josie Schutt says:

    Whenever you dive in it’s a meet and your cap fall off it’s just pain lots of water pain

  73. Zach Andrew says:

    I’ve done the second example at a meet before

  74. iraj22 says:

    Did not see a swimmer with great technic

  75. Mike Wiginton says:

    Heres a swimmer only issue…water in you ears! Doing the sideways head shake is a dead giveaway!

  76. Mike Wiginton says:

    Ever forgot to get your wet gear out of car…in a Michigan winter? Frozen speedo is invigorating in the morning albeit a little hard (literally)!

  77. April Oh says:

    we call land training, "dryland", not land training

  78. Zach K says:

    Every single thing I have experienced

  79. Racheal Woods says:

    i swim every day bassically im going tommorow

  80. KeeperOfTheFire says:

    water polo players know all of these problems as well. XD

  81. Maxwell Liu says:

    swimming hats = head condoms

  82. surveyorco gaming says:

    All of these problems

  83. Dvmy says:

    All of them

  84. Nyrah Dhariwal says:

    no matter HOW HARD i try i always manage to bump into the lane rope when i swim backstroke

  85. Natasha Johnson says:


  86. Kaanui says:

    I was watching free! (An anime) if I counted as swimmers

  87. YellowMellow says:

    When the water just barely touches your balls…

  88. kmet says:

    When youre swimming backstroke and you go sideways and hit the lane repeatedly :)))))

  89. Sophie Amelia says:

    land training can also be for rowing

  90. Scary Kloky says:

    This dosen’t apply to all swimmers but personally as a glasses person who can’t do lenses because aoch, it’s near impossible to see the clock. I just start when the person besides me start, wait why are the looking at me and not the clock, shit it’s Luke who is also as blind as me.

  91. Patrick Braddock says:

    Putting on skins 2 sizes too small at a competition and crushing your privates all in the name of 2 tenths

  92. Gy Bx says:

    It should be international law that bald men NEVER need to wear swim caps.

  93. Kaidin Stroble says:

    swimming backstroke then ANNIHILATING your arm on the wall

  94. Keith says:

    National champ

  95. Emilie Pham says:

    Me sitting here smiling when he said foggy goggles, because I have anti fog goggles.. 😌😂

  96. MrBraindead101 says:

    A variation on the tumble turn mishap…
    I was once in a 100yd race in a pool that had a trough at the end. My feet seamlessly slipped into the trough and locked into it, stopping me instantly. Of course, everyone else carried on, leaving me floundering…

  97. Cloud Studios Creator L エル says:

    Is swimmers are experts at mental math…

    Then why is my math grade a D-?

  98. SwAvE Clan says:


    Oh, ALL OF THEM😩😂

  99. Izuku Midoriya says:

    My phobia: Kicking someone or being kicked during breathsroke

  100. Kasdoo Online says:

    when your coach says your going to leave on the top (clock) but you don’t know which top

    when you ‘high-five’ someone in your squad

    when your arm or leg scrapes the lane rope

    when you do a horrible dive

    when someone overtakes you in warm up or warm down

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